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Z-Cars Season 12

Here's where to watch every episode of Z-Cars season 12. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 12, Episode 01 Driver

S12 E01

Jun 28, 1978
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Driver Jun 28, 1978

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 02 Heavenly Host

S12 E02

Jul 5, 1978
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Heavenly Host Jul 5, 1978 Shabnam Chowdry is a young Asian girl. Roy Grant is a young white boy. Put them together and knives are drawn - and Lynch is in the middle.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 03 Debris

S12 E03

Jul 12, 1978
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Debris Jul 12, 1978 Newtown Marriage Guidance Centre has been burned down, so Haggar and Bowker start investigating its clients. They are looking for a man or woman with a grudge - a man or woman who will strike again.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 04 Quilley On The Spot

S12 E04

Jul 19, 1978
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Quilley On The Spot Jul 19, 1978 A policeman can only take so much. Lynch deals with the problem one way, Quilley another. Trouble is, in Quilley's case there's a woman involved.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 05 A Woman's Place

S12 E05

Jul 26, 1978
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A Woman's Place Jul 26, 1978 Night duty in Newtown is a rough turn; not the place for a young policewoman. But WPC Jane Beck won't listen to the warnings of Inspector Lynch.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 06 Exposure

S12 E06

Aug 2, 1978
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Exposure Aug 2, 1978 Roger Stevens is the quiet sort of copper, always there. Perhaps that's why Lynch tends to take him for granted. But sometimes it's the quiet kind one needs to worry about most of all.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 07 Fat Freddie BA

S12 E07

Aug 9, 1978
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Fat Freddie BA Aug 9, 1978 Freddie Cowling has come out of prison a changed man. He's lost a lot of weight, he's got a degree and he's promised his wife he'll go straight from now on. But Lynch doesn't believe he's changed. Not when there's the proceeds of his last job to be collected - £40,000 hidden away and waiting...

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 08 First Offender

S12 E08

Aug 16, 1978
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First Offender Aug 16, 1978 Sunday - kids who have nothing to do. First Lynch, then Haggar gets involved - they do have something to do.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 09 Deserter

S12 E09

Aug 23, 1978
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Deserter Aug 23, 1978 Frank Rafael Saietta has come home to Newtown. Lynch remembers him as a nice little lad, but that was years ago. Now there are different words to describe him - terrorist and murderer.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 10 Rummage

S12 E10

Aug 30, 1978
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Rummage Aug 30, 1978 Lynch holds the balance between C.I.D. and the Customs & Excise as they investigate a bent businessman and a suspicious German ship. The only link between them is a showgirl.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 11 Prey

S12 E11

Sep 6, 1978
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Prey Sep 6, 1978 Maureen Price was always complaining to the police - so much so that they'd stopped listening. The pity is that if they hadn't she might be alive today.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 12 Departures

S12 E12

Sep 13, 1978
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Departures Sep 13, 1978 Two men face retirement, one a policeman, the other a villain. There are younger men impatient to fill their shoes. The copper has no choice about it, but the villain has other ideas.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 13 Pressure

S12 E13

Sep 20, 1978
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Pressure Sep 20, 1978 A new security shutter is being installed at the entrance to Newtown station, just in time, it seems, as an angry mob gathers outside. A stream of visitors keeps the desk duty officer busy.

Not Available