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You Can Do Better

Comedy2016-Present2 Seasons

A half-hour brain candy show that tackles major topics like drinking, technology, sex, money, and friends. Through a mix of sketch, how-to, man-on-the-street and expert interviews, our hosts impart tips and tricks that every adult should know. Viewers will learn to be better at the subjects no one teaches in school, and they'll get to belly-laugh along the way.

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Drinking Aug 23, 2016

In the premiere episode of You Can Do Better, hosts Matthew Latkiewicz and Abbi Crutchfield school us on Drinking. We learn about the different types of bars, when to cut yourself off at the Office Holiday Party, how to make cocktails on a plane and the rules of mixing booze and social media. Throughout the episode Matthew donates his body to science and tests out three hangover cures before he and Abbi visit a doctor to find out the actual best treatment after a long night of drinking.

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