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Yes, Dear Season 5

Here's where to watch every episode of Yes, Dear season 5. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 05, Episode 01 I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl

S05 E01

Feb 16, 2005
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I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl Feb 16, 2005 Competitiveness gets the better of Greg and Kim and Jimmy and Christine after Sam's new girlfriend ""dumps"" him for Logan.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 02 Jimmy Has Changed

S05 E02

Feb 23, 2005
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Jimmy Has Changed Feb 23, 2005 When Jimmy comes down with a case of the sweats and a decreased interest in sex, he goes to the doctor, who diagnoses him with andropause (male menopause) -- which leaves him feeling insecure about his masculinity.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 03 Headshot

S05 E03

Mar 2, 2005
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Headshot Mar 2, 2005 When Logan learns how to read before Sam, Jimmy and Christine confess to each other that they were both responsible for causing blunt head trauma to Sam when he was an infant -- and are now worried that they are the reason he can't read.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 04 High School Reunion

S05 E04

Mar 9, 2005
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High School Reunion Mar 9, 2005 At the gang's high school reunion, Greg plays along after he gets mistaken for one of the cool kids, but Jimmy is jealous when Greg's stolen identity threatens to challenge his bid for ""Coolest Guy."" Meanwhile, Kim schemes to get her high school stalker interested in her again. And a dirty, old teacher is still interested in Christine.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 05 Greg's New Assistant

S05 E05

Mar 16, 2005
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Greg's New Assistant Mar 16, 2005 Christine goes to work for Greg as his personal assistant, and finds the job entails being Kim's personal assistant, too.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 06 Won't Ask, Won't Tell

S05 E06

Mar 30, 2005
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Won't Ask, Won't Tell Mar 30, 2005 When Christine finds out Jimmy has been tuning her out over the phone, she joins forces with Kim, and they concoct a scheme to get even.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 07 The New Neighbors

S05 E07

Apr 6, 2005
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The New Neighbors Apr 6, 2005 Jimmy and Christine strive to move out of Greg's guesthouse and into the newly-vacated place next door, but when Greg hits it off with an upper-class couple who are also prospective buyers, he hopes they become his new neighbors and not the Hughes.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 08 Tree Hugger

S05 E08

Apr 13, 2005
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Tree Hugger Apr 13, 2005 Greg and Jimmy have a not-so-neighborly war over Jimmy wanting to cut down a lemon tree in his backyard that Greg is attached to.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 09 Senior Olympics

S05 E09

Apr 20, 2005
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Senior Olympics Apr 20, 2005 When Tom comes to town to participate in a senior fencing match and Big Jimmy has also shown up to help the Hughes with their house, Big Jimmy throws his hat into the ring and challenges Tom to a duel.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 10 A Little Breathing Room

S05 E10

Apr 25, 2005
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A Little Breathing Room Apr 25, 2005 Christine wants to make new friends after she overhears Kim telling Greg that she and Jimmy have been spending too much time over at the Warner house instead of their own. Meanwhile, Greg and Kim make new friends that they want to get rid of.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 11 Broken by the Mold

S05 E11

May 18, 2005
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Broken by the Mold May 18, 2005 Unable to find employment after giving up his job at Radford, Greg is forced to swallow his pride and take a position outside of the movie world. But when he finds out his house is covered in toxic mold and unfit to live in, he's unable to swallow it a second time.

Not Available