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Worzel Gummidge Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of Worzel Gummidge season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 Muvvers Day

S04 E01

Jun 12, 1981
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Muvvers Day Jun 12, 1981 After being driven out of the Village Baby Contest Worzel decides he wants his Mum. The only person who can help him is the Crowman who deduces that a Scarecrow called ‘Sarah Pigswill’ was made from a row of turnips which, twelve months later, seeded Worzel. Technically making her Worzel’s mother. The wheels are set in motion and Worzel prepares for the arrival of his Mother on his ‘bestest birthday. Unfortunately Worzel soon realizes that her ideas of a birthday tea and his own are very, very different.

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Season 04, Episode 02 The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg

S04 E02

Jun 19, 1981
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The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg Jun 19, 1981 A letter is delivered to Scatterbrook but no-one, save for John and Sue, recognize the name of the person it is addressed to—Worzel Gummidge. When they find Worzel they discover the Crowman is fixing him up and so the Crowman reads the letter for him. It is from ‘Dolly Clothes-Peg’ who writes that she is coming to see Worzel on the ‘eleventy-twelve’ bus and that she is bringing a big cake for him. Unfortunately she spends all her money, including her bus-fare, on the cake and so she has to walk to Scatterbrook. When she doesn’t arrive on the bus Worzel thinks she is not coming and becomes upset, but worse is yet to come.

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Season 04, Episode 03 The Jumbly Sale

S04 E03

Jun 26, 1981
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The Jumbly Sale Jun 26, 1981 It’s the day of the Village Jumble Sale and Worzel has decided that he’s going along to get himself a new outfit so that he can impress Aunt Sally into marrying him. Meanwhile Mr. Shepherd has decided to make a contribution of his own to the Jumble Sale, Aunt Sally. When Worzel arrives at the Jumble Sale he finds Aunt Sally in a box outside and decides to rescue her. Unfortunately as he’s trying to free her he pulls off one of her legs and, before he can put things right, is chased away by PC Parsons. Worzel is distraught by the event and decides to end it all. He goes to see the Crowman to ask him to dig him into the compost heap.

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Season 04, Episode 04 Worzel in Revolt

S04 E04

Jul 3, 1981
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Worzel in Revolt Jul 3, 1981 The Crowman has dispatched pigeons to round up Aunt Sally and Worzel. When they arrive at the Crowman’s abode they discover why. The Crowman has heard about a cake fight the pair have had at the Bishop’s tea party. He explains to them that, due to their recent absenteeism, they are both in bad books with their owners. The Crowman has therefore decided that the safest place for them is to stay with him until the fuss has died down. However he wants them to both earn their keep. Worzel is to be the Crowman’s valet and Aunt Sally is to act as Parlor Maid. Unfortunately things don’t go the way the Crowman plans when it emerges that Aunt Sally is making Worzel do all the work.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 05 Will the Real Aunt Sally...?

S04 E05

Jul 10, 1981
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Will the Real Aunt Sally...? Jul 10, 1981 Worzel cannot believe his ears when Aunt Sally accepts his proposal of marriage, but almost in the same breath he is rejected. Worzel enlists the help of John and Sue and between them they discover that there are two Aunt Sally’s in the Village. The children are so worried about the effect two Aunt Sally’s may have on Worzel that they go to see the Crowman. However the Crowman reacts in his usual fashion, concluding that Worzel must deal with it himself.

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Season 04, Episode 06 The Golden Hind

S04 E06

Jul 17, 1981
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The Golden Hind Jul 17, 1981 The Golden Hind, a new fish n’ Chip shop has opened in the village. As usual Worzel is wandering about the village and when he smells the fish n’ chips he wants some. He is just about to enter the establishment when he meets the shop’s mascot, a ship’s figurehead called ‘Jolly Jack’. Jack explains to Worzel what fish n’ Chips are and that he is a friend of Saucy Nancy. Once the coast is clear Jack takes Worzel inside the shop and they both help themselves to as much fish n’ chips as they can carry. A little later Worzel bumps into Aunt Sally who, smelling the chips, decides she wants some. Worzel however stubbornly refuses to comply with her wishes and so she goes off to find her own and, in the process, ends up working at the Golden Hind and meeting and falling in love with Jolly Jack.

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Season 04, Episode 07 Worzel's Birthday

S04 E07

Jul 31, 1981
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Worzel's Birthday Jul 31, 1981 Ten Acre field is covered in flowers of all colours and sizes which can mean only one thing—it’s Worzel’s “bestest birthday”. This however comes as no surprise to John and Sue who, over the previous weeks, have had to endure Worzel’s many hints. So they plan a surprise birthday party. In addition the pair have also scraped all their savings together to buy him another surprise, a gigantic birthday cake but will it survive the attentions of Aunt Sally?

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