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Work Out Season 3

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Season 03, Episode 01 Hard Body ... Thin Skin

S03 E01

Apr 16, 2008
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Hard Body ... Thin Skin Apr 16, 2008 After a tumultuous second season, Bravo's docu-series Work Out is back for a third season featuring the dynamic and beautiful owner of L.A.'s Sky Sport and Spa, Jackie Warner, and her team of trainers.

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Season 03, Episode 02 Heavy Lifting

S03 E02

Apr 23, 2008
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Heavy Lifting Apr 23, 2008 Jackie's Sky Lab project is back and better than ever this season facing bigger challenges. The new Sky Lab clients are introduced and meet with a doctor for an evaluation and are also set up with Sun Fare, a food delivery program. Jackie also hires JD as a masseuse for the Sky Lab project. Jackie tells the female trainers that she has a surprise for them and announces that they are all going on a lesbian cruise to Mexico. Brianna reveals her jealous side when Jackie tells her that she's going away on the cruise without her and Brianna is especially not happy to hear that Rebecca will be there. Before leaving for the cruise, the girls take a quick detour to buy some sexy bikinis.While the girls are on the cruise the guy trainers and newbie JD gather at Greg's house to play horseshoes. Brian Peeler suggests that all the guys should do a mud run while the girls are away.Rebecca and Erika teach a boot camp on the cruise and Jackie annoys them when she steps in and takes over.

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Season 03, Episode 03 In the Mud

S03 E03

Apr 30, 2008
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In the Mud Apr 30, 2008 Jackie and the female trainers participate in hilarious poolside activities on a lesbian cruise. While the girls are away, the boys will play …in the mud! Peeler and the male trainers compete as a team in a six-mile run through a muddy obstacle course at Camp Pendleton.Jackie and the girls have a big night of drinking and dancing. The girls push for Renessa to have her first girl on girl experience, but she seems to have her sights set on Jackie.Jesse finally tells Peeler the reason Jackie dislikes him so much. An angry Peeler goes behind Jackie's back to help plan the fund-raiser for the Doug Blasdell foundation.

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Season 03, Episode 04 Hit the Wall

S03 E04

May 7, 2008
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Hit the Wall May 7, 2008 After the cruise, Jackie assures Brianna that Rebecca will not be a problem anymore. Jackie has a Skylab boot camp and finds out that Skylab client, Deenie, is unhappy with her trainer, Gregg. Later, Deenie and Gregg have a big blowout. Jackie also has to lay down the law with Sky Lab client, Tyra, for being late to her appointments.Jackie has a meeting with a producer about her new fitness DVD.Greg asks Erika to do a cover photo shoot with him. Although Erika starts out being a little self-conscious about her body, she quickly gets over it. She and Greg deliver some amazing photos during their sexy shoot and get to know each other better.The tension between Jackie and Peeler grows when the new Sky Sport office manager, Lisa, tells Jackie that she overheard him talking to Don Scott, the organizer of the Doug Blasdell Foundation Fundraiser.While Brian Peeler trains a client, Lisa is in Jackie's office making fun of his client's fake breasts. The next day Peeler confronts Jackie about the situation and their relationship comes to a shocking boil.

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Season 03, Episode 05 No Pain, No Gain

S03 E05

May 14, 2008
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No Pain, No Gain May 14, 2008 Jackie takes the Skylabbers and trainers on an intense, life-changing weekend in Northern California. While there, Skylab client Deenie's chain smoking and constant excuses cause tension among the other Skylabbers. Meanwhile, Renessa tells Rebecca she has a crush on one of the trainers, prompting Rebecca to play cupid. And, an intense group therapy session at the retreat ends in yelling and tears.

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Season 03, Episode 06 Get Nasty

S03 E06

May 21, 2008
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Get Nasty May 21, 2008 As the Sky lab retreat comes to an end, the trainers head to the hotel bar for a release after an intense weekend. As the cocktails flow, two trainers get cozy. Back in L.A. Gregg pays a visit to Peeler and discovers he has hit an all-time low.Shannon, JD's Skylab client, tells a heartfelt story during her therapy session that inspires him. He visits her at her daughter's rehabilitation center and the two grow even closer.Jackie and the trainers go to the fund-raiser benefit for Doug. At the event Peeler embarrasses himself.

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Season 03, Episode 07 Mom vs. Mom

S03 E07

May 28, 2008
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Mom vs. Mom May 28, 2008 Jackie's mom comes to visit from Ohio. This is the first time she is meeting Jackie's girlfriend, Brianna. On top of that stressful situation, Jackie surprises her mom with the fact that Brianna's family is also in town, making it a full house. Jackie visits her therapist, Dr Shirley, to talk about her mom and the amount of stress she's under. She feels like she's got a full plate, which includes preparing for her upcoming DVD shoot.Jesse's little sister comes to town to visit. Meanwhile, Gregg plays a gig at the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip and the trainers rock out -- especially two who thoroughly enjoy each other's company.Lisa decides to get liposuction and tells Jackie she needs time off and Jackie is unhappy with her decision to have surgery.

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Season 03, Episode 08 Make it Work ... Out

S03 E08

Jun 4, 2008
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Make it Work ... Out Jun 4, 2008 Jackie holds auditions to select four of her trainers to appear in her workout DVD. With the shoot only days away, she starts feeling the pressure and struggles with the DVD's workout routine. At the DVD shoot, the chosen trainers realize that they will have to repeat each routine several times for the camera, driving them to tears and physical collapse.Meanwhile, Jesse sets JD up on a blind date with a friend.

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Season 03, Episode 09 Results Are In

S03 E09

Jun 11, 2008
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Results Are In Jun 11, 2008 Jackie and Brianna talk about possibly spending some time apart. Greg P. invites Renessa and...

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Season 03, Episode 10 Season 3

S03 E10

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Season 3 Old feelings reignite as Rebecca tries to comfort Jackie after her talk with Brianna about possibly spending time apart. With one boot camp left and Peeler gone there is no telling what dramatic results will be revealed.

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Season 03, Episode 101 Work Out 3: the Warm Up

S03 E101

Mar 12, 2008
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Work Out 3: the Warm Up Mar 12, 2008 Bravo presents a sneak-peek of the anticipated third season of its docu-series "Work Out," catching up with fitness maverick Jackie Warner as she prepares to tackle her personal relationships and business endeavors with a newfound maturity. The third season introduces the four skilled trainers Warner recently hired at her exclusive Beverly Hills gym Sky Sport & Spa, and her new live-in love.In her personal life, Warner still passionately lives by the "work hard, play hard" motto, but these days she has settled into domestic bliss with her new girlfriend, Brianna, and now claims that her Saturday nights are spent curled up with her sexy gal. Back at the gym, the conflict and drama of Sky Sport & Spa escalates with the introduction of four dynamic new trainers to the family - Jesse Jordan, Agostina Laneri, Greg Plitt and Renessa Williams.  The hot new trainers bring out the insecurities in Warner's longtime trainers - Jesse Brune, Gregg Butler, Rebecca Cardon, Erika Jacobson and Brian Peeler - who strive to stay in Warner's good graces and keep their valuable clients happy.  The veteran trainers are still up to the same dramatic antics and Warner must deal with Cardon's jealousy over her new relationship and her increasingly antagonistic relationship with Peeler.  Also, this season a surprise romance develops between two of the trainers.

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