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Wild Kingdom Season 9

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Season 09, Episode 01 Million Dollar Otters

S09 E01

Apr 3, 2011
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Million Dollar Otters Apr 3, 2011 Off the stunning coast of California live the world's smallest marine mammals, the sea otters. For eight months, we follow the lives of two sea otter pups, both born at the end of summer but growing up in two very different worlds. One pup lives among the yachts off Millionaire Row. The second, on the rugged, wind swept shoreline to the south. Their tenacity, family bonds and intelligence are all they have to overcome the challenges of life.

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Season 09, Episode 02 Dolphins of Shark Bay

S09 E02

Apr 10, 2011
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Dolphins of Shark Bay Apr 10, 2011 In a stunning new insight into the lives of wild dolphins, passionate young biologist Eric Patterson follows three families of dolphins - the Beach Girls, the Spongers and the Whackers, who live in the shallow waters of Western Australia's spectacular Shark Bay. The Dolphins of Shark Bay promises an intimate and emotional portrayal of one of the ocean's most revered creatures.

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Season 09, Episode 03 Radio Gibbon

S09 E03

Apr 17, 2011
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Radio Gibbon Apr 17, 2011 In deepest Borneo, a remarkable young Frenchman named Chanee Brule is combining his love of music with his passion for gibbons. These magical singing apes of the rainforest are in danger of extinction and, to help save them, Chanee has set up a rescue center and gibbon sanctuary. To increase awareness of the gibbons' plight, Chanee has created his own radio station, Radio Kalaweit, named after the local word for gibbon. He uses the airwaves to publicize his mission, and its music and message have made it the most successful radio station in Borneo.

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Season 09, Episode 04 Mysteries of the Jungle Giants

S09 E04

May 1, 2011
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Mysteries of the Jungle Giants May 1, 2011 Deep in the rainforest of Central Africa lies an elephant oasis - a remarkable place that holds the key to the future for forest elephants. Over the last 20 years, Andrea Turkalo, a former Bronx schoolteacher, has been studying these enigmatic giants, getting to know more than 4,000 of them. She has begun to unravel the secrets of their complex social lives and the meanings of their unique vocalizations. New acoustic research is shedding light on the many mysteries that still surround forest elephant society. Will these endangered elephants finally speak out and tell Andrea what it is they need to survive?

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Season 09, Episode 05 Prairie Dog Chatter

S09 E05

May 15, 2011
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Prairie Dog Chatter May 15, 2011 The eccentric experiments of Arizonian prairie dog researcher Con Slobodchikoff suggest that prairie dogs are capable of language. For the last 20 years, he has been compiling a dictionary of prairie dog words. Only this year he discovered that prairie dogs actually attend school to learn these words. So what are they really saying? We follow these linguists of the prairie and their calls of the wild.

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Season 09, Episode 06 Pandamania

S09 E06

May 22, 2011
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Pandamania May 22, 2011 A landmark documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the giant panda as its much-loved icon. This is the panda's survival story; a look back at an extraordinary east-west collaboration that has brought pandas from the brink of extinction, and ahead to the radical, controversial and risky next phase: re-introduction into the wild.

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