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Documentaryall2006 - Present11 Seasons

From colorful creatures to powerful predators, get up close and personal with some of Mother Nature’s most untamed creations — on their own turf. With the help of the industry’s most respected biologists, zoologists, and cinematographers, Wild scours the planet to bring you the most amazing and the most dangerous creatures on our wild planet.

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Season 2017

Season 2017, Episode 01 Birthplace of Giants

S2017 E01

Feb 1, 2017
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Birthplace of Giants The Season 10 premiere accompanies whale researchers to a remote humpback whale breeding ground near western Australia.

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Season 2017, Episode 02 Platypus Worlds Strangest Animal

S2017 E02

Feb 8, 2017
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Platypus Worlds Strangest Animal A look at the platypus and its habitat.

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Season 2017, Episode 03 Tarkine - The Forgotten Wilderness

S2017 E03

Feb 15, 2017
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Tarkine - The Forgotten Wilderness The Tarkine wilderness area of Tasmania, which is home to giant ferns that date back to the Jurassic period, is explored.

Not Available

Season 2017, Episode 04 Out of the Ashes

S2017 E04

Feb 22, 2017
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Out of the Ashes The Black Saturday bushfires that erupted in 2009 Australia are recalled.

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Season 2017, Episode 05 Manatees in a New Light

S2017 E05

Mar 1, 2017
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Manatees in a New Light A look at the Florida manatee.

Not Available

Season 2017, Episode 06 Baboon Bandits

S2017 E06

Mar 8, 2017
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Baboon Bandits The baboons of the Table Mountain region in South Africa, which some see as a nuisance, are spotlighted.

Not Available

Season 2017, Episode 07 Hardager Plateau

S2017 E07

Mar 15, 2017
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Hardager Plateau A look at the reindeer and varied flora found in the largest mountain plateau in Europe.

Not Available

Season 2016

Season 2016, Episode 01 T-Rex: Ultimate Survivor

S2016 E01

Mar 1, 2016
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T-Rex: Ultimate Survivor Tyrannosaurus rex, the famous king of dinosaurs, was a top predator of its day. Well-armed with terrifying jaws, it was seemingly impervious to attack. But new fossils are revealing that the life of T. rex and its cousins was brutal. Fossils are probed with cutting-edge techniques to reveal the source of injuries, predation attempts that went wrong and titanic battles where T. rex teeth were sunk into their adversaries.

Not Available

Season 2016, Episode 03 Incredible Spiders

S2016 E03

May 20, 2016
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Incredible Spiders Our planet is home to thousands of spine-tingling spiders that come equipped with strange features and bizarre behaviours. Over millions of years spiders have dominated almost every habitat on Earth – from the jumpers and hunters to the engineers and dancers, we delve into the world of Incredible Spiders.

Not Available

Season 2016, Episode 09 Wild Horses of the Marshes

S2016 E09

Sep 17, 2016
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Wild Horses of the Marshes In the gorgeous natural reserve of the Camargue in France, a jewel of nature among the wildest in Europe, wild horses roam freely. Here, between two tributaries of the Rhone that run down to flow in the Mediterranean, follow the lives of these majestic creatures through the seasons.

Not Available

Season 2016, Episode 10 Caribbean's Deadly Underworld

S2016 E10

Sep 16, 2017
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Caribbean's Deadly Underworld oin renowned ocean explorer Bob Ballard and a team of scientists on a daring deep-sea expedition to explore the hidden geologic dangers of the Caribbean, and the bizarre life that inhabits these extreme ocean depths.

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