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What I Like About You

imdb logo6.7/10
ComedyDrama7+2002 - 20064 SeasonsSeries EndedTags:New YorkSibling RelationshipSitcom

Valerie Tyler is a 28-year-old organization freak who loves her 16-year-old sister Holly. Even if Holly is rambunctious. Spontaneous. Impulsive. Disconcerting. And definitely disorganized. Then Holly moves in with Val, and the sisters discover they may make better siblings than roomies.

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Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 The Pilot

S01 E01

Sep 21, 2002
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The Pilot Sep 21, 2002 When her father accepts a promotion overseas in Japan , high-spirited 16-year-old Holly has no plans to head to Japan with him. She decides she'd rather live in the New York City with her "straight-laced" sister, Valerie. In the opener, Holly's attempts to prove herself a perfect roommate backfire when she misinterprets a remark about Feng Shui and rearranges the apartment. To make matters worse, Holly jeopardizes Val's job with a marketing firm when she disrupts a promotional event featuring skateboarder Tony Hawk.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Spa Day

S01 E02

Sep 28, 2002
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Spa Day Sep 28, 2002 Holly and Val plan a day of at the spa, but Holly finds herself in a 'muddy' situation when she sneaks out of the spa without Val's knowledge in order to meet J.C. Chasez from *NSYNC. Holly must somehow get back inside after being denied re-entry by a security guard. Being Holly, you know she always finds a sneaky way to do things, so she climbs in through a window landing in a mud bath with a naked lady! Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary have an afternoon of male competition after Gary calls Jeff old.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Roommates

S01 E03

Oct 5, 2002
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Roommates Oct 5, 2002 Val has trouble adjusting to Holly's care-free attitude, so she makes her follow a strict set of rules. Holly does her best to follow them, and realizes that she just can't do it. This leads Holly and Val ti the conclusion that Holly is nothing like Val, which is why it is hard for Holly to adjust to the rules that Val has carefully thought of and made up. So Val and Holly question why they ever became roommates.

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Season 01, Episode 04 The Teddy Bear

S01 E04

Oct 12, 2002
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The Teddy Bear Oct 12, 2002 Holly and Val battle over the possession of a stuffed teddy bear they both cherished during their childhood. But when the struggle for the bear becomes too much, the girls agree to give the critter to a little girl in the building, though after they discover she is abusive and destructive to their childhood treasure, they join forces to regain the bear.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Cool Older Sister

S01 E05

Oct 19, 2002
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Cool Older Sister Oct 19, 2002 Val tries to ease up on being an authority figure to Holly, but her patience is pushed to the limit when Holly and Gary take off for a wild party on Long Island without letting anyone know.

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Season 01, Episode 06 The Parrot Trap

S01 E06

Nov 2, 2002
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The Parrot Trap Nov 2, 2002 Holly becomes smitten with a young man, Kyle, who is leading a protest movement to allow the zoo's performing parrot to retire, but things fly out of control when Kyle is so inspired by Holly's passion for the cause that he kidnaps the parrot. Meanwhile, Val plays matchmaker for a customer who reveals she has a crush on someone in the restaurant, until it is revealed that the object of her affection is Jeff.

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Season 01, Episode 07 Tankini

S01 E07

Nov 9, 2002
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Tankini Nov 9, 2002 Gary feels left out when an old female friend comes to visit Holly, but Holly gets a surprise when she catches the pair making out. Meanwhile, Jeff is bummed when he discovers that Valerie still sleeps in an ex-boyfriend's sweat shirt.

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Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 I Love You... Soon

S02 E01

Sep 12, 2003
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I Love You... Soon Sep 12, 2003 In the second season premiere, Holly tries to help Henry overcome his jealousy of Vince, an eccentric older guy who works at Harper and Diggs, but she makes matters worse when she accidentally tells Henry that she loves him. Meanwhile, back at the office, Val finds herself attracted to Peter, her handsome and charming new boss.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Boys' Club

S02 E02

Sep 19, 2003
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Boys' Club Sep 19, 2003 Holly begins to feel the pressure of school, work and friends, so it is hard for her to be there when Henry needs her the most. Meanwhile, Val gets upset with her boss' business antics and the new boys' club atmosphere that the business has taken on so Val takes matters into her own hands and quits.

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Season 02, Episode 03 When Holly Met Tina

S02 E03

Sep 26, 2003
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When Holly Met Tina Sep 26, 2003 In order to help Val get her first client since starting her own public relations firm, Holly becomes friends with the client's troubled teenage daughter, Tina. Meanwhile, Lauren distract Peter when they find themselves in competition with their former boss for the new account.

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Season 02, Episode 04 The Loft

S02 E04

Oct 3, 2003
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The Loft Oct 3, 2003 When Val thinks it's time to move into a new apartment with bigger office space, she and Lauren look for apartments. When Tina shows Holly a loft in her building, Holly thinks it's wonderful. Things get better for Holly when she finds out that the guy (Jay) is in prison. Holly and Val try to compromise with the guy to buy his loft. The Tyler sisters don't get Jay's loft, but Jay offers them another loft in the same building.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Like a Virgin (Kinda)

S02 E05

Oct 10, 2003
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Like a Virgin (Kinda) Oct 10, 2003 When Holly learns that Henry has already lost his virginity she is shocked. She and Tina go and search the city frantically for the girl that 'soiled' Henry. Meanwhile, Lauren tries to get Val to relax and take a day off from work by faking her birthday.

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Season 02, Episode 06 No More Mr. Nice Guy

S02 E06

Oct 17, 2003
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No More Mr. Nice Guy Oct 17, 2003 Val accuses Holly of spending more time with Vince than Henry when Vince helps her set up Val's barbecue on the terrace. Holly and Vince fall asleep, and Holly wakes up in Vince's arms. Although it seems (to Val and everyone else) that they had sex, Holly assures them that they didn't, and she realizes that she has feelings for Vince.

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Season 02, Episode 07 I'm Sorry, So Sorry

S02 E07

Oct 24, 2003
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I'm Sorry, So Sorry Oct 24, 2003 When Tina's boyfriend Cal gets a condo up in the mountains, the gang makes plans to go away for the weekend on a ski trip. But when Tina and Cal have a fight, the ski trip gets canceled. Holly gets mad because she really wanted to go on the trip, but when Cal says everyone but Tina can go, Holly decides she wants to go. Tina takes her anger out on Holly because she invited Vince, when she knows Henry will be there. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren get into a fight because Lauren's new boyfriend likes Val better and invites her out for drinks. Holly decides that being with her best friend is more important than skiing with Henry, Vince, Gary, and Cal, so she cancels on the gang and spends the weekend with Tina.

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