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Watch Untold Stories of the E.R.

Untold Stories of the E.R.

IMDB: 7.7/10RealityDrama16+2004 - Present13 Seasons

Untold Stories of the E.R. is a docudrama television series which airs on TLC and Discovery Fit & Health. In this program real-life emergency room doctors tell about their most bizarre and puzzling cases. Typically these involve medical sabotage, violently or strangely acting patients, life-threatening injuries, or even situations in which the E.R. physician is too overwhelmed to handle the caseload and can't transfer responsibility for the patient to someone else. Often the doctors play themselves, and whenever possible the patients themselves take part in the reenactment as well. If they don't appear as themselves during their medical emergency, they are often shown in brief interviews to show the public how they turned out. Occasionally, patients' names are changed and actors play their roles. All cases are based on actual events, but are highly dramatized and not necessarily accurate from a clinical or technical standpoint.

Where to Watch Untold Stories of the E.R.

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Season 13

TLC | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 13 Episode 13 Shark

S13 E01

Shark Jan 6, 2018

A patient is brought to the ER with a live shark clamped onto his thigh, and he wants to save the shark! Complications arise for a woman with a life-threatening condition, and the mysterious condition that caused a man to pass out.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 13 Episode 13 Rear Ended

S13 E02

Rear Ended Jan 6, 2018

Two separate car crash victims are brought to the ER in their underwear; a woman is acting delusional and refuses to allows the ER staff to touch her; and a doctor struggles to diagnose a dehydrated and nauseous 10-year-old.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 13 Episode 13 Wipeout!

S13 E03

Wipeout! Jan 13, 2018

WIPEOUT! Dr. David Meyers is faced with a seemingly can't-win situation: his patient is impaled between the legs by the fin of his own surfboard. On top of that, he is. wearing a wetsuit, needs to pee, and discovers that he can't. Dr. Meyers can't even get to the injury to assess the damage, and scans or x-rays are impossible. How can he help his patient? SAVE MY MOM Dr. Katrina Mattingly is treating a woman who shows signs of a stroke. A CT scan confirms there is a clot in the woman's cerebral artery, so Dr. Mattingly gives her patient a powerful clot-busting drug called tPA. When her symptoms fail to improve, a new CT scan reveals that the patient also has a dissecting aorta, which requires the opposite treatment. Dr. Mattingly must find a solution before the tPA causes her patient to bleed to death! MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK Dr. Parrish Eilers is treating a high school football player complaining of severe leg pain. The boy's father wants the treatment to be done quickly, so his son can get back to the big game. Suddenly, a red welt rises on the boy's leg, and then another. Dr. Eilers quickly realizes that the boy has necrotizing fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating disease, and must be rushed to surgery in order to save his life. Will they be able to save his leg as well?

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Season 12

Discovery Life | TLC | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Cracking the Case

S12 E01

Cracking the Case Sep 10, 2016

Relive mysterious cases where doctors pieced together clues that not only diagnosed their patient's condition, but also helped solve a crime in the process.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Couch Creature

S12 E01

Couch Creature Oct 8, 2016

A woman believes her neighbors want to kill her; a man is near death after an arrow pierces his chest; two women with swollen abdomens refuse to explain the cause of their pain.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Maternity Mayhem

S12 E02

Maternity Mayhem Sep 17, 2016

In these critical cases involving pregnant women, complications quickly rise when it's revealed that two lives are on the line.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Old School Medicine

S12 E02

Old School Medicine Oct 15, 2016

A man with a slashed wrist has a startling secret; a woman gives birth unexpectedly, shocking the ER staff; a surgeon requires urgent treatment after falling off a bed while trying to help his patient.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Night of the Full Moon

S12 E03

Night of the Full Moon Sep 24, 2016

These are the strange-but-true spooky cases that leave doctors proclaiming "It must be a full moon!"

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Raging Reunion

S12 E03

Raging Reunion Oct 22, 2016

An ER doctor's friend arrives at the hospital combative and out of control; a cyclist's throat is torn open when a driver opens a car door in her path; a nursing student is found passed out on the hospital floor.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Heeled!

S12 E04

Heeled! Oct 29, 2016

A man is impaled in his abdomen by a stiletto heel; a seemingly healthy outdoorsman has a series of seizures that baffle his doctors; two patients make their doctor suspicious when they both complain about identical headaches that started during sex.

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