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Two Thousand Acres of Sky Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Two Thousand Acres of Sky season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Episode 1

S02 E01

Jan 8, 2002
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Episode 1 Jan 8, 2002 Abby's flourishing relationship with Alistair is proving difficult for Kenny to handle, especially when Abby suggests that Kenny find somewhere else to live. Despite her financial worries, Abby's relationship with Alistair is growing stronger and seeing them together prompts Kenny to consider Abby's suggestion. </BR></BR>Even bigger trouble arrives in the shape of an old acquaintance, Damien. Abby borrowed £1000 from Damien and he's come to collect the money - with considerable interest. When Abby can only offer him a fraction of what she owes, Damien begins to exploit the situation by suggesting she make the repayments in 'other' ways. When she refuses Damien begins to threaten the children and the normally laid back Kenny reacts violently to defend them. However, Damien later ambushes Kenny beating him senseless and leaving him for dead.</BR></BR>The attack on Kenny is a shock to all the islanders. Alfie prepares a surprise to show Kenny how much he loves him while Abby confronts Damien and threatens him with the police. Alistair, Malcolm, Gordon and Douglas escort Damien to the ferry - reclaiming Abby's money and making sure he never dares return.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Episode 2

S02 E02

Jan 15, 2002
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Episode 2 Jan 15, 2002 Abby's relationship with Alistair seems to be going from strength to strength, and in a confident bid to put the B&B on a more secure footing, Abby advertises in a mainland newspaper. Could it be that, at last, love and security are within her grasp? Not everyone on Ronansay is pleased by Abby's new found happiness of course. Carolyn, fears she may have lost Alistair forever, and Douglas takes Abby's advert as a personal attack on the Raeburn Hotel. Both decide to fight back in their own way. But what Abby doesn't realise is that this fight could get very dirty indeed.</BR> </BR>Douglas wreaks his revenge on Abby by making bogus reservations at the B&B. Abby is disappointed when her guests fail to arrive, but when Mary discovers his ruse she gives a sheepish Douglas hell. Carolyn's actions may have much further reaching consequences for Abby however. That night Kenny spots Alastair sneaking out of Carolyn's cottage under cover of darkness...</BR></BR>Eager to help Kate find something she can believe in, Abby and Kenny persuade Gordon to take a trip out to sea in the hope that they might be able to see some whales. Kate's joy when they finally find them is reward enough, but Gordon goes one step further. As Kate and Mrs Wier are leaving the island on the ferry, Abby and Douglas are surprised to see that it is full of tourists. Apparently, Gordon's promise of a 'whale spotting' weekend was too good to resist.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Episode 3

S02 E03

Jan 22, 2002
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Episode 3 Jan 22, 2002 Abby and Alistair's relationship continues on track, but Alfie and Charlie are not at all enamoured with the union, particularly when Alistair tries, and fails miserably to impress. He's just not cut out for the surrogate father role. And from Abby's point of view, he just doesn't understand where these kids are coming from, which leads to rumbles in the household. </BR></BR>The course of true love runs a little more smoothly for Malcolm, to begin with anyhow. When the proposal of marriage is well and truly underway over a romantic dinner at the Raeburn, Ida ups and leaves, leaving the island without explanation and leaving Malcolm stunned.</BR></BR>As Carolyn and Heather's plans for a night out on the mainland come to fruition, it transpires that both girls have more devious intentions: Carolyn to have an illicit night of passion with Alistair; Heather to have a hedonistic all-nighter at a club. But for Heather, things go completely awry when, duped by an undercover cop, she is arrested for taking Ecstasy. </BR></BR>With Carolyn out of contact and her mother's less than sympathetic shoulder to lean on, Heather turns to the only person she can - Kenny. Unfortunately, Kenny has a pathological aversion to the police and so instead of managing to bail her out, he finds himself thrown into a cell beside Heather to cool off. Only Abby, with reasoning, and a smidgen of blackmail thrown in, manages to sort out the sorry affair.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Episode 4

S02 E04

Jan 26, 2002
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Episode 4 Jan 26, 2002 Abby is having to prepare herself for a shock - Alistair announces to her that he wants to get serious. This is so unlike the confirmed single guy who Abby has got to know. But Abby, surprisingly, feels comfortable with that thought. What she feels less comfortable with is having to tell Kenny… </BR></BR>Abby's matchmaking skills are required when Malcolm, still reeling from Ida's sudden departure, searches Abby out for advice. There's only one thing for it - he must go and find Ida to tell her how he feels. Malcolm leaves Ronansay to travel to Ida's flat in Glasgow. When Malcolm arrives, Ida is forced to eveal her secret - she has a young son. Malcolm, resolves never to let Ida out of his life again, and embraces them both. They all return to Ronansay, together, as a family.</BR></BR>A new visitor, Terry, arrives on the island, much to Abby's delight, as his stay is indefinite. With tourists thin on the ground, his staying at the B&B assures a small but regular income for her. But there is something familiar and at the same time mysterious about this visitor that Abby can't quite put her finger on, just yet anyhow…</BR></BR>But Abby has much more pressing things on her mind at the moment. As she plans her future with Alistair, her world is about to be ripped apart. Carolyn drops the bombshell - she's pregnant and the father is Alistair. But it's Mary, not Alistair who gives Abby the news. Shocked, distraught and feeling betrayed, who else can she turn to but Kenny. And, reliable and caring as ever, Kenny is there to help her pick up the pieces…..

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Season 02, Episode 05 Episode 5

S02 E05

Feb 1, 2002
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Episode 5 Feb 1, 2002 Following Abby's break-up, an overprotective Kenny is convinced that she is suicidal and to that end, he clears her bathroom of potentially life-threatening items, falling just short of the nail clippers, much to Abby's irritation. She's not so much depressed as furious which isn't helped when Alistair turns up, begging forgiveness. Her response is clear though, there's no turning the clock back. Alistair gets deeper into trouble when his attempt at practical support of Carolyn is misinterpreted by her as something more.</BR></BR>Abby can't help but be intrigued by Terry. He has the uncanny ability to appease her children and impart insightful advice exactly when it is needed. Very much like Kenny in fact. Then the penny drops, and after a few well chosen questions veered towards him, there's no doubt that Terry is Kenny's estranged father.</BR></BR>Malcolm heads home with his new family but he's worried how Murdo will take the news. Malcolm demands that Gordon, as Captain, marry him and Ida on the boat. Gordon duly obliges, albeit reluctantly. But he's riddled with guilt, as he's as much a Captain as Kenny is a Psychiatrist. So he just has to find the right moment to tell Malcolm that the marriage isn't quite valid…</BR></BR>Murdo is unhappy that Malcolm has married without him being there. Gordon finally finds the courage to tell Malcolm that wedding ceremony wasn't legal, but instead of the expected torrent of abuse, Malcolm is ecstatic. Murdo can witness the wedding after all - on Ronansay. He rushes to tell his father the good news, but he's horrified to find Murdo in his bed, not asleep, but dead…

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Episode 6

S02 E06

Feb 8, 2002
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Episode 6 Feb 8, 2002 The islanders gather to say a final goodbye to their old friend Murdo at the scattering of his ashes. Gordon insists on standing with his 'new best pal' Terry, leaving Kenny looking on resentfully. Kenny hasn't been able to find the words to talk to his father.</BR></BR>En-route to the wake, Kenny has a heart to heart with his father, Terry. Kenny is completely shocked to discover that his father is gay and that's why he left the family home all those years ago. After speaking with Abby he decides to make his peace before his father returns to London.</BR></BR>Douglas continues to worry about the continuity of the island, especially after Murdo's passing. A silver cup discovered by Abby and the kids gives him an idea and he decides its time to resurrect the tradition of the Ronansay Run. Abby and Mary reconcile their differences and agree to join the 'race organisation committee' but even with their help Douglas only manages to find a single competitor, Dr Talbot.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Episode 7

S02 E07

Feb 15, 2002
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Episode 7 Feb 15, 2002 The islanders go on red alert to sand bag and tarpaulin their homes, when a bad storm is forecast. Malcolm is in trouble, he's in the middle of the harvest and if he doesn't get it finished, the crop will be ruined. So, racing against the clock, everyone pitches in to help. As they work, Abby notices a spark between Kenny and Heather. Events take a more serious turn when Carolyn collapses in the corn field. Alistair realises he must shoulder his responsibilities, he manages to brave the storm and get Carolyn over to Portree in time to save their baby's life.</BR></BR>Heather enlists Kenny's help to bring her mother, Mary, to the safety of the Raeburn Hotel. Heather shows her appreciation by rewarding Kenny with a sudden, passionate kiss. Alfie and Charley tell Abby, who in turn, is surprised to find herself stung by jealousy. Could she be in love with Kenny after all?</BR></BR>The storm finally abates and all is well with Carolyn and the baby. But Gordon appears to be missing at sea. The islanders are mourning the loss of their dear friend, when he appears - safe and sound and as big headed as ever, especially when he hears how they've missed him.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 Episode 8

S02 E08

Feb 22, 2002
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Episode 8 Feb 22, 2002 The prospect of the Northern Lights making a brief appearance has stirred the passions of the islanders. Douglas and Mary reminisce about their first kiss, and even Gordon and Marjorie have managed to soften up to each other. It seems they have a history.</BR></BR>Abby is in a state of confusion over her real feelings for Kenny. Alfie and Charley decide it's time to nudge their mother in the right direction, so they arrange a romantic dinner for two at the Raeburn. The evening proves excruciatingly awkward for them both, so much so that Kenny leaves early..</BR></BR>Heather decides to defer her university placement for a year, in order to look after her mother, Marjorie..</BR></BR>Despite his decision to stand by Carolyn through her pregnancy, Alistair still has Abby on his mind. However, Abby is not as interested, and when a drunken Alistair breaks into her bedroom during the night, she rebukes him..</BR></BR>Douglas prepares to take Little Jerry home to his mother in Fife, but Big Jerry is having none of it. Following an evening drowning his sorrows in the pub, Big Jerry sobers up enough to realise that he must face up to the responsibility himself..</BR></BR>The Northern Lights finally make their appearance and the islanders watch in wonder. After much thought about the future, Abby ask Kenny if he will marry her. Kenny is ecstatic and kisses her passionately, but the passion isn't there for Abby, and when Kenny asks her if she loves him, she realises that she can't answer him…

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