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Go BackTwo Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Season 5

Here's where to watch every episode of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps season 5. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 05, Episode 01 Dead

S05 E01

Jan 2, 2005
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Dead Jan 2, 2005 It's the day of the funeral - and our Jonny is there in the wheelchair. He may have survived, but that meant the loss of another character - Donna's mother Flo. Jonny is famous after his shooting, and is determined to milk it for all he can. Meanwhile, Gaz's ""impotence"" problem has returned, if only he could get rid of it the way he did before. Louise spends the night in a cell for messing with Jonny's records.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 02 Nobbly Bobbly

S05 E02

Jan 9, 2005
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Nobbly Bobbly Jan 9, 2005 Donna has recieved some exciting news, her Mother left her house in her will. But Gaz isn't best pleased, as he believes Flo still haunts the cupboard under the stairs. Louise goes to see a psychaitrist for messing with Jonny's record, turns out she was trying to save him from finding out Gaz and Janet had slept with each other. But will she tell Jonny? Speaking of which, Jonny has a very important question for Janet...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 03 Shrink

S05 E03

Jan 16, 2005
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Shrink Jan 16, 2005 Louise is threatening to tell Donna and Jonny about when Janet and Gaz...y'know, did it. This come at the worst possible time for Janet as Jonny has just proposed to her again, but nobody bothers to take an interest. Donna's had her Mum's house valued at £99,000 and plans a hiking trip to Ecuador, Wales with Gaz. Janet has news of her own, she's pregnant. Jonny is delighted, but Gaz has just accidentally revealed his secret to Donna...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 04 Ecuador

S05 E04

Jan 23, 2005
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Ecuador Jan 23, 2005 Furious with Gaz for sleeping with Janet, Donna walks out, she can't bring herself to forgive either of them. Jonny has a present from Gaz, a £100 car, that he names Herbie. Louise has to get Jonny to forgive her for getting him shot to her solicitor, so black mails him, he doesn't go with it so she puts poor Herbie under the crusher! Donna is on her way to Ecuador without Gaz, can Janet stop her?

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 05 Potato People

S05 E05

Jan 30, 2005
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Potato People Jan 30, 2005 When Jonny gets banned from the local off-licence, he tries to convince Louise to help by buying alcohol for him to sell on to the teenagers.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 06 Antlers

S05 E06

Feb 6, 2005
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Antlers Feb 6, 2005 It's Jonny's Stag Night and Gaz's plans for the Night don't quite go to plan. Meanwhile, Louise tryies to make Janet's Hen Party one of the Wildest ever.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 07 Crab

S05 E07

Feb 13, 2005
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Crab Feb 13, 2005 It's the day of Jonny's and Janet wedding, and they're nowhere to be found! Gaz and Donna rush off looking for them. Gaz thinks he left Jonny tied to a lamppost, but the barmaid took him down. Jonny and Janet are stuck in a Tesco's van. They wake up in their wedding outfits, and have no idea why they're there. Meanwhile Gaz and Donna pretend to be Jonny and Janet, so they still can get married. Luckily, the Tesco van ends up at their wedding, and Janet and Jonny finally get married.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 08 Fat

S05 E08

Feb 20, 2005
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Fat Feb 20, 2005 Five months after Jonny and Janet got married, Donna and Gaz are still not talking. Donna has moved up in the bucket world, and is on a mission to sell 4,000 buckets in 5 days. While out, she finds out Gaz, who she has not seen for 5 months, has gained weight since they last saw each other. In attempts to get Donna back, Gaz finds an interesting way to loose weight. Meanwhile, Janet fears that her nesting instinct will never kick in, however Louise and a group of ""chavettes"" help her come to her senses...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 09 Stot Or Pronk

S05 E09

Feb 27, 2005
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Stot Or Pronk Feb 27, 2005 Louise persuades Janet to enter the pub quiz to try and improve her mental state. After losing all his extra weight, Gaz is showing off his recently recovered physique to everyone.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 10 Who's The Daddy?

S05 E10

Mar 6, 2005
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Who's The Daddy? Mar 6, 2005 In the last episode Gaz just got ran over by the ambulance which was going to Janets house. While Janet is in labour, she can't find jonny! Jonny then see's Gaz being put in the ambalance, and when Jonny see's Gaz, Gaz tells him to look after the baby as if it was he's! Jonny is stuned to find out that Gaz is the father. Meanwhile Louise has to bring Janet to the hospital and Jonny meets Janet there. First he hated the baby and Janet, but after spending some time with them he changes his mind. And at the end Gaz and Donna finally got back togther.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 11 BaBaBaBaBa

S05 E11

Mar 13, 2005
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BaBaBaBaBa Mar 13, 2005 Jonny's feeling left out as Janet devotes all her attention to new baby Corinthian. Desperate to get some attention for himself, Jonny decides to act like a big baby - literally. Donna has been really successful as a bucket selling executive, and enjoys flaunting her new wealth in front of her friends. Gaz finds out that Jonny and Janet are hard up and offers to lend them some money, but Donna refuses as she's still mad about Janet sleeping with Gaz. Louise can't understand why her friends don't have time for her anymore, so Kelly suggests that it might be because she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 12 God

S05 E12

Mar 20, 2005
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God Mar 20, 2005 Due to a rainstorm stopping, Louise begins to think she is God. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to teach corinthian about buiscits and how to be a man, and Janet thinks about a Christening.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 13 Love 83199

S05 E13

Mar 29, 2005
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Love 83199 Mar 29, 2005 Gaz and Donna decide to go looking for their dream house in the country. Louise uses a mobile phone to find a new boyfriend. Jonny applies for his ideal job, working in a biscuit factory.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 14 Near, Far

S05 E14

Apr 3, 2005
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Near, Far Apr 3, 2005 In the last episode, Jonny was hoping to get the job at the biscuit factory and Gaz and Donna were hoping to get a house in the country side. Meanwhile Janet got offered a job on a cruise ship singing. There are high sprits going on in group as their all starting new lives. Unfortunately Jonny didn't get the job, there were sheep everywhere around Gaz and Donna's new house. And also Janet didn't know wether to take the job or not because she would have to leave the next day.

Not Available