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This Hour Has 22 Minutes Season 12

Here's where to watch every episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes season 12. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 12, Episode 01 September 24, 2004

S12 E01

Sep 24, 2004
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September 24, 2004 Sep 24, 2004 Segments Include:- A new ""60 Minutes"" style opening to boost credibility. - Adrienne Clarkson visits Vancouver's dark side. - Footage of Ralph Klein being his in the face with a pie. - Raj Bhinder at the Canadian Open. - ""Just 4 Laughs Gags"" - CNN coverage of Ronald Reagan cotinuing to be dead. - CRTC-SVU - A George W. Bush attack ad against John Kerry ""Would John Kerry's America eat kittens?"" - ""Frontiers in Science"" looks at hurricanes.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 02 12-2

S12 E02

Oct 1, 2004
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12-2 Oct 1, 2004 Segments Include:- a Heritage Minute: using bad Scottish accents to sell mediocre products; a proud part of our heritage. - a less than successful Canadian attempt at the X-Prize. - a series of security breaches at Halifax airport. - Nicholas Campbell half-heartedly plugs DaVinci's Inquest's new timeslot. - an inside look at potential problems with Iraq's upcoming elections. - Tony Blair admitting that the WMD intelligence was flawed. - Independant candidate ""No Pun Intended"" and his first minister of funk, Cracker Jack. - Stupid reasons why ""I Am Canadian"". - Gavin Crawford rants on America's latest efforts to improve its image. - ""Inside Media CounterSpin"" examines the plight or Arab Canadians in foreign prisons.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 03 12-3

S12 E03

Oct 8, 2004
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12-3 Oct 8, 2004 Segments Include:- Bas MacLaren's interview with Ralph Nader on the dangers of gambling on a long shot. - Stephen Harper challenges the throne speech. - Uwe Mayer covering fashion at the opening of Parliament's new session. - some new a useless tools from Canadian Tire. - Sydney Debizzinchik's patronizing interview with Kalen Porter. - insight into the US Vice-Presidential debate. - ""Frontiers in Science"" looks at volcanoes. - Tim MacMillan gets lost on his way to Mt. St. Helen's and ends up at the wrong volcano. - CSI: Yellowknife. - Babe Bennett on women's roles in men-only clubs.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 04 12-4

S12 E04

Oct 15, 2004
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12-4 Oct 15, 2004 Segments Include:- ""Music Memoirs"" on CBC Radio-Two. - ""Vinyl Cafe"" with Stuart McLean. - Mrs. Enid's commentary on dirty-sounding computer terms and lingo. - Bas MacLaren on the set of Sheila Copps' new play. - a parody of the BBC's ""Coronation Street."" - a commerical for a new airline """" - TNT Radio Hour. - A PBS-style pledge break by the CBC.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 05 12-5

S12 E05

Oct 22, 2004
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12-5 Oct 22, 2004 Segments Include:- Stephen Harper loses his cool in the House of Commons over a practical joke by the Prime Minister. - Efforts by the Bush campaign to gets the election under control. - Prince Harry's latest trials and tribulations in the academic world. - Iran endorses Bush for president. - British troops redeployed to the more dangerous areas of Iraq. - A new ad campaign for the ""Greatest Canadian"" - Heritage Minute - providing a country where Americans can come to avoid death. - Joe Crow's commentary on natives as Canada's asterisk. - ""Making the Cut"" Badminton Edition. - Alexander Graham Bell's attack ads against Terry Fox and Tommy Douglas to win the title of ""Greatest Canadian"" - An investigation into the Kerry campaign's obsession with VP Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 06 12-6

S12 E06

Oct 29, 2004
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12-6 Oct 29, 2004 Segments Include:- Sheila Copps releasing her new tell-all autobiography. - Ralph Klein's continuing struggle with alcoholism while on the campaign trail. - Teen correspondent Mark Jackson discusses his Halloween plans. - Mark Critch in south Florida with groups of both Kerry and Bush supporters. - Mark Critch trying to sell John Kerry Canadian flu vaccine. - The powerful new household cleaner ""Denial."" - Inside Media CounterSpin investigates the plight on the wrongfully convicted. - ""Dawn of the Old People.""

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 07 12-7

S12 E07

Nov 5, 2004
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12-7 Nov 5, 2004 Clip show only 6 episodes into the season. It had better be the only one they do this season. They produces far too many of them far too often for this online editor.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 08 12-8

S12 E08

Nov 12, 2004
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12-8 Nov 12, 2004 Segments Include:- 22 Minutes endorses Ralph Klein in the Alberta election as they need politicians who say stupid things, and have already lost Stockwell Day and Jean Chretien. - MP Carolyn Parrish reacts to George W. Bush's reelection. - An interview with a Yasser Arafat aide on the leader's apparent passing and the PLO's plans for life after Arafat. - Teen correspondent Mark Jackson interviews Ben Mulroney's dad. - ""No Pun Intended"" running for Alberta premier. - Commercial Parody ""Remember our first date..?"" - Tucker T. Bartlett responds to allegations that the 22 minutes election coverage was biased against George W. Bush. - Raj Bhinder looks at the controversy surrounding sports bras in women's college volleyball. - Mark Jackson talks to Stephen Harper about fitting in at parties. - Bas MacLaren in Florida pushing flu vaccine. - ""Current Entertainment Access Affairs Hollywood Insiders"" - Courting the young female voter.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 09 12-9

S12 E09

Nov 19, 2004
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12-9 Nov 19, 2004 Segments include:- the Bush-Bashing interview with Carolyn Parrish that cost the Liberal MP her place in the party's caucus. - Gilles Duceppe in Toronto trying to show the softer side of seperatists. - Interview with the Saskatchewan RoughRiders assistant GM about the wide kick that cost them the playoffs. - Chernobyl 18 years later. - An interview with a Nova Scotia Power executive about clean-up efforts after the recent storm. - The Canadian army is resupplied with only the finest in out-dated British technology. - The Bush-Powell breakup in Celebrity Couples News. - Tips to staying healthy during flu season. - Heritage Minute ""Nortel shareholders who are suckered into believing this will be the year the company gets it's act together."" - An interview with Yasser Arafat's widow about her plans for the future. - 22 Minutes Rebuttal: response to Rex Murphy's critisisms of the interview with Carolyn Parrish.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 10 12-10

S12 E10

Nov 26, 2004
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12-10 Nov 26, 2004 Segments Include:- Paul Martin goes to Africa. - Danny Williams winning the Inter-governmentals cliche contest. - Raj Bhinder at the Grey Cup. - ""Frontiers in Science"" looks at wind turbine energy. - Babe Bennett on the Prime Minister's trouble's with female MPs. - Outrage over ""JFK Reloaded."" - Trade talks in Chile. - ""Canada A.M."" - Protester Safety Tips. - Mark Critch in Tampa visiting the Stanley Cup's final resting place.

Not Available
Season 12, Episode 11 12-11

S12 E11

Dec 3, 2004
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12-11 Dec 3, 2004 Segments Include:- Mark Critch's drive-by interview with George W. Bush. - Stephen Harper's close call with the secret service. - Jack Layton caught moonlighting. - Mark Jackson on the front line of the protests. - Mark Critch's sit-down and walk-out interview with Danny Williams. - Reaction to Tommy Douglas winning ""Greatest Canadian."" - ""Sports Beat"" discusses Chip McAllister's most recent relapse and the NHL lockout. - Rex Murphy Presents ""T'Was the Night Before Christmas."" - Inside Media CounterSpin looks at the troubles plaguing foreign born exotic dancers. - Tips for the office Christmas Party. - Mrs. Enid on the increasing political correctness surrounding the holidays.

Not Available