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The Worst Witch Season 3

Here's where to watch every episode of The Worst Witch season 3. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 03, Episode 01 Secret Society

S03 E01

Nov 9, 2000
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Secret Society Nov 9, 2000 Welcome to the third season, which starts off with Mildred and her friends looking very snazzy and dancing in one of the classrooms. Miss Drill walks in and doesn't stop them (she thinks it's as neat as the rest of us do) but then Miss Hardbroom shows up and tells everybody off.Meanwhile, Miss Bat has been replaced by Miss Crochet, the new chanting teacher, with some sort of weird musical device that she can't play properly. It sounds like a squashed bagpipe.Miss Drill, by now, comes to Miss Cackle, complaining that Miss Hardbroom has ""gone too far"" this time. She wants to leave and go work at the adventure center with her BOYFRIEND Serge.Miss Hardbroom, on the other hand, complains to Miss Cackle that ""Mildred and Friends"" need to be ""squashed"" before they get out of hand. Miss Cackle suggests making them members of the Cauldron Club, of which Miss Hardbroom is honorary lifetime president. Miss Hardbroom balks at the idea, but promises to discuss it with the current head Cauldronit

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Season 03, Episode 02 An Unforgettable Experience

S03 E02

Nov 16, 2000
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An Unforgettable Experience Nov 16, 2000 Ms. Cosey, who we all remember from Let Them Eat Cake, has been taken ill, and Miss Cackle, benevolent soul that she is, sends Mildred, Maud, Ethel and Drusilla to help her out for the weekend. For the very same weekend, the rest of the third years are subjected to Miss Drill's outdoor survival training (which involves face paint, and lots of running). Ethel, being Ethel, takes charge of everyone as soon as they arrive at the tearoom (Ms. Cosey has popped off to see the doctor) and everyone grumbles about how she's not pitching in to help clean up. Ethel gets to talking with Drusilla, and they discuss how stupid looking to tearoom is. Ethel blasts it (you're not supposed to use magic in the tearoom, donchaknow) and makes it look really cool. Then she blasts her classmates and makes them look really cool (and they do look very nice). All of that is just in time for a group of Japanese tourists to show up at the door. Miss Hardbroom, meanwhile, lures Miss Cackle off in the direction of t

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 03 Which Witch is Which

S03 E03

Nov 23, 2000
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Which Witch is Which Nov 23, 2000 Ruby, in all her technoness is repairing an old pinball machine that she swiped from Mr. Blossom's garbage. Just as she finishes, Fenella and Griselda arrive with a way to set an alarm in DOBS so that they know when someone shows up. They set the alarm, and Miss Drill sets it off, coming to ask for volunteers to climb a ""steep hill"" with her. Everyone buries their faces in their books until she mentions that they can stop off at Coseys on the way back. Miss Hardbroom, as usual, thinks Miss Drill's idea is really stupid, but Miss Cackle decides she wants to go along. ""But it's a hill,"" explains Miss Drill, ""a steep hill."" ""I am familiar with hills."" And that's that. Miss Cackle dresses up like some sort of poorly coordinated mountain climber, gets herself a flag, and makes an even more embarrassing display than Miss Drill is known to make, leading the girls off to the mountain. Fenny and Gris stay behind because they have a history project to research on how Lucy Fairweather (if you rem

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 04 The Witchy Hour

S03 E04

Nov 30, 2000
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The Witchy Hour Nov 30, 2000 Ruby is fixing up a radio in DOBS so that everyone can listen to The Witchy Hour hosted by Icey Stevens, who, apparently, looks really hot. The undefeated champions are Pentangles, and Mildred cheers for them (even though they're the academy's rivals) because it ""wouldn't be any fun"" if nobody cheered for them. At the end of the program, Miss Drill shows up and Mildred accidentally turns her into a dog. (She's reciting the spell for turning someone into a sausage dog, and accidentally gets Miss Drill). Icey draws the name of the next academy to appear on the show and it's... Cackles! Surprise! It turns out Mildred and Jadu entered their school as a joke. Miss Hardbroom and Miss Cackle look over Pentangles new brochure which ""must have cost a fortune"", right before they find out that they're about to be on a radio program. Miss Hardbroom (who seems to be taking the whole thing with Pentangles very personally) is even more enraged than usual. Unfortunately, before they can decide what's

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 05 Learning the Hard Way

S03 E05

Dec 7, 2000
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Learning the Hard Way Dec 7, 2000 It's potions class and Drusilla turns into a tree. Ethel points out that the dangers of turning into a tree include getting chopped down, woodpeckers, etc... Miss Hardbroom asks how they would be able to tell which tree Drusilla was if they were in a forest. Mildred says she'd be the one that dropped a branch on them. HB doesn't think that's funny, and makes Mildred drink her tree-turning-into potion next. Mildred turns into something ""prickly and annoying"". HB tells the class that they're getting a student teacher from Weird Sister's College named Gabrielle Gribble. Not too long later, the staff discuss the new student teacher, and Miss Cackle says that Gabrielle's last assignment didn't go too well, and that, as a favor to the college, they're letting her have another go at Cackles. Miss Crotchet gracefully moves so that Miss Gribble can have the broken chair. Gribble arrives, and everyone but Miss Hardbroom leaves (because the bell rings). Gribble's late because of the up draft outs

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 06 The Hair Witch Project

S03 E06

Dec 14, 2000
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The Hair Witch Project Dec 14, 2000 Mildred shows up with a big wad of old rotten gum that she's been sticking under her bed every night. Enid's happy about this. She pours a pink potion all over it and explains to the others that she and Mildred have been working on a way to give gum back it's flavor. Enid hands Mildred back the gum, and Mildred tastes it, proclaiming that it tastes just like new. Then she blows a bubble while Enid argues with everyone else about weather or not they're going to be allowed to submit that as their third year witch project. Eventually, Mildred's gum turns into one giant bubble, and escapes out the open door. Meanwhile, Miss Crotchet and Miss Drill walk under some third years (who are walking up the wall sans gravity) and Miss Drill just finishes saying how much she hates the third year witch project week when Mildred's bubble floats in and bursts on her. Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom tell everyone off for using their disgusting, banned bubble gum in a project, and tell Mildred and Enid th

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 07 Just Like Clockwork

S03 E07

Dec 21, 2000
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Just Like Clockwork Dec 21, 2000 Miss Cackle's off to visit her sickly auntie Gertrude (maybe not Gertrude, but I think that was her name) and for some reason, Mr. Hallow (who looks really, really a lot older than he did before) is there to help see her off. He sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong and suggests finding someone to be a temporary replacement, ""a witch between jobs to fill in"". Because they're very polite, Cackle and HB agree. Ruby has invented a machine that somehow allows you to travel from one place to the other without having to walk there - sort of the way HB disappears and reappears. This involves wearing a cooky headband and having Ruby push all sorts of buttons on a gizmo. It doesn't work properly, and it makes Mildred disappear and reappear all around the room really, really fast. Ethel catches up with her father and has a pow wow with him in the hallway. He explains that he was having trouble finding someone, but then he thought of the perfect person, tracked her down by phone, and she was

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 08 Cinderella in Boots

S03 E08

Dec 24, 2000
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Cinderella in Boots Dec 24, 2000 Hellibore arrives at Cackles for a Christmas Pantomime, which he loaned out Dragonsbane and Grailquest for. Backstage, everything's falling apart. Miss Hardbroom (in a strange little white dress) has been cast by Miss Crotchet as the fairy godmother. ""I'm just not that kind of witch!"" Crotchet explains that the point is to cast people against character.Mildred can't remember any of her lines, she has terrible stage fright, and Ethel's chopping at the bit to take her place. Crotchet tells Mildred that the fact she doesn't want to be Cinderella is exactly what makes her perfect for the part.Ruby's rigged up some sort of lighting device with a potion. Drill is stage manager, Charlie is assistant stage manager, and some sort of lightening shoots out of the lighting device and fries the pumpkin.Curtain is very soon, and Maud shows up to tell Drill that the ugly stepsisters are on strike.Meanwhile, Hellibore's reading the program and he's quite befuddled. He thinks that Pantomime is mime

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 09 Power Drill

S03 E09

Jan 19, 2001
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Power Drill Jan 19, 2001 Lynn Lamplighter, an artist who lived in the village near Cackle's, is coming to the school for Art Week, and it's all terribly exciting. Of course, there's one person who's angry about it; Ethel. She comes stomping up the hall with Drusilla and they make some uncalled for remarks to Mildred, who's sitting on the stairs minding her own business. They make fun of Maud too, until Mildred hits Ethel with a blob of green slime. Maud and Mildred run upstairs with Ethel and Drusilla chasing after them. They run back down again, with Ethel and Drusilla hurling slime at them. Mildred ducks into the room with Lamplighter in it, and the artist is mistakenly slimed. HB doesn't think having the artist show up is a good idea either, and she doesn't like Lamplighter's pants. Cackle says that she promised everyone would take part. The third years and the staff listen to Miss Lamplighter talk about art for a while. She asks HB what her favorite color is, ""Black"" and they talk about weather it's actual

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 10 Power Drill

S03 E10

Jan 22, 2001
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Power Drill Jan 22, 2001 The academy is all desolate and deserted. The only person who seems to be about is Miss Drill, and she's trying to set up a volleyball court in the courtyard. She looks up and sees everyone else returning on broomsticks. The three teachers land, but no one even bothers to say hello to her.She shakes it off and talks to Mildred and her friends, and asks about their trip to Miss Blackcat's something or other. They all talk about how amazing it was, with the potions and the spells and the broomstick displays and then they say she should have come. She says she would have liked to, but that she had things to do at the academy.Miss Cackle shows up just then and says hello and how do you do and things like that. Miss Drill mentions her volleyball tournament and Miss Cackles makes that ""Oh, yeah..."" face one makes when they've forgotten something and says, ""I need to talk to you about that."" Then she tells everybody that Miss Blackcat is coming to do a presentation on Friday, and that she's

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 11 Better Dead Than Co-Ed

S03 E11

Jan 23, 2001
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Better Dead Than Co-Ed Jan 23, 2001 Everybody arrives at Camelot College (a wizard school). Just as they're about to land, Mildred crashes her broom into a tree. Bars and Gars watch her through a telescope and pretend they're airport control. They call HB the secret weapon when they see her. ""All is not well, mon capitain!""Everyone runs over to see if Mildred's all right. She is. Cackle says that it's a good thing Mildred landed prematurely, because it reminded her that you should always greet wizards on foot. ""We witches sometimes have a clear advantage. Wizards aren't so good at flying.""They walk up to the castle and Hellibore makes an ostentatious entrance, calling his pupils forth and making them recite a lame poem that they all look suitably embarrassed to recite (particularly the ones that look to be nineteen or so??). Mildred and co. notice Charlie standing in their midst.They talk to him inside, and he explains, ""Miss Cackle knew how much I wanted to be a witch... I mean, wizard."" So she wrote to Hellibore and

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 12 The Lost Chord

S03 E12

Jan 24, 2001
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The Lost Chord Jan 24, 2001 Miss Crotchet and her choir get back from some music contest type thing where they won a silver cup for best unaccompanied chorus. Miss Drill's very happy for them. Crotchet explains that Griselda and Sybil filled in for Enid and Mildred. Clarice is sick.Fenella and Griselda tell Miss Drill that there was a professor from Vienna at the contest who was quite taken with Miss Crotchet. Crotchet brushes it off, ""It's just the girls having a bit of fun. You know how excitable they are.""She's wandering around singing and making a spectacle of herself the next day. Just then, who should show up but Professor Von whatever his name was. He comes into the school and invites the choir to give a performance in Vienna. Clarice doesn't hear properly because she has cotton in her ears.The Professor has lunch with Miss Crotchet and Miss Drill. Fenny and Gris show up and say that there isn't anything to eat, because Ms. Tapioca is on holiday or something. They have a plate of bananas or something. T

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 13 The Uninvited

S03 E13

Jan 25, 2001
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The Uninvited Jan 25, 2001 The third years are writing their last exam and Mildred is drawing a picture of Miss Hardbroom (an unflattering one) while she waits for the exam to end. It does, and they all sing, and dance and throw magical confetti. ""Last one, last one, last one!"" -- to the tune of ""three two, three two, three two!"" as sung by Baz and Gaz in the first season. Miss Drill thinks it's fun and they magic her some daisies. Miss Hardbroom shows up and tells them all off. Mildred and co. go back to DOBS where Fenella and Griselda are playing chess. They complain that it's not fair to keep them at school when all their exams are done. Fenny and Gris tell them that there's a fair in town, and they'll make sure no one notices if they skip off (only there's a British term for it that made me blink). They get dressed in normal clothes (they look so much better in normal person clothes) and go wandering off. HB and Drill argue about whether the display in the corridor (with the confetti and wot not) was all in

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 14 The Uninvited

S03 E14

Jan 26, 2001
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The Uninvited Jan 26, 2001 This episode starts where the last one left off. Mildred and Jadu follow HB down the hall and she puts them to work in a stuffy little room, copying pages out of old books. That's what suspended students do until their parents come and get them. Maud and Drusilla come to visit and tell them not to lose hope.Miss Drill complains to Miss Cackle some more about giving Mildred and Jadu the chop. She says Maud's running for head girl, and that her campaign platform is freeing Mildred and Jadu. Miss Hardbroom says that Ethel's going to win. Cackle hasn't mailed the letters to Mildred and Jadu's parents yet. Miss Hardbroom offers to, but Miss Drill says to hang onto them for a day and see how she feels about it later. They have a tug of war until Miss Cackle snatches them back. Drill and Crotchet want to make sure Miss Hardbroom doesn't fix the election, and they talk Cackle into magically locking up the ballet box.Mildred draws a drawing of prince Percy who fought a dragon (as they read wh

Not Available