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The Worst Witch Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of The Worst Witch season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Old Hats and New Brooms

S02 E01

Nov 4, 1999
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Old Hats and New Brooms Nov 4, 1999 A New Term Begins At Cackles Witch Academy with new withes, potions, spells, excitement , action and comedy. New Girls Sybil Hallow and Clarice Crow are two deceiving friends. Sybil Hallow is Ethel Hallows sister but Ethel's tells Sybil not to tell anyone but Sybil's identity doesn't keep a secret for long. meanwhile Mil red Hubble meets up with her friends Maud, Enid, Ruby, Shadu, Finny And Gris. This Episode Is one of the best episodes of The Worst Witch.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Alarms and Diversions

S02 E02

Nov 11, 1999
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Alarms and Diversions Nov 11, 1999 In response to Miss Cackle's request for a new alarm system, Frank Blossom builds one. When he comes to demonstrate it he suggests that everyone covers their eyes as it could get quite loud. The alarm is activated and the academy is filled with deafening...silence! The alarm appears to have a malfunction.... Later, in potions class, the second years are learning about finger sparks. Whilst applying the potion to their fingers Mildred gets distracted by Sybil who is outside the window having difficulty flying. Mildred spills far too much off the potion onto her hands! When it comes to her turn to practice her finger sparks she blasts a hole in the blackboard! Sybil has failed her broomstick test! But she has been told that she can retake it as many times as she needs to until she pasts, even though students are usually expelled if they fail the broomstick test! Ethel has been told to give her lessons. During lunch Enid decides to try the ""Semolina Bowl Trick"". When Miss H

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Season 02, Episode 03 It's a Frog's Life

S02 E03

Nov 18, 1999
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It's a Frog's Life Nov 18, 1999 At the beginning of the show we find Mildred telling everyone how Miss Hardbroom changes people into frogs and that there is a girl in the pond that HB changed into a frog. Later Mildred gets into another fight with Ethel. Ethel takes revenge on her by turning her into a frog. HB finds frog-Mildred and carries her around in her purse for a while and then puts her in a jar during potions class. Mildred escapes and gets out to the pond. She meets the frog in the pond who actually turns out to be a wizard turned into a frog by a rival wizard. She promises to get him turned back. Mildred's friends find her and get Ethel to turn her back and then Mildred has to convince HB that she was actually a frog. Both Mildred and Ethel are told they are not allowed to go to the upcoming wizard's class.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Crumpets for Tea

S02 E04

Nov 25, 1999
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Crumpets for Tea Nov 25, 1999 Now that Millie is human again she has not forgotten that she met the wizard Algenon.A prominent wizard comes to the school for a lecture. Millie and Ethel are banned as punishment for their feuding. Millie tries to convince her friends to switch places with her or at least take her frog to the lecture so that he can change her frog back to a wizard.When they won't do that Mildred tricks Drizzila into coming into her room and then ties her up and takes her place in the Great Hall where the lecture is being taken.Ethel finds Drizzila tied up in Millie's room and they rush down to the Great Hall to catch Mildred red handed. They burst in when the wizard is trying to teach Maude a new spell and tell on her. She is forced to confess why she came to the great hall. She gets her frog turned back into a human. When asked what she wants as a reward she asks for crumpets since her frog wizard told her that he missed that the most.

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Season 02, Episode 05 The Inspector Calls

S02 E05

Dec 2, 1999
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The Inspector Calls Dec 2, 1999 This episode starts at a committee meeting where they talk about how many witch schools are failing and that they are going to send an inspector to the school. At the school the first scene is of shelf falling on the floor after Mildred sets an empty beaker on it. One of the full beakers on the shelf has a strong hiccuping potion that sets the whole class hiccuping. When the class is over Mildred and her friends run into Sybil Halloway (Ethel's sister) on their way out of the class. Turns out Sybil is completely infatuated by Mildred since Mildred was the only one who was kind to her when she first arrived. However her hero worship makes Ethel mad and gives Mildred the creeps. When the teachers learn that they are getting inspected they panic after HB informs them that the inspector they are getting is the worst one there is.(""Be afraid, be very afraid"") HB was a student of hers and labels her as the most demanding and tyrannical teacher ever. The teachers go into a frenzy tryi

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Animal Magic

S02 E06

Dec 9, 1999
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Animal Magic Dec 9, 1999 It's deathly cold at the school as the girls return from vacation. Since no one on the staff feels like lighting a fire, the girls start running laps up and down the stairs when who sould arrive but Rowan-Webb, Helliobore and his three stuges (Gary, Basel and Loppy).Hellibore (a bit put out that Rowan-Webb started a snowball fight with him) imediatly lights a fire for everyone to warm up by.Thinking this to be the end of the interruptions, the teachers let it go until Rowan-Webb gets the bright idea to put his showey title to good use and declare an upside-down day.Everyone who's not a student (including Hellibore and excepting Rowan-Webb) is disgusted. But never the less, they all go along with it. Basel and Gary are assigned to organize games in the great hall, and Fenella and Griselda are assigned to teach a potions class full of teachers.Of course, Bas and Gary's idea of a fun game is a version of hot potatoe where the box they're passing always explodes on eithor Loppy or Mildr

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Season 02, Episode 07 Carried Away

S02 E07

Dec 16, 1999
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Carried Away Dec 16, 1999 The start of the show has HB and Miss Cackle telling Mildred that she can't keep Tabby and that she must change Tabby for a regular witch's cat. After Mildred leaves Miss C tells HB that she has to go with them on retreat because Cackle is sure that HB is going to burn out. The witches get ready to leave on their trip and have to go get their cats. Mildred switches her new cat, Ebony out for Tabby. On their trip their Tabby (who doesn't like flying) starts yowling. At the retreat (they go to visit the wizard that Mildred helped change back from a frog) they find Loppy there as a wizard's apprentice. The wizard tells them about the history of his and how a dragon lord then a powerful wizard lives there. Later in her room Mildred goes for a walk trying to find a place to let Tabby out so that no one will see her and know that Mildred switched places. She finds Loppy practicing magic and tells him about switching Ebony for Tabby. So they go and hide Tabby down by the dock because i

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 The Dragon's Hoard

S02 E08

Dec 23, 1999
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The Dragon's Hoard Dec 23, 1999 Mildred borrows HB's broomstick, planning to bring it back before her teacher finds out, and starts off after the boat. She lands and sees Miss Hardbroom sprawled on the deck. Tying off the broom, she orders it to pull them back, but the rope breaks when the boat fetches up on some rocks, and the broom sails away into the distance.Meanwhile, Merlin's practicing his magic in the cave again when he hears a voice in the rocks. He unwittingly frees a very angry dragon lord, who's convinced that Rowan-Webb stoled his treasure and sets off for the house with Merlin in tow.The rest of the students are grudgingly reading a balad about the very same dragon lord, when Drusilla asks to be excused. Seeing her oportunity, Maud follows her and corners her demanding to know where Mildred is.Just then, the dragon lord arrives and traps everyone except Maud and Drusilla in the living room. Miss Cackle and Algernon try to talk some sense into him, but he simply grows more adgitated. Learning the whol

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 The Genius of the Lamp

S02 E09

Jan 6, 2000
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The Genius of the Lamp Jan 6, 2000 The show starts with Miss Batt bringing the first years back from a field trip where Sybill has gotten chased by a bull and stung by hornets. The first years are hating life under Miss Batt and Miss Drill. The girls, begging to do something quiet are allowed to have cooking lessons. Claris and Sybil make a dancing potion for the students more energy but the teachers get it instead. Claris and Sybil get punished. Sybil tells Claris how she never wanted to be a witch, she wanted to be a computer expert like her father but was made to come to Cackles since all the Hallow girls go to Cackles. She complains how she never gets anything she wants. To cheer her up Claris gets permission to make an everlasting source of light. What she is *really* doing is making a magic lamp for Sybil. Sybil starts wishing for all kinds of things. She won't stop wishing and the power the lamp is using is drawing from the castle itself. It starts pulling the castle apart, breaking dishes, decomposing fo

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 Up in the Air

S02 E10

Jan 13, 2000
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Up in the Air Jan 13, 2000 Charlie Blossom makes his illustrious return to Cackles and is instantly greeted by the flying Fenella and Griselda. He tells his uncle that he wishes he could go to witch school so that he could learn to fly. Frank helplessly promisses to ask Miss Cackle if hecan enroll.Miss Cackle, being swayed by Charlie's claim that her school was the best in the world, decides to let him write an enterance exam created by Miss Hardbroom (whom Charlie's decided he likes). Since Charlie's worst subject is math, HB naturally chooses to test him on that.He's doing terribly and she leaves the room, sure that he'll fail. Enid and Mildred take the oportunity to magic his test, but Mildred casts the wrong spell and the answers keep multiplying. Mildred tries to stop them with another messed-up spell, and the numbers leap off the page and float around the room.The numbers from Miss Drill's sports day results do the same and Miss Hardbroom returns to the testing room just in time to hear Mildred sugest t

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 Fair Is Foul and Fouls Are Fair

S02 E11

Jan 20, 2000
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Fair Is Foul and Fouls Are Fair Jan 20, 2000 As the hot weather sets in again, the students get distracted and Ethel decides it would be a funny joke to cast a spell on Mildred and her friends to make them cause a ruckus in class. Miss Hardbroom complains about their inattentiveness at the next staff meeting, and Miss Drill suggests that they start a basketball team as an extracuricular activity.So, willing or not, the second years are brought outside and informed that they're a basketball team. ""I have no problem with team work, as long as I'm not on the same team as them,"" Ethel complains.Alas, everyone's on the same team and they retreat to the great hall to practice. For once, Mildred's not the worst. Ethel couldn't bounce a basketball to save her life, (Ethel: What do you lot think you're laughing at? Drusilla: They're laughing at you, Ethel) and everyone has a good chuckle at her until she magics the ball and shows them all up.At that point, Miss Drill makes strict rules about not using magic in basketball games. She als

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 12 Green Fingers and Thumbs

S02 E12

Jan 27, 2000
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Green Fingers and Thumbs Jan 27, 2000 In second term all the witches at Cackles have to pass a potion exam. Mildred is trying to study for hers in the greenhouse with Mr. Blossom (even Blossom knows her potions better than her), while he feeds his plants tea leaves.Meanwhile, a farmer from the town comes to the academy. Miss Cackle premtively apologises for scaring the cows, but it turns out that he only wants to host the vedgetable show at Cackle's. For the good of the academy, they agree, and the man sneaks out to the greenhouse, and has an altercation with Mr. Blossom about who's going to win the marrow growing contest.Later on, Mildred and her friends are practicing for their test, but the only way she can remember the ingrediants is to sing them, but Miss Hardbroom tells them to shut up and informs them that they can't practice any extra curricular magic. Ethel gets a wonderful idea and sneaks out to the greenhouse with Drusilla. She pours a sticky potion on the ground and they watch as the farmer comes back and dra

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 The Millennium Bug

S02 E13

Feb 3, 2000
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The Millennium Bug Feb 3, 2000 Milldred and her friends are decorating the enterance way for the arrival of their special guest, Amanda Honeydew, an ex student of Cackle's academy who failed all her exams and dropped out, but made a career as a pop singer. She's arriving for the Millenium celebration of the school. Miss Hardbroom apears and demands to know what they're doing. They explain that Mr. Hallow told them to, and she storms off.When Mildred and her friends return to their spot, they see that Ethel and Drusilla have claimed it for their presentation. Not to be outdone, they decide to move to the dungeons and show someone getting their head cut off.Miss Bat is upset that the singing of Fenella, Griselda and Clarice sounds nothing like the Spell Girls Cd, and the other three blame Sybil, who refuses to play her clarinet for them after that.Meanwhile, Miss Hardbroom locates Miss Cackle, who's standing on her desk preforming a musical. ""I have something to tell you,"" begins Miss Cackle, but she's interrupted

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