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The Wonder Years

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ComedyFamily7+1988 - 19936 SeasonsSeries EndedTags:FamilyHigh SchoolSitcomTeenager

The Wonder Years is an American television comedy-drama created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black. It ran on ABC from 1988 through 1993. The pilot aired on January 31, 1988, following ABC's coverage of Super Bowl XXII. The show achieved a spot in the Nielsen Top Thirty for four of its six seasons. TV Guide named the show one of the 20 best of the 1980s. After only six episodes aired, The Wonder Years won an Emmy for best comedy series in 1988. In addition, at age 13, Fred Savage became the youngest actor ever nominated as Outstanding Lead Actor for a Comedy Series. The show was also awarded a Peabody Award in 1989, for pushing the boundaries of the sitcom format and using new modes of storytelling. The series won 22 awards and was nominated for 54 more. In 1997, "My Father's Office" was ranked #29 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time, and in the 2009 revised list the pilot episode was ranked #43. The TV show is named after the band, The Wonder Years.

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Season 1

Season 01, Episode 01 Pilot

S01 E01

Feb 1, 1988
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Pilot Feb 1, 1988 Kevin and Paul attend Robert F Kennedy Junior High for the first time. Winnie's brother is killed in Vietnam. Kevin and Winnie kiss for the first time.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Swingers

S01 E02

Mar 23, 1988
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Swingers Mar 23, 1988 Even at Brian's funeral, all Kevin can think about is Winnie. Sex Education begins at school, but the boys want to learn more - so they steal a book.

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Season 01, Episode 03 My Father's Office

S01 E03

Mar 30, 1988
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My Father's Office Mar 30, 1988 Kevin learns more about his dad by spending a day at his office.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Angel

S01 E04

Apr 6, 1988
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Angel Apr 6, 1988 Karen doesn't communicate with her parents anymore. It's made worse when she brings home a new boyfriend. Kevin takes an immediate dislike to Louis.

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Season 01, Episode 05 The Phone Call

S01 E05

Apr 13, 1988
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The Phone Call Apr 13, 1988 Kevin tries to get up the courage to call Lisa Berlini. Paul tries to find out if Lisa likes Kevin, by consulting the Junior High grapevine.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Dance With Me

S01 E06

Apr 20, 1988
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Dance With Me Apr 20, 1988 While passing notes during class, Kevin asks Lisa Berlini to go to the dance with him. She says okay, but she decides to go with Brad Gaines after he asks her. While eating lunch with Winnie and Paul, Kevin feels himself falling back in love with Winnie, but she is goes to the dance with Kirk McCray. Kevin tries to make Winnie jealous by dancing with an unidentified girl...

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Season 2

Season 02, Episode 01 Heart of Darkness

S02 E01

Dec 1, 1988
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Heart of Darkness Dec 1, 1988 Winnie starts hanging around the cool kids because she is now dating Kirk McCray.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Our Miss White

S02 E02

Dec 8, 1988
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Our Miss White Dec 8, 1988 Kevin gets a crush on Miss White. She convinces him to play Robert Kennedy is a play she has written.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Christmas

S02 E03

Dec 15, 1988
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Christmas Dec 15, 1988 Kevin and his brother try to convince their Dad to buy a color television. Kevin tries to find a present for Winnie after she unexpectedly gives him a present.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Steady as She Goes

S02 E04

Jan 12, 1989
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Steady as She Goes Jan 12, 1989 Kevin continues to pine for Winnie, but is becoming frustrated with being alone - especially as Paul has Carla. Even though he's just looking for someone to make Winnie jealous, he ends up boyfriend to Becky Slater.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky

S02 E05

Jan 19, 1989
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Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky Jan 19, 1989 Kevin wants to know if Winnie likes him or Kirk. Kirk wants to know if Winnie like him or Kevin. Becky punches Kevin when she finds out he doesn't really like her.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

S02 E06

Feb 2, 1989
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Pottery Will Get You Nowhere Feb 2, 1989 Norma begins taking a pottery class, but receives no support or encouragement from Jack.

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Season 02, Episode 07 Coda

S02 E07

Feb 9, 1989
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Coda Feb 9, 1989 Kevin strives to prove himself better at the piano than Ronald Hirschmuller. But who is he trying to impress more - himself or his teacher?

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