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The Wire - Season 1 Episode 8


Release Date: Jul 28, 2002

Season 01, Episode 08 Lessons

S01 E08

Jul 28, 2002
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Episode Description

McNulty uses his children to tail Stringer after a chance encounter in a local market, with one of them getting his license plate. As the detail discuss the implications of the pit pay-phones being disconnected, speculating the crew are going to start using phones outside their immediate area of operations, Herc and Carver prepare for the sergeant's exam. Stinkum, Roland 'Wee-Bey' Brice (Hassan Johnson), and Savino Bratton (Chris Clanton) raid Omar's pad, but he is nowhere to be found. Avon is unhappy when he learns of Orlando's proposal to D'Angelo. Meanwhile, Greggs and Carver arrest a driver picking up a large amount of cash from the towers, but are surprised to learn he is an aide to State Senator Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock Jr.). Burrell is furious with this turn of events and confronts Daniels about the direction in which the case is heading, giving him one week to charge Avon and/or Stringer. Phelan, however, tells Burrell he wants the full thirty days of surveillance assigned by the court. As Wee-Bey and Stinkum attempt to take over new territory, they encounter an unanticipated problem.

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