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The Vice Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Daughters (1)

S01 E01

Jan 4, 1999
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Daughters (1) Jan 4, 1999 The team have a well known and high class pimp David Hinkley under surveillance, but fail to save one of his girls being murdered. His daughter Natasha hides the envelope which contains the evidence needed to charge Hinkley.Nikki a working girl is looking for help from Chappel. He attempts to persuade her to make a statement about Hinkley. For her troubles she will receive a room in a hostel, but Nikki declines.Hinkley is bailled due until further enquires. He visits Nikki, believing she informed the police. Unknown to Hinkley, Natasha has already arrived there to do the same. Nikki and Hinkley fight, Natasha hides herself in the bathroom. Hinkley in a rage pushes Nikki out of a first floor window, an action witnessed by his daughter, Natasha. The murder squad are now involved on the case, much to Chappel's disgust.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Daughters (2)

S01 E02

Jan 11, 1999
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Daughters (2) Jan 11, 1999 Nikki is in hospital recovering from her ordeal, receives a visit from her ex-pimp, Guy Walsh. Walsh killed the prostitute after he discovered that she was recruiting his girls to work for Hinkley. Natasha is fazed by what she witnessed and doesn't know what she should do. Walsh pays a visit to Hinkleys home but finds Hinkley gone, he abducts Natasha as a bargaining tool. Hinkley has to pay Walsh a generous amount of money for his daughter back, Hinkley trys to negotiate but fails. Nikki has been discharged from hospital and moves in with Walsh and finds his prisoner.The Vice squad find Hinkley, he informs them what has happened with Natasha and what kind of man Walsh is. Chappel goes into the flat pretending to be a punter, Nikki tells him where Natasha is. Natasha is freed and Walsh is arrested.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Sons (1)

S01 E03

Jan 18, 1999
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Sons (1) Jan 18, 1999 WPC Hutchins takes on more than she can handle while working under cover, when she discovers that a night club boss has a side line in S&M films. This also brings back painful memories to her boss Pat Chappel.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Sons (2)

S01 E04

Jan 25, 1999
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Sons (2) Jan 25, 1999 PC Hutchins is making slow progress in her bid to find the young boy who was involved in a porn film, but believes his parents are hiding important information about his past. Meanwhile Chappel's professional relationship with Christina becomes personal.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Dabbling (1)

S01 E05

Feb 1, 1999
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Dabbling (1) Feb 1, 1999 Inspector Chappels Vice Squad is being seconded by the Drug Squad to crack an escort agency that is working as a cover for drugs trafficking and prostitution.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Dabbling (2)

S01 E06

Feb 8, 1999
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Dabbling (2) Feb 8, 1999 The investigation into the escort business is jeopardised when PC Raymond takes his interest in prostitutes to a personal level. Chappel investigates the blackmail of a new life peer.

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