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The Story of Tracy Beaker Season 5

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Season 05, Episode 01 Caring and Sharing

S05 E01

Sep 14, 2005
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Caring and Sharing Sep 14, 2005 Life at the Dumping Ground continues without Tracy who is on holiday with Cam. However life isn't great at the Littlewood home. Justine is reminded of how badly her dad let her down in the past when she is forced to move out of her room to make way for her cousin John and his dog Bruce who are moving in with them. Justine returns to the DG where she hopes to find security, but gets more than she bargained for when she discovers she is sharing a room with new girl Rebecca.

Season 05, Episode 02 Caring and Sharing

S05 E02

Sep 28, 2005
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Caring and Sharing Sep 28, 2005 Strange belongings are going missing in the DG. Who is the crook? Is it Lol who is trying to get used to life without Bouncer? Or Justine and Rebecca who would do anything to set the other up? Or Wolfie who looks like he's had enough and is packing a bag to leave the DG for good?

Season 05, Episode 03 Chantal's Goodbye

S05 E03

Sep 28, 2005
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Chantal's Goodbye Sep 28, 2005 Chantal leaves with her Dad, creating a huge split for the Wellard threesome. Elaine brokers a meeting between the stubborn Justine and her Dad - but Justine feels forced out by her cousin John and they get nowhere.

Season 05, Episode 04 Free Piggy

S05 E04

Oct 5, 2005
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Free Piggy Oct 5, 2005 Elaine runs an Open Day at the DG. Roxy aims to cause havoc with her sidekick Rio, but he proves an unwilling partner - even donning a clean shirt to impress potential new parents. Layla and Wolfie try to free Mike's free-range pig! The day ends in chaos but nothing prepares them for the shock return of Tracy Beaker to the Dumping Ground. Tracy has decided that she can't live with Cam anymore because Cam wants her new boyfriend Gary to move in with them.

Season 05, Episode 05 Scary Milly

S05 E05

Oct 12, 2005
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Scary Milly Oct 12, 2005 Something very weird is happening at the Dumping Ground - there is mysterious writing on the wall, toys coming to life and kids being locked up. Could it have anything to do with the new arrival Milly? Or is it the voodoo mask the boys have found in the attic?

Season 05, Episode 06 Life Coach

S05 E06

Oct 19, 2005
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Life Coach Oct 19, 2005 Jackie returns to the DG apprantly injured. She doesn't seem very happy due to the arrival of her Grandpa's best friend, Flying Freddie Murpher and Tracy tries to find out what's wrong. Meanwhile Crash isn't very happy after receiving a letter from his dad.

Season 05, Episode 07 Frankelainestein

S05 E07

Oct 26, 2005
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Frankelainestein Oct 26, 2005 Elaine transforms herself into a chic, orderly professional woman. Ditsy Alice arrives at the DG and Bouncer offers to stand in as Marco's Mum on Mothering Sunday.

Season 05, Episode 08 Tracy's Fantasy

S05 E08

Oct 26, 2005
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Tracy's Fantasy Oct 26, 2005 Tracy gets a knock to her head and life at the DG is turned on its head with the adults behaving as their charges would, for one whole day of havoc at the DG. Nothing is the same - even Milly has an attitude. Tracy gets more than she bargains for when she wakes up with a conscience about Cam.

Season 05, Episode 09 Cash Cows

S05 E09

Nov 1, 2005
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Cash Cows Nov 1, 2005 When the kids find stacks of cheques made out to Wolfie, a major competition breaks out as the kids try to wheedle the cash out of him. When Wolfie finds out he's devastated but eventually decides to splash the cash on something fab for the DG. Bouncer starts inventing reasons for him to stay at the DG and help out - he's finding life at the halfway house a bit lonely.

Season 05, Episode 10 Telling Tales

S05 E10

Nov 8, 2005
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Telling Tales Nov 8, 2005 Shelley returns to the DG and is dismayed at the bad behaviour going on. She insists that the kids spend the day thinking about their bad behaviour - boredom turns to fantasy as the kids imagine how they'd get their own back on the adults, as they star in their favourite films.

Season 05, Episode 11 A Dog's Life

S05 E11

Nov 15, 2005
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A Dog's Life Nov 15, 2005 Alice and Layla attempt to find a home for a stray dog, while Tracy writes an article on life at the DG that shows Cam just how much she enjoys living there. The kids are horrified when their dream foster parents decide to take the dog home instead of one of them.

Season 05, Episode 12 Whodunnit?

S05 E12

Nov 22, 2005
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Whodunnit? Nov 22, 2005 Someone has 'iced' poor Elaine. Shelley is furious and demands the culprit owns up - but no one does. The kids have an hour to work out 'whodunit'.

Season 05, Episode 13 Spare Dad

S05 E13

Nov 29, 2005
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Spare Dad Nov 29, 2005 Crash has reluctantly agreed to meet his dad. After a bumpy start the reunion goes well - maybe his dad has changed after all. However his dad takes things a step too far when he starts dictating their future together. This is too much for Crash and he tells his dad as much. His dad is sad but proud of his son who has managed to take control of his life. Crash decides to stay at the DG for now but there is a glimmer of hope that their relationship isn't beyond repair.

Season 05, Episode 14 Operation Careworker

S05 E14

Dec 6, 2005
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Operation Careworker Dec 6, 2005 Shelley's brief time at the DG is up. The kids have to pull out all the stops when Shelley and Elaine interview for a new head careworker. But who is the ideal person for the job? Perhaps the answer has been under their noses all along.

Season 05, Episode 15 Bouncer's Kitchen

S05 E15

Dec 14, 2005
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Bouncer's Kitchen Dec 14, 2005 When Mike introduces Bouncer as the new DG chef, the kids are thrilled - until he turns Jamie Oliver on them and produces manky 'macrobiotic' health food. The lack of additives in their diet has a dramatic effect on their behaviour - Rio starts doing yoga which is more than Roxy can cope with.

Season 05, Episode 16 Love All

S05 E16

Feb 1, 2006
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Love All Feb 1, 2006 Elaine and Mike hold a valentine's party at the DG - Rebecca pulls out all the stops to ensure Crash takes her to the party instead of Justine. In doing so Rebecca reveals her true 'evil' side and her cover is blown in spectacular style. Milly and Marco play cupid - with mixed success!

Season 05, Episode 17 Toddler In Town

S05 E17

Feb 16, 2006
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Toddler In Town Feb 16, 2006 When Mike bumps his head, Elaine has to take him to the hospital, leaving Justine in charge of the DG. Justine loves the sense of control until a toddler is dumped on the doorstep and she finds herself in charge of this errant ankle-biter.

Season 05, Episode 18 Two's A Crowd

S05 E18

Feb 23, 2006
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Two's A Crowd Feb 23, 2006 It's time for Marco to leave the DG with his dream family - but how can he leave Milly behind? Justine's Dad brings her cousin John along to the guest day. Justine reacts badly at first, but then comes some way to accepting the situation. Meanwhile, someone is going around sabotaging Guest Day.

Season 05, Episode 19 Moving On

S05 E19

Mar 2, 2006
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Moving On Mar 2, 2006 Just as Lol prepares to leave the DG for the halfway house, Tracy agrees to spend time with Cam and Gary and, to her surprise, they get on brilliantly... until Cam drops the bombshell that they're getting married - this is way too much for Tracy to handle and she wants nothing to do with the 'sordid' affair.

Season 05, Episode 20 Cam's Wedding

S05 E20

Mar 9, 2006
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Cam's Wedding Mar 9, 2006 Cam is heartbroken that Tracy won't be a part of her special day, but thanks to Crash and Jackie's wise words Tracy finally sees the light. As she packs her bags to leave the Dumping Ground for good, a brand new version of Tracy Beaker (Amy Sneaker) arrives at the care home - same attitude, same actions! Life goes on regardless.