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Watch The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

IMDB: 6.8/10DramaMystery1987 - 200012 Seasons

The Ruth Rendell mysteries is a British television series made by TVS and Meridian Television for ITV between 2 August 1987 and 11 October 2000.

Where to Watch The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

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Season 12


Watch SHOW TITLE Season 12 Episode 12 Harm Done

S12 E01

Harm Done Oct 10, 2000

Wexford copes with two abductions of teen-aged girls, the disappearance of a 3 year old from her bedroom, and the return of a paroled pedophile to the town.

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Season 11


Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 Going Wrong: Part One

S11 E01

Going Wrong: Part One Jun 1, 1998

As a teenager, Guy Curran leads a street gang and for three years is the lover of Leonora, whose middle-class background is a world away from his own. Leonora's family disapprove of her boyfriend. As the years pass, they drift apart. Guy becomes a successful business man and Leonora goes to college and then gets her first job. When they meet again, Leonora says there is now someone else in her life, but Guy can't accept this. His obsession deepens and turns into a murderous madness...

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 Going Wrong: Part Two

S11 E02

Going Wrong: Part Two Jun 8, 1998

Part two. While attending a party with Celeste, Guy argues with Leonora's brother. He then asks Danny to kill him - but when he learns of an impending marriage, Guy realises he has targeted the wrong man.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 Going Wrong: Part Three

S11 E03

Going Wrong: Part Three Jun 15, 1998

Part three of three. After losing the fight with William, Guy decides to forget Leonora and make it up to Celeste, but a surprise invitation rekindles his old obsession and leads to tragedy.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 Road Rage: Part One

S11 E04

Road Rage: Part One Nov 8, 1998

A Kingsmarkham bypass is planned which will take congestion and air pollution out of the town but put tarmac and heavy traffic through a stretch of much-loved countryside. Feelings are running high on both sides. An attractive young German tourist has disappeared, and when her decomposing body is found it is not clear whether the crime is part of a conspiracy or sex-related. Wexford is about to become a grandfather and is struggling to cope with family life and to do his job at the same time. Meanwhile, Dora Wexford has joined the anti-bypass campaign. The murder case continues, and the anti-bypass campaign escalates. People begin to be kidnapped, and this is linked to a militant group of environmental extremists. Under pressure on all fronts, Wexford keeps his cool (even when his wife is kidnapped on the day his daughter gives birth) and pursues the law-breakers to the bitter end.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 Road Rage: Part  Two

S11 E05

Road Rage: Part Two Nov 9, 1998

A girl's badly decomposed body is found, and cabdriver Stanley Trotter is suspected of murder.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 You Can't Be Too Careful

S11 E06

You Can't Be Too Careful Dec 24, 1998

A psychological tale of two women who share an apartment, one outgoing and irresponsible, the other shy and neurotic. One day, the chemistry between them leads to sinister events

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 11 Episode 11 The Orchard Walls

S11 E07

The Orchard Walls Dec 31, 1998

n England, in June 1941, sixteen-year-old Jenny is evacuated from war-torn London to her Aunt Ella's house in rural Hampshire. The elderly Mrs Thorn is preoccupied with thoughts of her son, away fighting the Germans in North Africa, Uncle Daniel is dismal, and Aunt Ella is acting oddly. Then Jenny discovers a secret, with tragic results.

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