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The Royal

IMDB: 7.3/10Drama2003 - 20118 Seasons

Follows the staff and patients of a Yorkshire cottage hospital in the 60s, embroiled in tangled love lives and bitter power struggles.

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Below you'll find every episode from all 8 season of The Royal.
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Season 8

Tubi TV

Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Safe As Houses

S08 E01

Safe As Houses Jul 11, 2009

Ormerod and Weatherill accompany Brigid back to Ireland for Moira's funeral and uncover some shocking family secrets. The new locum is thrown in at the deep end.

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Counting Chickens

S08 E02

Counting Chickens Jul 18, 2009

Dr Ellis confronts local prejudice when he discovers that one of his patients has contracted a rare disease abroad. Jack and Alun hatch a scheme to raise chickens.

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 These Foolish Things

S08 E03

These Foolish Things Jul 25, 2009

Dr Weatherill treats a schoolgirl whose crush on her teacher is out of control. Ormerod and Ellis attempt a cliff rescue. Jack and Alun look for treasure.

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Any Old Iron

S08 E04

Any Old Iron Jun 4, 2011

Mr Middleditch has come in to St Aidan's hospital, accompanied by his wife, for a routine operation. Noticing that Mrs Middleditch looks unwell, the hospital decides to give her a blood transfusion. Distracted by the attentions of a rich divorced playboy, who has promised to marry her, Susie Dixon administers the wrong blood, which later results in serious consequences for both her and the patient.

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

S08 E05

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now Jun 11, 2011

A new student nurse arrives at the Royal. Lizzie falls for a motorcycle stunt rider who is convinced he’s destined to live fast, die young. But Dr Ormerod comes up with a different diagnosis.

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Please Release Me

S08 E06

Please Release Me Jun 10, 2011

A patient with cancer dies unexpectedly after a visit from Dr Ormerod, and the grieving family point the finger at him. Dr Omerod is arrested on suspicion of murder – how will he prove his innocence? Dr Ralph Ellis holds a clinic at the local prison and is concerned about the mental health of one of his patients. When a full scale riot breaks out, Ralph’s trapped. Will he escape unscathed?

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Watch undefined Season 08 Episode 08 Tutti Fritti

S08 E07

Tutti Fritti Jun 25, 2011

A secret from Jean’s past resurfaces when the wife of a former lover arrives at the Royal and accuses Jean of being up to her old tricks. When things take a shocking turn Jean is forced to reconsider her future as well as her past.

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Season 7

Tubi TV

Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 Against All Odds

S07 E01

Against All Odds Jun 21, 2008

Susie and Carnegie's relationship is the talk of the hospital. Marian is stunned when she discovers Susie didn’t sleep in her bed last night and wastes no time in filling in Lizzie. Meanwhile, Jack is shocked when he spots Susie and Carnegie kissing in the back of Carnegie’s steamed up Jaguar!

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 On the Road

S07 E02

On the Road Jun 28, 2008

Dr Burnett is tending to 11 year old Mandy McMorrow, she’s been brought in to casualty with a fever by her father, who is a single parent. Burnett suggests she takes a few days off school and rest at home. However, Mr McMorrow is an out of work teacher with a job interview to go to and no one to look after his daughter. Feeling he has no choice, he persuades Mandy’s friend, Gail , to miss school and keep her company while he’s out. Will he regret his irresponsible actions?

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 Blood's Thicker Than Water

S07 E03

Blood's Thicker Than Water Jul 5, 2008

Weatherill is concerned when she discovers Sister Brigid has been looking for prospective parents to adopt Moira’s baby and has already arranged for her to have the baby in a Catholic mother and baby nursing home. Is Moira aware of her sister’s plans?

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 Slings and Arrows

S07 E04

Slings and Arrows Jul 12, 2008

Ormerod and Weatherill have accompanied Sister Brigid to Ireland for Moira’s funeral. As they arrive at the church, Omerod struggles with his emotions, feeling he could have done more to save Moira. Brigid’s sure the baby’s father won’t come clean but Weatherill catches a glimpse between Sister Brigid and local police man, Sergeant O’Malley and quickly realises he’s the father. He’s a married man and it’s clear his wife has no idea.

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 To Love and to Lose

S07 E05

To Love and to Lose Jul 19, 2008

In Ireland, Sister Brigid has accepted that she’ll have to give up her life as a nun for the baby and prays for the Lord’s understanding. Ormerod is concerned Brigid is making a mistake but she feels it’s her duty. He voices his concerns to her and her parents, but she’s upset when her father suggests the baby is adopted by a childless Catholic couple. Brigid’s in turmoil and Ormerod and Weatherill decide to stay in Ireland another day to offer her support and advice while she makes this life changing decision.

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 Stolen Dreams

S07 E06

Stolen Dreams Dec 14, 2008

Weatherill and Ormerod have returned from Ireland and are back at The Royal, much to everyone’s relief. However, Sister Brigid is put out that Weatherill has come to work so soon and has left baby Aisling with a nanny who they’ve only just met. Is she regretting her decision to let them adopt her niece? Will she let them get on with raising Aisling and stop interfering?

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Watch undefined Season 07 Episode 07 Home From The Hill

S07 E07

Home From The Hill Dec 21, 2008

As the hospital staff come to terms with the loss of Stella and Frankie, everyone’s surprised when an attractive surfer, who crashes into Dr Burnett’s car, turns out to be the new ambulance driver, Bobby. Alun is getting ready for a gig in town with his new band and deafens everyone while he practices in the porter’s office. Marian reasons that they should all go and watch the gig as Stella loved a good night out and wouldn’t want to see her friends sitting in every night. However, when Dr Burnett explains he can’t go as he’s on call, Marian is soon charmed by Bobby, who agrees to be her date to the gig. Will Marian turn to Bobby for a good time?

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