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The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour Season 3

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Season 03, Episode 01 Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardo's

S03 E01

Sep 25, 1959
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Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardo's Sep 25, 1959 In order to get him to perfom at a benefit at Little Ricky's school, Lucy uses Ricky's name to try and get Milton Berle. When Ricky catches her, Lucy visits the office and while needing a secluded place to work on his new book, Milton's agent and Lucy suggest he write his new book at Lucy's farmhouse. Later Fred catches a ""mysterious man"" visiting Lucy when Ricky goes to work which infuriates him. After punching Milton's lights out, they both visit the office to try and apologize, but they end up being suspended in air from a construction crane, and Milton decides to do it and it's Lucy........need I say more?

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Season 03, Episode 02 The Ricardos Go to Japan

S03 E02

Nov 27, 1959
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The Ricardos Go to Japan Nov 27, 1959 Ricky's band is scheduled to perform in Tokyo Japan and when they get settled, they meet Bob Cummings. Lucy, from her mother's suggestion wants to get some new genuine pearls in Japan. Bob Cummings has some, so Lucy and Ethel try to sneak into Fred's money belt while he's asleep and snag some cash. While planning to pay it back to Fred when they get back, Lucy and Ethel buy the pearls, but they end up not being able to afford it, so Lucy and Ethel dress up as Geisha girls and make their way into the house. Ricky and Fred are Bob's guests, so they have to be extra careful. Anyway, the mission is bombed, but Ricky talks Bob's price down and decides to get her the pearls after all.

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Season 03, Episode 03 Lucy Meets the Moustache

S03 E03

Apr 1, 1960
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Lucy Meets the Moustache Apr 1, 1960 Ricky feels down on his luck when he is out of showbiz work and he feels that nobody wants him, so he threatens to move the family back to Cuba. Lucy, fearing that he is serious this time tries to get Ernie Kovacs to showcase Ricky on his new TV show. Well when Ernie goes to the Ricardos, Ernie suggests Little Ricky play the drums. When he does, Ernie calls for ""Ricky"" to be on the TV show. Well, a mistake happens and it turns out he meant Little Ricky. Ricky Sr. fixes the whole problem and Lucy doesn't know about the fix, so she poses as Ernie's limo driver Crandall to try and talk Ernie into letting Ricky on the show. Then Edie spoils Lucy's mission and the two men have fun at Lucy's expense.

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