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The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 Lucy Goes to Mexico

S02 E01

Oct 6, 1958
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Lucy Goes to Mexico Oct 6, 1958 Lucy and the Mertzes get some things in Tijuana Mexico. On the way back from the shopping, they have a spat with US customs. Ricy and Maurice Chevalier come to her rescue, but things look dim when Maurice forgets his passport and he is stuck behind. Lucy sneaks out of the customs place and then tries to find the American Counsel. The man they need is at a bullfight and Lucy ends up dressing like a fighter in disguise and then accidentally winds up in the ring being chased by a bull.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Lucy Makes Room for Danny

S02 E02

Dec 1, 1958
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Lucy Makes Room for Danny Dec 1, 1958 The Ricardos, who intended to be out of town, rent their home out to Danny Williams and his family. But when her plans are canceled, Lucy ruthlessly tries to drive the Williams family out of her home -- resulting in a snowball fight and a trip to court.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Lucy Goes to Alaska

S02 E03

Feb 9, 1959
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Lucy Goes to Alaska Feb 9, 1959 The Ricardos and Mertzes all board a plane to view some property that Ricky and Fred bought into. They arrive at their hotel a day early and their room is not ready yet. Red Skelton is performing a show and uses that room. When he learns of Ricky being in the show, he generously shares his room with them. (the guest room of the hotel room) Anyway, Red is doing a show, and the girl who is suppose to perform gets sick, so Lucy begs to do it. She does in fact do a terrific job singing ""Poor Everybody else."" Meanwhile Ricky and Fred learn that they own not much more than land that is all ice and are constantly at each other's throats. Ricky and Fred's bickering causes Lucy to ask Red if he will buy the property, but leads to chaos when their jeep is crashed and the only way to get back to civilization is to get Lucy to fly an airplane.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Lucy Wants a Career

S02 E04

Apr 13, 1959
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Lucy Wants a Career Apr 13, 1959 Lucy gets sick and tired of the same old daily routines that being a housewife has to offer, so she wants to get a job. While looking in the newspaper, she finds out that Paul Douglas is looking for a female assistant (a ""Girl Friday""). While waiting in the waiting room, Lucy makes up a bunch of lies that make Douglas look like a womanizing monster so they fear and head out. Paul catches her in the lies and since there is nobody else in the room except Lucy, Paul's manager decides that Lucy would be perfect. On the 1st day she screws up majorly. The public thinks it's funny and wants more. She is signed into a 5 year contract with the show. After doing this, Lucy wants to go back to being a housewife because she never gets to see her family. So while thinking that Paul can get her out of her contract, she takes a bunch of sleeping pills. The problem is that the manager will not let her out of her contract, so Paul goes to Ricky's and the two try to wake her but can't.While getting her

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Season 02, Episode 05 Lucy's Summer Vacation

S02 E05

Jun 8, 1959
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Lucy's Summer Vacation Jun 8, 1959 Harry Bailey, an agent of Ricky's told the Ricardos that they can use his summer lodge for a vacation. He also promises actors Ida Lupino and Howard Duff the same things without thinking. Both the couples arrive at the cabin not knowing at first that the others are there. When they finally find out, they decide on a coin toss. The Ricardos win the toss and Ricky lets them stay all together anyway. Lucy wants to spend time with Ricky and Ida wants to spend time with Howard so the wives practically have to do something outrageous to get noticed. You see, Ricky and Howard are spending a lot of time together fishing and even thoug this is suppose to be a 2nd honeymoon for the two couples, Lucy and Ida end up skinning fish. Anyway, as the women are trying to capture the men's attentions, Lucy causes a boat to sink as a result of a backfiring scheme. Then finally the Lupinos leave and the Ricardos have a few extra days alone......for about 5 minutes when the Mertzes end up showing up for the

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