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The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana

S01 E01

Nov 6, 1957
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Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana Nov 6, 1957 This episode takes us back to the night that Lucy and Ricky first met and fell in Love. Lucy was going to Cuba with her friend Susie on a vacation. When they arrive, Lucy meets Ricky and Susie meets Carlos Garcia. The two double date and everyone falls in love. In this episode we also meet Fred Mertz (When he had hair that is) and Ethel on the cruise. Also, Lucy and Susie get arrested and hope that they can get out before the cruise goes back to the states. Of course that will be a little hard when they discover that the water the guard has been giving them is spiked.

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Season 01, Episode 02 The Celebrity Next Door

S01 E02

Dec 3, 1957
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The Celebrity Next Door Dec 3, 1957 Lucy and Ethel find out they have a new next-door neighbor moving in. When she comes to use their telephone, they find it's none other than Tallulah Bankhead, prolific stage and film actress. Suddenly, Lucy realizes this means she has a chance at getting Bankhead to appear at her local PTA benefit. To impress the star, she invites her to dinner, conning the Mertzes into posing as her hired help. The meal and a series of meetings after it, creates a riff between Ms. Bankhead and Lucy. With this riff, who will perform at the PTA benefit?

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Season 01, Episode 03 Lucy Hunts Uranium

S01 E03

Jan 3, 1958
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Lucy Hunts Uranium Jan 3, 1958 Ricky brings the gang to Las Vegas where he is performing. Lucy wants to hunt Uranium in the desert and Ricky doesn't want her to. Anyway, they meet Fred Mac Murray on the train to Las Vegas and he loses a lot of money gambling, so he wants to get on Lucy's scheme too before his wife finds out. To help her Uranium hunting scheme, Lucy has it printed in a fake newspaper and everyone starts looking for Uranium. Everyone is so involved that even Lucy thinks it's true. Anyway, Lucy throws the ""Uranium sample"" away and they later find it not knowing that it's a sample, so they all, not trusting each other try and race to the claims office. Who will get their first? Lucy? The Mertzes? Fred Mac Murray? Now I am not going to spoil that.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Lucy Wins a Racehorse

S01 E04

Feb 3, 1958
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Lucy Wins a Racehorse Feb 3, 1958 Lucy bugs Ricky about getting a horse for Little Ricky and he says ""no"". Lucy then wins a racehorse from sending in breakfast cereal box tops. When the horse appears at the house, Ricky comes home early and Lucy, Ethel, and Fred try getting the horse up the stairs. When he finds out, he blows his top. Ricky still says no and Betty Grable comes up with a plan of getting him in a race so that Little Ricky can get the horse. Well when Lucy finds out that the horse will do anything for her only, Lucy dresses up as a jockey and rides the horse until they win the race. But will the breaking of so many rules stop them?

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Season 01, Episode 05 Lucy Goes to Sun Valley

S01 E05

Apr 14, 1958
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Lucy Goes to Sun Valley Apr 14, 1958 Lucy and Ricky are about to go on a ""2nd Honeymoon"", but it falls through when Ricky has to do a TV show. Lucy and Ethel go by themselves and Lucy is upset. Lucy and Ethel meet Fernando Lamas at a ski lodge and they make friends. Lucy learns that Ricky and Fred are going after all and Lucy tries to teach Ricky a lesson for bailing out on her. She makes it look like there is something romantic between her and Fernando which causes pain and some black eyes.

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