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The L Word

IMDB: 7.6/10DramaGay & Lesbian18+2004 - 20096 Seasons

The L Word is an American co-production television drama series portraying the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and their friends, family and lovers in the trendy Greater Los Angeles, California city of West Hollywood. The show originally ran on Showtime from 2004 to 2009, and subsequently in syndication on Logo and through on-demand services.

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Season 6

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Long Nights Journey Into Day

S06 E01

Long Nights Journey Into Day Jan 19, 2009

Shane tries to deal with her betrayal to Jenny as they both attempt to figure out their feelings for one another. Shane awkwardly tries to apologize to Jenny, who responds by threatening to evict Shane from her house. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina get worried when Angelica comes down with a fever which gradually gets worse. Alice and Tasha cannot decide whether to break up or stay together since their different views on life strain their romance to the breaking point. Elsewhere, Helena and Kit celebrate after taking over SheBar nightclub and formally rename the place, 'HIT!'

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Least Likely

S06 E02

Least Likely Jan 26, 2009

Bette and Tina talk about expanding their family and beginning a new life but the plan could be ruined when Bette bumps into an old friend with dangerous potential; Alice and Tasha ponder their compatibility as they seek counseling; an old flame appears, sending Helena reeling; and Max is faced with an extraordinary situation.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 LMFAO

S06 E03

LMFAO Feb 2, 2009

The negative of “Lez Girls” goes missing; Shane’s incessant apologizing to Jenny finally gets noticed; Alice’s feelings are hurt when Jenny denounces her desire to write a screenplay; Phyllis lets Bette in on a suppressed secret; and it’s opening night at Kit and Helena’s new club, HIT!

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Leaving Los Angeles

S06 E04

Leaving Los Angeles Feb 9, 2009

Shane and Jenny are still melting over each other; Bette and Tina go to Nevada to meet a potential birth mother; Max is trying to deal with being pregnant; Alice and Tasha play matchmaker; and Kelly Wentworth may have what Bette needs.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Litmus Test

S06 E05

Litmus Test Feb 16, 2009

Jenny writes another script that sells; Bette and Kelly go into business; Alice and Tasha have a third-wheel crush; the girls plot a sting operation to test Dylan; and, Jenny encroaches more on Shane.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Lactose Intolerant

S06 E06

Lactose Intolerant Feb 23, 2009

Jenny throws a baby shower for Max; Bette and Tina hit a roadblock in the adoption process; Bette goes solo to her gallery’s opening night celebration leading Kelly to go in for the kill; Shane is feeling boxed in by Jenny; and Alice starts to feel like three is a crowd.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Last Couple Standing

S06 E07

Last Couple Standing Mar 2, 2009

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center dance marathon is on; someone is moving to the Big Apple; rumors fly fast around the dance floor that Alice and Tasha may be in couple trouble; The HIT!’s Sunset Blvd makes a shocking revelation to Kit; and there’s a no-show at the bus station.

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Season 5

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 LGB Tease

S05 E01

LGB Tease Jan 7, 2008

Following the events of the season finale, Helena is imprisoned and no one can get a hold of her mother. Jenny finds a rich investor and schemes her way to directing Lez Girls the movie. Shane is about to sign a lease on a house with Paige. The Planet hosts a coming-out party for Phyllis, where Alice and Shane attempt to hook Tina up with someone who isn't Bette. Meanwhile, Bette is waiting for Jodi to come back home from New York.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Look Out, Here They Come!

S05 E02

Look Out, Here They Come! Jan 14, 2008

Jenny's boss's daughter is getting married and Shane gets a gig as the hair stylist at her wedding. Kit and Max spot a young girl who's obsessed with Jenny's work and hook her up with her dream job. Alice and Tasha go on a double-date with Bette and Jodi. Meanwhile in prison, Helena is rescued by her cell mate.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Lady of the Lake

S05 E03

Lady of the Lake Jan 21, 2008

Jodi brings Bette to meet and hang out with her friends but Bette has a hard time letting go of control. Shane decides to give up on sex and instead pours her energy in exercising. Tasha faces new allegations. Meanwhile, Helena finally gets comfortable in prison but things are about to change when her mother turns up.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Let's Get This Party Started

S05 E04

Let's Get This Party Started Jan 28, 2008

Tina and Jenny squabble over casting the lead role in Lez Girls. An incident at Alice's place triggers a change in Captain Beech's view on Tasha's defense. Being celibate takes its toll on Shane and she reaches a breaking point. Alice encourages Tasha to go with her to a "Secret Love" party for closeted gays and lesbians. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang attends the opening of the city's hottest new lesbian club, SheBar.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Lookin' at You, Kid

S05 E05

Lookin' at You, Kid Feb 4, 2008

Jenny throws a party for the girls to get to meet their movie counterparts -- with mixed results. Shane stirs up drama between Dawn and Cindi, which escalates into bitter rivalry between The Planet and SheBar. Meanwhile, Alice is stunned by a basketball star's gay-bashing on national TV.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Lights! Camera! Action!

S05 E06

Lights! Camera! Action! Feb 11, 2008

The production of Lez Girls starts and Jenny runs into unexpected difficulties. When Adele impresses her on location scouting, Jenny treats her to a makeover. Dawn and Cindi try their best to sabotage Kit's business. Phyllis' daughter Molly catches Shane's eye. Meanwhile, Tina and Bette rekindle their passion.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Lesbians Gone Wild

S05 E07

Lesbians Gone Wild Feb 18, 2008

Niki's antics off and on set cause nightmares for her agent as well as the production team. Alice learns that in order to land the high-profile talk show gig, she needs to out people on live TV. Bette takes Phyllis' daughter Molly to visit the movie set. She's beyond bored until Shane takes her to SheBar to see lesbian oil wrestling. Meanwhile, Tasha meets the visiting prosecutor who's about to go against her in the trial.

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