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Watch The Jack Benny Program

The Jack Benny Program

IMDB: 8.7/10Comedy1950 - 196616 Seasons

The Jack Benny Program, starring Jack Benny, is a radio-TV comedy series that ran for more than three decades and is generally regarded as a high-water mark in 20th-century American comedy.

Where to Watch The Jack Benny Program

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Season 16

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 16 Episode 16 Tijuana Brass & Sy Blanc

S16 E02

Tijuana Brass & Sy Blanc Aug 1, 1966

Another skit with Mel Sy Blanc and the Tijuana Brass

Not Available

Season 15

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 NBC Premiere

S15 E01

NBC Premiere Sep 25, 1964

Huntley and Brinkley open the show with a newscast on Benny's move to NBC, the network which used to carry his radio program, for this opening show of the season. Jack's monologue also concerns his move to NBC. Dennis brings his wife and nine children on stage. Don does the commercial. In the sketch, Jack meets with NBC executives and discovers that his new studio is a radio studio. Doug McClure and Roberta Shore from the Virginians make a cameo appearance. Then Jack does a sketch with the Marquis Chimps, in which they dress like the Beatles and sing 'I want to hold your hand' with Jack.

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Lucille Ball Show

S15 E02

Lucille Ball Show Oct 2, 1964

Jack receives a visit from his next-door neighbor, Lucille Ball. Lucy recounts her version of Paul Revere's ride, and a sketch unfolds with Jack as a gallivanting Revere, Lucy as his jealous wife Rachel, and Don Wilson as Washington.

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Andy Williams Show

S15 E03

Andy Williams Show Oct 9, 1964

Jack and his guest Andy Williams perform at the gala grand opening of a meat market. Andy sings "On the street where you live."

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Income Tax Show

S15 E04

Income Tax Show Oct 16, 1964

Two IRS agents visit Jack. They can't understand how he could have earned 375,000 dollars, and spent only 19 dollars on entertainment. Since one declared item was 3.90 (three dollars and ninety cents) to take Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart to dinner, they next visit the Stewarts. The Stewarts reveal that on the occasion in question, Jack saw them at their favorite restaurant, made them sit at his table with his waitress/girlfriend, told them he would pay, and then at the end generously let the Stewarts pay the whole bill so they could have the tax deduction. The 3.90 was for cleaning his suit after Gloria Stewart dumped the salad on his head.

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Jack Makes a Comedy Record

S15 E05

Jack Makes a Comedy Record Oct 23, 1964

When Bob Hope drops by, Jack comes up with what he's convinced is a great idea: The two should team up to cut a comedy record album.

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Hillbilly Sketch

S15 E06

Hillbilly Sketch Oct 31, 1964

In his monologue, Jack reveals that his producer has been using raffle tickets to get the audience to stay in their seats until the end of the program. He introduces Connie Francis, and they argue about whether it is harder to sing or to get laughs. She sings "I was born too late," an Al Jolson medley ("Swanee," "Mammy," and "April showers"). Don does the Alka-Seltzer commercial as an endorsement by a safe-cracker. In the sketch, Benny, Stevens, Dale White and Don Wilson play members of the Skinner family of the Ozarks. They all sing a parody of "Sit right down and write yourself a letter." This sketch is a remake of the "Ah, Wilderness" radio program of May 16, 1937.

Not Available

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 15 Episode 15 Jungle Sketch

S15 E07

Jungle Sketch Nov 7, 1964

Don introduces the show by announcing that the show must go on; Jack is brought out in traction in a hospital bed. Abbe Lane sings 'I believe in you.' Don says he needs his glasses to do the State Farm commercial; when he finds them, they include a funny nose and a State Farm sign. In the sketch, Benny plays a scientist living deep in the jungle trying to develop a non-skid banana peel. Abbe Lane plays his beautiful wife, who is sick of the rain, and Dennis plays his new assistant, Lawrence of Africa.

Not Available

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