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The Hogan Family Season 4

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Season 04, Episode 01 Animal House

S04 E01

Oct 3, 1988
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Animal House Oct 3, 1988 College freshmen David, Rich and Burt have been feeling a little left out of the college social scene and decide to spark some attention by stealing a rival school's mascot, a wolverine, but when the fierce creature gets loose, it's every Hogan for himself. Meanwhile, Mark and Willie enroll Sandy in a computer dating service and she discovers this just as her date knocks on the front door.

Season 04, Episode 02 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

S04 E02

Oct 10, 1988
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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Oct 10, 1988 After David fools the twins with a bald-faced lie, they turn the tables on the ""master of practical jokes"" by convincing him that his hair is falling out. Meanwhile, Michael chokes under the pressure of retaking his driver's test.

Season 04, Episode 03 Dad's First Date

S04 E03

Oct 17, 1988
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Dad's First Date Oct 17, 1988 A nervous Michael dives into the dating pool bu doesn't make much of a splash, while David will stop at nothing to avoid immersing himself in an English assignment.

Season 04, Episode 04 Foiled Again

S04 E04

Nov 14, 1988
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Foiled Again Nov 14, 1988 David has a crisis of conscience when he's attracted to the coed that best friend Burt has his eye on, but he's caught off guard when Burt throws down the gauntlet.

Season 04, Episode 05 Save Baby Mark

S04 E05

Nov 21, 1988
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Save Baby Mark Nov 21, 1988 David lights a fire under his brothers to get them to help sweep out the chimney, but Mark does a slow burn when he gets wedged inside the fireplace.

Season 04, Episode 06 Saturday Night Feverish

S04 E06

Nov 28, 1988
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Saturday Night Feverish Nov 28, 1988 Mark worries that he and his two left feet will trip over the light fantastic when Willie tells a girl that Mark likes, that Mark is a great dancer.

Season 04, Episode 07 Tobacco Road

S04 E07

Dec 5, 1988
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Tobacco Road Dec 5, 1988 Sandy tries to teach Willie a lesson about cigarettes, but her efforts go up in smoke when she returns to smoking herself.

Season 04, Episode 08 The Big Sleep

S04 E08

Dec 12, 1988
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The Big Sleep Dec 12, 1988 It's a dream come true for psychology student David when Sandy, ""Queen of the All-Nighters,"" agrees to be the guinea pig for his sleep deprivation experiment.

Season 04, Episode 09 Secretarial Poole

S04 E09

Jan 9, 1989
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Secretarial Poole Jan 9, 1989 Sandy thinks she's hired ""Robo-Secretary"" after Mrs. Poole whips the entire school into tiptop shape. Meanwhile, Michael fends off the advances of an admirer.

Season 04, Episode 10 Strangers On a Train

S04 E10

Jan 16, 1989
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Strangers On a Train Jan 16, 1989 Willie is stirred by first-hand accounts of apartheid from Sandy's South African professor, so he and Mark embark on an el-train ride to a candlelight vigil.

Season 04, Episode 11 The Naked Truth

S04 E11

Jan 23, 1989
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The Naked Truth Jan 23, 1989 Mark and Willie are barely able to contain themselves when they spot a nude portrait of Sandy hanging in an art gallery.

Season 04, Episode 12 Rebel with a Cause

S04 E12

Feb 13, 1989
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Rebel with a Cause Feb 13, 1989 Tired of being ""dull and predictable,"" Mark turns into a mini-James Dean, but his cool attitude only gets his family and friends hot under the collar.

Season 04, Episode 13 Boy Meets Girl (1)

S04 E13

Feb 20, 1989
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Boy Meets Girl (1) Feb 20, 1989 David and a pretty student get off on the wrong foot, and they continue to bicker when they're fixed up on a blind date that could wind up opening their eyes to romance after all.

Season 04, Episode 14 Boy Loses Girl (2)

S04 E14

Feb 27, 1989
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Boy Loses Girl (2) Feb 27, 1989 Love-struck David's girlfriend, Sara, receives a great job offer in Australia, so David decides to take the plunge and propose marriage, but Sandy and Michael think he's all wet.

Season 04, Episode 15 Viva Las Vegas

S04 E15

Mar 6, 1989
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Viva Las Vegas Mar 6, 1989 David, Burt and Rich wager they'll have a wild weekend in Las Vegas, but they don't bet on ending up in jail. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole displays some unusual talents.

Season 04, Episode 16 Double Date

S04 E16

Mar 13, 1989
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Double Date Mar 13, 1989 Sandy and Michael endure twice the torture on a ""double date"" with the perfect prospective mates, while David decides to spend the evening bonding with his brothers.

Season 04, Episode 17 The Long Goodbye

S04 E17

Mar 20, 1989
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The Long Goodbye Mar 20, 1989 David chafes under the Hogan house rules, so he moves into an apartment with Burt and Rich, who make Felix and Oscar seem like ideal roommates.

Season 04, Episode 18 Oh Dad, Poor Dad

S04 E18

Mar 27, 1989
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Oh Dad, Poor Dad Mar 27, 1989 The numbers 4 and 0 add up to a midlife crisis for Michael, and Sandy only multiplies his distress when she throws him a surprise birthday party.

Season 04, Episode 19 Slapshot

S04 E19

Apr 3, 1989
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Slapshot Apr 3, 1989 David puts himself in the penalty box over his guilt about injuring an opponent in a hockey game, and Mark threatens to body-check Willie for not paying a debt.

Season 04, Episode 20 Private Lessons

S04 E20

Apr 23, 1989
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Private Lessons Apr 23, 1989 Willie wants to teach Mark a lesson in brotherly love when Willie's girlfriend decides she likes her tutor Mark better.

Season 04, Episode 21 Coming to America

S04 E21

May 8, 1989
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Coming to America May 8, 1989 It's amore at first sight for David when Sandy's friend arrives from Italy to stay with the Hogans.