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The High Life Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Feart

S01 E01

Jan 6, 1995
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Feart Jan 6, 1995 Steve's impending thirtieth birthday has him feeling disenchanted with his complete lack of any career progression so when Sebastian spots an advert for two flight attendents to switch to long haul flights they apply. Before they can do so they have to get a reference from Shona who, having encountered her convict father on board a flight, is having troubles of her own. Will Steve and Sebastian be able to impress the ""inspector incognito"" aboard the flight or will Sebastian's caustic remarks and bad attitude let the pair down?

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Season 01, Episode 02 Birl

S01 E02

Jan 13, 1995
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Birl Jan 13, 1995 After a poor inspection the Air Scotia employees are ordered to attend a weekend of training at a Scottish country retreat. Steve is going there looking for love, Sebastian wants to spend the weekend in a drunken revelry but the instructor Gretchen is harsh and threatens to fail them which would result in them losing their jobs. Whilst Steve's romantic fortunes hang in the wind Sebastian has hatched a plan to get a pass but how will the arrival of Gretchen's ex-lover change things and is Steve to be happy?

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Season 01, Episode 03 Winch

S01 E03

Jan 20, 1995
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Winch Jan 20, 1995 Sebastian returns from a holiday to Florida to discover Steve swooning over another apparent whirlwind romance but, in his eagerness to uncover the sordid details forgets to order the breakfasts for the flight that morning. Who is the mystery woman that Steve is going to propose to, what did the Captain see, and just how will Sebastian cover up the lack of in-flight meals?

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Season 01, Episode 04 Choob

S01 E04

Jan 27, 1995
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Choob Jan 27, 1995 Shona beats Sebastian to be the new "Face of Air Scotia" for the promotional video being filmed on board. The lecherous film director chases Shona, Steve wants his clackers back from the armed terrorist who takes the passengers hostage whilst Sebastian does all he can to sabotage Shona's video apperance. P.S. IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!!!

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Season 01, Episode 05 Dug

S01 E05

Feb 3, 1995
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Dug Feb 3, 1995 Steve and Sebastian decide to enter the Scottish leg of the Song for Europe. Sebastian is aiming for fame and fortune, and Steve for a girl.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Dunk

S01 E06

Feb 10, 1995
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Dunk Feb 10, 1995 After a bumpy landing, that results in concussion for the crew, Steve and Sebastian become embroiled in a plot to steal a secret biscuit recipe, devised by Professor Wormit.

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