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Watch The First World War

The First World War

IMDB: 8.7/10DocumentaryWar7+2003 - 20031 Season

A comprehensive survey of the history of World War I.

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Below you'll find every episode from the first season of The First World War.
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Season 1

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 To Arms (1914)

S01 E01

To Arms (1914) Sep 21, 2003

This program deals with the causes and outbreak of World War 1. There is some interesting material and on a number of occasions different perspectives about the causes of the war. The national politics of Europe are discussed in the context of competing Empires. The assassination of Austria’s heir is described and discussed at some length. An interesting outline and discussion of the outbreak of war follows. The earliest actions of the war are outlined.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Under the Eagle (1914-1915)

S01 E02

Under the Eagle (1914-1915) Sep 28, 2003

The German invasion of Belgium and France was brutal and atrocities fanned the flames of war.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Global War (1914-1916)

S01 E03

Global War (1914-1916) Oct 5, 2003

The European empires clashed all across the world, from the South Atlantic Seas to the planes of Africa.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Jihad (1914-1916)

S01 E04

Jihad (1914-1916) Oct 12, 2003

The Turkish Ottoman Empire proved a formidable foe, as the Allies found to their cost at Gallipoli and in the Middle East.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Shackled to a Corpse (1914-1916)

S01 E05

Shackled to a Corpse (1914-1916) Oct 19, 2003

As the Germans and Austrians clashed with The Russians on the bitter Eastern Front, Italy became embroiled in a terrible slaughter.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Breaking the Deadlock (1915-1917)

S01 E06

Breaking the Deadlock (1915-1917) Oct 26, 2003

The Somme and Verdun saw carnage on an unprecedented scale, as armies fought to break the stalemate on the Western Front. Stalemate; attrition; lions led by donkeys; the slaughter only ceasing for a brief truce one Christmas - these are the conventional views of the Western Front and this episode brings a fresh new appraisal of the conflict in Europe. There was constant tactical evolution on the Front - not a stalemate, but innovation and counter-innovation. It was here that German storm troopers evolved. Artillery was the key weapon of the war - not the machine-gun or the tank, and the trenches were not big killers but in fact saved many lives. The generals did not skulk in chateaux, but over two hundred were killed in action. There were many little truces all along the Western Front, not just one Christmas. However, prisoners on both sides were killed by their captors.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Blockade (1916-1917)

S01 E07

Blockade (1916-1917) Nov 2, 2003

The war at sea was every bit as bitter as the war on land. The battle at Jutland proved inconclusive but the U-Boat menace threatened Britain as never before. Meanwhile, America entered the war.

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