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The Detectives

IMDB: 8/10DocumentaryCrime2015 - 20039 Seasons

Series that gets inside the mind of a new breed of detective, specially trained to investigate sex offences

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Season 9

Tubi TV

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Hidden Obsessions

S09 E01

Hidden Obsessions Jan 1, 2003

In these cases, the murderer went out of his way in an attempt to hide any evidence the victim's body might carry to lead investigators to them. In the end, community participation and cutting edge forensic technology leads authorities to the guilty parties.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Out to Kill

S09 E08

Out to Kill Jan 1, 2003

Blood was found in front of a woman's abandoned vehicle. Police get a tip about a man who is impersonating police officers. Investigators get tire samples of the man's car and find blood matching the dead woman. A boy is reported missing. His friends reported seeing the boy with a man. A hotel clerk tells of a man in her hotel who fits the description. Police find hair in the man's car that match the boy's DNA. Sometimes witnesses are the only link between criminals and forensic experts.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Raw Greed

S09 E09

Raw Greed Jan 1, 2003

Two men are found beaten to death in the bar. Witnesses tell of a man who frequents the bar. A search of his home and vehicle turn up a tire iron. A wealthy man is found beaten to death in his own home. Divers find in a pond behind the house, a pipe with the man's blood on it. His heir's fingerprints match those found on the victim's belt, and her shoe prints match those from the murder scene. Ordinary objects carry enough evidence for forensic scientists to piece together complicated murders.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Murderous Attraction

S09 E10

Murderous Attraction Jan 1, 2003

A woman is rushed to the hospital. Blood tests find 6 times the lethal amount of arsenic in her system. Questioning her husband, who increased the amount of his wife's life insurance, he admitted to poisoning her. A man calls 911 claiming his wife shot herself in the head. Her husband and neighbors are questioned, and it seems she'd been suffering from depression. A forensic scientist specializing in bloodstain interpretation is brought in, signs point to the woman's husband as the murderer.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Broken Trust

S09 E11

Broken Trust Jan 1, 2003

A family moving into a new home opens a large drum on the property and finds the mummified remains of a woman dead for nearly 25 years. Samples extracted lead investigators to the deceased's former employer. A Supervising Nurse noticed the number of deaths in the ICU unit had more than doubled from the previous year with no increase in admissions. A particular nurse was on duty during 80% of those deaths. Investigators found drugs that the nurse injected into patients just before they died.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Price of Murder

S09 E12

Price of Murder Jan 1, 2003

A security guard finds a man dead in the driver's seat of his car shot once in the back of the head. Police later receive a tip linking the man's wife and a friend to the murder; the motive was a large life insurance policy. A woman calls 911 claiming 3 men burglarized her home, beat her husband to death and bound their hands with tape. Police find a fingerprint and question the man to whom it belongs. He tells police the victim's wife promised the men money if they aided in his murder.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 09 Episode 09 Stolen Youth

S09 E13

Stolen Youth Jan 1, 2003

A man calls 911 and reports his 9-year-old daughter has disappeared from their front yard. Police grow suspicious when they discover the girl's blood on her bed sheets. The child's body is found wrapped in a bag with her father's prints all over it. A 10-year-old girl goes missing. Two people walking in an alley discover the body of a young girl. Investigators take samples of the body and tire samples from the scene pointing to a neighbor's son as the kidnapper and killer.

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Season 8

Tubi TV

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Murder for Hire

S08 E01

Murder for Hire Jan 1, 2002

For some killers, murder can be a profitable business. And the scene of the crime can be both a source for clues, and puzzling questions. When a victim has been targeted for death, investigators must look beyond the obvious to uncover a murder for hire.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Toxic Death

S08 E02

Toxic Death Jan 1, 2002

Sometimes, the cause of death does not match the scene of the crime. When an untraceable poison is used to commit murder, homicide detectives turn to forensic toxicologists to follow a killer's tracks and expose a toxic death.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Material Witness

S08 E03

Material Witness Jan 1, 2002

Lies and deceit can often throw investigators off the trail of justice. But when hard evidence contradicts a killer's story, police must use the clues to piece together the truth. Follow investigators as they unravel a web of lies to track down and catch the killers.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Betrayed

S08 E04

Betrayed Jan 1, 2002

Sometimes when a death seems to be accidental or the result of a tragic accident, it is up to forensic scientists to reveal the deception lying just below the surface. Watch as law enforcement officials uncover the hidden betrayals that reclassify cases from accidents to homicides.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Random Targets

S08 E06

Random Targets Jan 1, 2002

Most victims of multiple murderers are meticulously chosen because of a mutual connection with the killer or because they match an intricate set of criteria that fits the killer's MO. The most frightening cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random, without an apparent connection.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Grave Secrets

S08 E07

Grave Secrets Jan 1, 2002

Killers often attempt to deflect attention away from their crimes by hiding the remains of their victims. Bodies may lay hidden for years before they are discovered. That's when forensic scientists are called upon to reveal hidden clues that lead investigators to the killers.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 At Close Range

S08 E08

At Close Range Jan 1, 2002

When a victim is gunned down at point-blank range, police often assume that a friend or acquaintance is to blame. After all, it is difficult for a stranger to commit an assault at such close range. Follow investigators as they use clues to track down the most unlikely of killers.

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