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Watch The Carbonaro Effect

The Carbonaro Effect

IMDB: 7.5/10ComedyReality16+2014 - Present4 Seasons

Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster by heart. In "The Carbonaro Effect", Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them.

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Season 4

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 A Similar Rock Energy

S04 E01

A Similar Rock Energy Nov 10, 2017

Michael hashes out new ideas at a hemp store, inspects spooky churches and teams up with Jack Black.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Kind of Like a Seafoam Green

S04 E02

Kind of Like a Seafoam Green Nov 17, 2017

Michael shows some unsuspecting shoppers how to manipulate solid objects, and he reveals the truth about automatic vacuums; one employee's shift at a camping store becomes very colorful and confusing.

Not Available

Season 3

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 EggShaq

S03 E01

EggShaq Mar 23, 2016

Michael unveils the ancient mystery behind bowling balls, and later does the world's longest spit-take! Plus, LITERALLY THE BIGGEST special guest in the show's history, a.k.a. Shaquille O'Neal, helps with a plan to blow one superfan's mind!

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Incredibly Unsettling

S03 E01

Incredibly Unsettling Feb 2, 2017

Michael breezes into the Windy City to shock and amaze the Chicago locals. In a health store, he sells a supplement that proves you are what you drink, and at a Metro station, he utterly derails a commuter's sense of reality.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Holy Moly Mirror

S03 E02

Holy Moly Mirror Feb 9, 2017

In a local Chicago diner, Michael brings new meaning to the term "hold the pickles". Plus, he discovers an aggressive new breed of fungus at a park, and later, he helps a co-worker disappear from work early in a hospital warehouse.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Bro, They're Surrounding Us!

S03 E03

Bro, They're Surrounding Us! Feb 16, 2017

At a market, Michael reveals an amazing credit card hack, and at a science shop, he demonstrates how far stem cell research has come. Later, Michael spooks a gardener who's certain that angry gnomes are hunting him down!

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 It's a Chicken, Sir!

S03 E04

It's a Chicken, Sir! Feb 23, 2017

Discovering a ferocious new breed of animal at a park; invading a local tea shop; Michael transforms himself at an abandoned art studio.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Wait, My Chair!

S03 E05

Wait, My Chair! Mar 2, 2017

Michael shows a caterer the true power of dairy products, and an antique store customer is stunned when a species of termite chews through the scenery.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Soliciting Statue

S03 E06

Soliciting Statue Mar 9, 2017

Michael shows off an impossible way to organize your clothes; there are some surprises lurking in our favorite foods at the super market; Michael pushes his skills by tricking two people at the same time.

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