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The Brittas Empire Season 7

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Season 07, Episode 01 The Elephant's Child

S07 E01

Jan 6, 1997
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The Elephant's Child Jan 6, 1997 Situation comedy. Brittas organizes a sponsored bungee jump and expects his staff to take part. Helen Brittas plans a burglary to fund her bid for the franchise for the sauna solarium and Carole returns from her assertion course. (44)

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Season 07, Episode 02 Reviewing the Situation

S07 E02

Jan 13, 1997
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Reviewing the Situation Jan 13, 1997 Sitcom based in a leisure center with a manic manager, Gordon Brittas. He initiates a staff review which causes some antagonism; Julie is enjoying armed police protection after threats, which includes body searches

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Season 07, Episode 03 http://etc.

S07 E03

Jan 20, 1997
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http://etc. Jan 20, 1997 The center enters the 21st century as Brittas has everything computerized, which causes huge problems. Drugget is convinced it is a waste of money and will be Brittas' downfall. Helen's therapy course seem only to appeal to staff

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Season 07, Episode 04 Wake Up the Lion Within

S07 E04

Jan 27, 1997
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Wake Up the Lion Within Jan 27, 1997 Brittas returns from a course which teaches executives how to release inner powers by roaring like a lion. He encourages his staff to try it out. The Leisure Center has been nominated for the 'European Award for Excellence

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Season 07, Episode 05 The Disappearing Act

S07 E05

Feb 3, 1997
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The Disappearing Act Feb 3, 1997 The staff at the leisure center compete for Employee of the Month award though Brittas is not convinced of the wisdom of the competition; Colin brushes up his magic act for Julie's niece's birthday party; Helen holds dream workshop

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Season 07, Episode 06 Gavin Featherly RIP

S07 E06

Feb 10, 1997
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Gavin Featherly RIP Feb 10, 1997 Comedy set in a leisure center. Gavin is feeling depressed and is receiving therapy from Helen Brittas. He joins the rest of the staff on their annual weekend break to Burbidge-on-Sea and goes missing so Brittas arranges a funeral

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Season 07, Episode 07 Exposed

S07 E07

Feb 17, 1997
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Exposed Feb 17, 1997 Investigative journalist, Roger Ferguson, is preparing to make a television expose of the goings on at Whitbury Leisure Center. Gordon is led to believe this will be a serious documentary. An outbreak of Bobula fever causes panic.

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Season 07, Episode 08 Curse of the Tiger Women

S07 E08

Feb 24, 1997
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Curse of the Tiger Women Feb 24, 1997 Last in the series of sitcom about Whitbury Leisure Center. Brittas prepares to celebrate seven wonderful years since the center opened, but Druggett tells him he has been chosen for early retirement. Carole reveals he's the father of her twins!

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Season 07, Episode 09 Surviving Christmas

S07 E09

Jan 22, 1996
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Surviving Christmas Jan 22, 1996

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