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The Brittas Empire Season 6

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Season 06, Episode 01 Back with a Bang

S06 E01

Feb 27, 1996
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Back with a Bang Feb 27, 1996 After being crushed to death Gordon Brittas has been returned to earth by St. Peter and rebuilt at a Swiss clinic. He returns a day early and misses the red carpet welcome prepared by his staff.

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Season 06, Episode 02 Body Language

S06 E02

Mar 12, 1996
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Body Language Mar 12, 1996 Gordon tries to explain benefits of matching and mirroring body language. Colin suspects alien invasion when a green block of ice crashes through the roof, and Helen mistakenly sells the house to a member of the U.S. military

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Season 06, Episode 03 At the Double

S06 E03

Mar 26, 1996
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At the Double Mar 26, 1996 Gordon invites members of the Ruthenian State Circus to perform at the center. A group of US evangelists want to baptize Gordon in the pool after reading of his coming back from the dead. (

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Season 06, Episode 04 A Walk on the Wildside

S06 E04

Apr 2, 1996
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A Walk on the Wildside Apr 2, 1996 Brittas proves he's not always a walking disaster when his new campaign becomes a European Directive

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Season 06, Episode 05 We All Fall Down

S06 E05

Apr 9, 1996
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We All Fall Down Apr 9, 1996 Whitbury is celebrating World Peace and Hunger Day, Helen plans revenge on a nappy co that didn't use her children in a TV commercial and Tim discovers the rest of the staff earn more than him...

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Season 06, Episode 06 Mr. Brittas Falls in Love

S06 E06

Apr 16, 1996
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Mr. Brittas Falls in Love Apr 16, 1996 - Tonight Mr. Brittas falls in love. He believes that swimming with a dolphin at the leisure center will bring peace, relaxation and happiness to all the inhabitants

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Season 06, Episode 07 Snap Happy

S06 E07

Apr 23, 1996
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Snap Happy Apr 23, 1996 When Brittas tries to organize a simple staff photograph, what can possibly go wrong? Last in present series.

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Season 06, Episode 08 1996 Christmas Special

S06 E08

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1996 Christmas Special It's Christmas time and Gordon has decided, rather than to keep the centre open in the weeks surrounding Christmas, to take the staff on a survival course in Wales.Closing the centre for Christmas angers the usual 'Father Christmas' character, who is told he is out of a job this year. Meanwhile, Colin decides to give out Christmas cards early. Due to a mix-up involving the recycled paper the cards are made of, Helen assumes that Gordon is having an affair with Carole the receptionist. To prevent Gordon from getting close to Carole, Helen decides to join the staff on the survival course.During a constantly interrupted survival briefing, a rock is thrown through the window with the note 'You're going to die' tied to it. Gordon assumes this is all part of the course and continues as normal, but the rest of the group remain shaken and scared. When a survival exercise involving camping in the mountains begins, the group are faced with many life-threatening hazards, all the while Gordon calm with the thought that it is all part of the course.

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