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The Brittas Empire Season 3

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Season 03, Episode 01 The Trial

S03 E01

Jan 7, 1993
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The Trial Jan 7, 1993 The staff of Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre have sent Gordon to Coventry because Gordon is on trial for murdering strange people. The prosecutor explains that there is someone in the Centre who doesn't like Gordon and will stick glue to anything he touches. Two cases of money have been found in a locker and locker keys end up behind the toilets. When Gordon switches on the chainsaw he is sure to be guilty not until Eddie comes to the rescue.

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Season 03, Episode 02 That Creeping Feeling

S03 E02

Jan 14, 1993
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That Creeping Feeling Jan 14, 1993 After the trial the Staff are ignoring Gordon and Laura explains why. Gordon decides to arrange an appointment with a phychologist. Meanwhile he also gets a parcel from and old rival which is strange because all there is is leaves and even Gavin discovers a half eaten spider. Linda goes to find out why and then she comes up with the answer. It gets worse when Colin gets bitten by a poisonous spider.

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Season 03, Episode 03 Laura's Leaving

S03 E03

Jan 21, 1993
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Laura's Leaving Jan 21, 1993 Laura is going for a job interview and Helen is not happy about it. She is worried because what is Laura is takes the job and has to resign. Gordon is busy because people from Church are going the do a baptism session. A customer is trying to get a cup of coffee but has a problem every time. Meanwhile Colin feels different somehow and ends up causing a very disastrous situation by electrocuting the people from Church. Colin is given his punishment then Carole gets fired and everyone is very cross with Gordon. Then a surprise comes when Laura comes back.

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Season 03, Episode 04 Two Little Boys

S03 E04

Jan 28, 1993
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Two Little Boys Jan 28, 1993 It's Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre's Birthday today and Gordon has done some birthday specials for the centre although some of them have gone wrong. Meanwhile the oil which has been delivered 3 weeks ago has disappeared. It turns out that there's a hole in the tank, Gordon tells Colin to put the oil somewhere safe which turns out to be a very small cupboard. A group from another leisure centre to do the activities so they can have some fun. Horatio talks to Gordon that he doesn't want to go to his new job, Gordon however tells him that it's important until a nasty explosion causes everyone to be injured.

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Season 03, Episode 05 Sex, Lies and Red Tape

S03 E05

Feb 4, 1993
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Sex, Lies and Red Tape Feb 4, 1993 Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre are trying to raise money so they can buy a new trampoline. Gavin and Tim are doing a sponsered sponge throw and Gordon is doing a sponsered silence. It's also Laura's birthday and her husband Michael has come from America to see her. He ruins Gordon's sponsered silence and spoils the charity. Helen is acting suspiciously because she is being accused of shoplifting which is in fact true. Gordon tries to sort everthing out and completely upsets himself when Michael turns out to be Laura's Husband.

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Season 03, Episode 06 The Stuff of Dreams

S03 E06

Feb 11, 1993
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The Stuff of Dreams Feb 11, 1993 Gordon spends the day by pretending to be an old man Mr Derek Didcot. Laura discovers him straight away and Gordon tells her that what will happen when he gets old and has to retire and all about the dream he had last night. Colin is taken by surprise when he discovers that Mr Didcot is accually Gordon. Gordon has an interview with Linda and then the time has come when Helen goes into labour. Gordon has trouble getting to the hospital and then gets stuck in traffic. What will happen to Helen and her babies?

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