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The Brittas Empire Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Laying the Foundations

S01 E01

Jan 3, 1991
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Laying the Foundations Jan 3, 1991 Gordon Brittas is the manager at Whitbury Leisure Centre. The builders are laying the foundations but Gordon is very rude to one of the workers and they go on strike. He causes more trouble when he upsets one of the staff members and he's in for it when he is having a meeting with the staff.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Opening Day

S01 E02

Jan 10, 1991
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Opening Day Jan 10, 1991 I'ts Opening Day at Whitbury Leisure Centre and Gordon is getting ready to meet the Duchess of Kent. But things are going wrong when the electric doors aren't working properly and the water from the swimming pool is disappearing and the temperature rises. Will Gordon sort it all out before the Duchess of Kent arrives?

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Season 01, Episode 03 Bye Bye Baby

S01 E03

Jan 17, 1991
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Bye Bye Baby Jan 17, 1991 Carole has heard that her husband Derek is coming back, after what happened a long time ago. After all these years she will not have to work, Ben will have a father and she will feel much better. Meanwhile her baby goes missing and reception is getting crowded. Gordon tries to help tells Colin to find the baby and return it. Unfortunately Colin ends up returning the wrong baby. Then Gordon sorts out a man who has escaped a lot of stress. Will everything go right?

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Season 01, Episode 04 Underwater Wedding

S01 E04

Jan 24, 1991
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Underwater Wedding Jan 24, 1991 While doing an interview with Beverly, Gordon realizes that the best man for the underwater wedding that is happening in the pool is in trouble. Gavin is asked to help and then a disabled man in a inveigle car ends up getting drunk and starts causing trouble. Gordon is ready to stop the drunk but his ends up sending Gavin to hospital. Will Gordon stop the drunk?

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Season 01, Episode 05 Stop Thief

S01 E05

Feb 7, 1991
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Stop Thief Feb 7, 1991 Things have gone missing and Gordon has closed the centre for the day. He explains that there could be a thief about and sets a trap to catch the thief. The plan is to hide in a locker and sees who takes the bait (his wallet). Meanwhile Helen is suffering more stress then ever and takes Gordon to see the doctor leaving Colin to hide in the locker. That afternoon it turns out there isn't a thief but Colin is left hanging on the rail still in the locker.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Assassin

S01 E06

Feb 14, 1991
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Assassin Feb 14, 1991 Gordon is dealing with two problems today. He has heard that the centre is getting low on visitors and that someone is trying to kill him. All over the centre the killer is still trying to kill Gordon, but each time it goes wrong. Then the most dangerous attempt is going to be made. Who is the killer and what will happen to Gordon?

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