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The Bill Season 22

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Season 22, Episode 01 The Bill Season 22 Episode 1

S22 E01

Jan 4, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 1 Jan 4, 2006 Manson, now with MIT, is called to visit dying convict Vince Parker, who after admitting to an unsolved murder more than twenty years ago, accuses Meadows of framing him for a post office robbery as revenge for him escaping the murder charge. Manson, now forced to investigate his old boss, is teamed with DCI Frank Keane of the DPS, who is less than keen to see Meadows slip off the hook once again, after an incident at Stafford Row back in the '80s. Meanwhile, Meadows hooks up with his old DI, Dougie Price, in an attempt to clear his name. Parker's accomplice in the armed robbery then decides to back up his story, and then accuses Meadows and Payne of beating him to a pulp.

Season 22, Episode 02 The Bill Season 22 Episode 2

S22 E02

Jan 5, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 2 Jan 5, 2006 Meadows and Price realise that the only way of clearing their names is to track down witness Henry Thorpe before Manson and Keane do. Meadows' son Benjamin is then found beaten in his prison cell, and Nixon and Webb discover that Parker was behind the recent spate of robberies comitted on Benjamin's behalf. Meanwhile, Meadows visits villain Jimmy Hastings in an attempt to find out who the real robber on the armed blag was. Hastings claimed that 'Fat' Freddie Thornton was the second man, but with Thornton having been missing for over twenty years, Price seems to think Hastings is leading them up the garden path - until Meadows manages to track Thornton down.

Season 22, Episode 03 Episode 380

S22 E03

Jan 11, 2006
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Episode 380 Jan 11, 2006 Stamp and Hemmingway arrest a man for erratic driving, but he surprises them by confessing he raped a woman the night before. As Masters and Sim investigate, they discover that the man had been drugged with rohypnol, and when the missing victim is traced, it is far from clear which of them is the guilty party. Meanwhile, new recruits Lewis Hardy and Emma Keane join the relief. Hardy and Valentine investigate the theft of a car from a businessman working in Dubai, but Hardy finds himself with an official complaint lodged against him for an overzealous arrest, while fellow newcomer Keane assists Kapoor with investigating a bogus charity worker accepting cash donations.

Season 22, Episode 04 Episode 381

S22 E04

Jan 12, 2006
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Episode 381 Jan 12, 2006 Valentine and Hardy investigate a complaint from a young mother after she is confronted by a man whom she claims is selling drugs on the local estates. When the feud escalates and the man ends up getting stabbed with a needle, the young mother is arrested, but provides enough information for Okaro to mount a raid which gives Hardy a chance to sample undercover work. Meanwhile, De Costa offers to help out her social worker friend Saul after one of his former clients is threatened with a gun. She and Perkins investigate and discover that the young boy's sister is the target, and that the gunman, her ex-boyfriend, is trying to find out where she has been hiding.

Season 22, Episode 05 The Bill Season 22 Episode 5

S22 E05

Jan 18, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 5 Jan 18, 2006 Hunter and Perkins investigate when an off-licence owner is held at gunpoint by two armed robbers wielding a machine gun. When one of the robbers is identified as a local lout with previous, Perkins ropes in De Costa to try and gather information from the man's less-than-helpful girlfriend. With some gentle persuasion, however, the girl agrees to talk and provides the vital evidence against her boyfriend's accomplice. Meanwhile, Ackland is in court giving evidence in the case of a young woman who has accused her ex-husband of rape. However, Ackland is worried when the defendant tries contacting his former lover in an attempt to stop her from giving evidence against him in court.

Season 22, Episode 06 Episode 383

S22 E06

Jan 19, 2006
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Episode 383 Jan 19, 2006 Smithy accompanies Bryant out on the beat as they test out the new 'drugs dog' designed to catch street dealers and users. When they find a supply of cannabis on a young law student, they discover that his landlord has been growing a secret stash of the crop in a number of houses that he has been renting out to students. Ackland crumbles in the witness box as she continues to give evidence in the case of the young woman raped by her ex-husband, before revealing her own terrifying ordeal. Hunter and Masters investigate when Cindy turns up at the station having claimed to have found a young girl wandering alone in the park, but Hunter is concerned when her story doesn't add up.

Season 22, Episode 07 Episode 384

S22 E07

Jan 25, 2006
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Episode 384 Jan 25, 2006 Smithy wakes up to a living nightmare as DCI Keane from the DPS arrives to charge him with drink-driving and interrogate him on suspicion of deliberately killing Louise Larson. Nadir is convinced that Pete Larson has framed Smithy for Louise's murder and sets out on a one-man crusade to try and prove his innocence. When forensics confirm that the car which killed Louise doubled back and drove at her a second time, the slightest possibility of the whole incident being an accident is thrown out of the window. As Smithy begins to remember details of the event, Keane becomes only more convinced of his involvement when a witness comes forward and identifies him as the driver.

Season 22, Episode 08 Episode 385

S22 E08

Jan 26, 2006
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Episode 385 Jan 26, 2006 De Costa investigates when a young girl found injured by the river accuses a local healer of harming her during an Angolan ritual exorcism. However, upon investigation, she discovers that in fact it is simply the case that the young girl is being bullied at school - but during the course of the investigation, makes friends with the pastor of the local church in the hope of creating a further bond within the community. Meanwhile, Smithy puts on a brave face for his court appearance, but CID's efforts to link Pete Larson with Louise's death are derailed when their one lead - a gang member held by Nadir on drugs charges - slips through the net when he disguises himself with a false identity.

Season 22, Episode 09 The Bill Season 22 Episode 386

S22 E09

Feb 1, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 386 Feb 1, 2006 De Costa is roped in when the father of a young Ugandan girl asks for help in tracing her after she disappears whilst in the care of another family. When she and Perkins find the young girl locked away in the attic of a suburban house, they suspect that the girl is just one of a number who have been trafficked by the householders. DCI Caddick of the Child Abuse Investigation Team arrives to assist with the case and is impressed with De Costa's ability to build links with the immigrant community. Meanwhile, Hunter and Masters investigate a robbery where the supposed robber has left his wallet behind at the scene - but surely nobody can be careless enough to leave a calling card?

Season 22, Episode 10 Episode 387

S22 E10

Feb 2, 2006
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Episode 387 Feb 2, 2006 Nadir goes above and beyond the call of duty in his attempt to prove that witness Carl Caplan provided a fake account of events at Pete Larson's request to frame Smithy for murder. With Stamp and Hollis on close surveillance, Nadir discovers that Caplan lied in his witness statement, claiming he did not have a mobile phone - but just as Nadir thinks he's cracked him, DCI Keane throws him off the case. Meanwhile, De Costa and Perkins investigate when a young woman claims her father sexually abused her twenty years previously - but discover the therapist dealing with her case could have manipulated past events by prompting her to remember events which did not actually happen.

Season 22, Episode 11 The Bill Season 22 Episode 11

S22 E11

Feb 8, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 11 Feb 8, 2006 Hardy witnesses a shooting at his cousin Dominic's engagement party, but soon comes to realise that Dominic may know more about the incident than he is letting on. DS Shand from Operation Trident takes charge of the investigation, and begins to work on the theory that a recently formed gang, the E1s, are attempting to mark their territory to avoid their rivals, the Skens, from muscling in on their patch. When Hardy discovers his cousin has a gun, he is left feeling torn between family loyalty and his obligation to the job. As Webb and Sim speak to gang leader Mitchell Simmons in the hope of gathering further information, a second shooting leaves his girlfriend fighting for her life.

Season 22, Episode 12 The Bill Season 22 Episode 12

S22 E12

Feb 9, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 12 Feb 9, 2006 Hardy realises that his loyalty towards his cousin may be misjudged after he and Valentine are confronted with a gun as they break up a brawl between two major gangs. Shand manages to convince Jordan Tomlin to gather information on his behalf, and it's not long before the gun used in the shooting at the 222 club is discovered. When they discover gang leader Mitchell Simmons was responsible for the shooting, they realise that they have little time to stop him before he attempts to wipe out the rival leader who ordered the hit on his girlfriend. Meanwhile, one of the witnesses from the first shooting is found dead in the boot of her car, and Harman suspects her husband may be responsible.

Season 22, Episode 13 The Bill Season 22 Episode 390

S22 E13

Feb 15, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 390 Feb 15, 2006 Harman and Hollis attend the report of a seven-year-old schoolgirl who has disappeared. Sim is assigned as Family Liason officer and immediately notices the violent tendencies of the young girl's father. As Nixon and Hemmingway organise a search party, De Costa and Perkins begin trawling through all of the known sex offenders in the area. Meanwhile, Hunter reviews CCTV from nearby shops and is angered when the shop assistant proves to be less than helpful. As Manson organises a press conference, De Costa confirms that all of the known local pedophiles in the area have alibis, and inconsistencies in the father's account of his whereabouts start to look suspicious.

Season 22, Episode 14 Episode 391

S22 E14

Feb 22, 2006
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Episode 391 Feb 22, 2006 Sim applies the pressure when James Tennant fails to supply a convincing account of the unaccounted minutes in his timeline. When a phone call comes through to the incident room supposedly made by Amy, CID track the call to nearby Sherbourne Park and find a young boy who has been robbed and attacked. When they discover the boy is the best friend of Amy's step-brother, Todd, Manson discovers that the phone used to make the call belonged to the boy and that his sister was the person faking Amy's voice. Meanwhile, a witness comes forward claiming to have proof of James Tennant's violent behaviour, but Hemmingway's failure to take her seriously results in disaster.

Season 22, Episode 15 Episode 392

S22 E15

Feb 23, 2006
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Episode 392 Feb 23, 2006 Manson and the team continue to interview potential witnesses in the Amy Tennant case. As Perkins and De Costa interview Amy's gymnastics teacher, they discover that a parent of one of the children made a complaint when the man entered the girls changing room, claiming to be looking for a missing purse. When they discover that the man is in fact a former sex offender who has changed his name, he soon becomes prime suspect in Amy's disappearance. Meanwhile, Nadir investigates when a war breaks out between members of the E1 gang - including the trashing of a snooker hall, an assault on the elderly owner, and then a shooting at a record shop run by Jordan Tomlin.

Season 22, Episode 16 Episode 393

S22 E16

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Episode 393 Nadir coaches a local youth into posing an informant in order to use some shaky information from gang leader Jordan Tomlin as collateral for a raid on a supposed arms deal taking place between Asher Campbell and a well-known gun dealer. However, the sting backfires when only two of the promised eight automatic weapons are recovered. Perkins assists De Costa on her first investigation with the Child Abuse Unit when they investigate a possible case of neglect, which turns out to have been something much more sinister. Meanwhile, a witness finally comes forward to confirm James Tennant's alibi after a reconstruction of Amy's disappearance is broadcast on television.

Season 22, Episode 17 The Bill Season 22 Episode 17

S22 E17

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 17 Valentine and Hardy investigate a man suspected of abusing his ex-wife when she refuses to let him have regular access to their son. However, Hardy is less than happy with Valentine's handling of the case - and openly accuses him of racism in front of the suspect, which forces Hemmingway to take him off the case. Meanwhile, Keane gets her first undercover experience when Nixon invites her to take part in an obbo to catch a callous thief posing as a security guard. However, Nixon soon finds herself trying to persuade the suspect not to make an official complaint after the heated interview turns physical, leading an irate Keane to give the suspect a slap in the face.

Season 22, Episode 18 Episode 395

S22 E18

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Episode 395 Nadir continues to press gang leader Jordan Tomlin for information on the whereabouts of the remaining Mac-10 guns missing from the sting. However, aware that it has become local knowledge that Tomlin has a copper in his pocket, one of Tomlin's rivals, Devon Power, corners him at a DJ contest at the local community centre, and delivers a fatal gunshot. Hardy is torn when he discovers that his cousin, Dominic, left the venue minutes before the shooting and suspects that he may have had something to do with the attack. When he discovers that Dominic was the one who let the gunman into the building via a fire escape, he vows to have nothing more to do with his wayward cousin.

Season 22, Episode 19 Episode 396

S22 E19

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Episode 396 Smithy finds himself on the wrong side of the Long Marsh heavies when he tries to help a young boy, Jamie, to stay out of trouble in order to secure his parole. When Jamie is framed for stabbing wing leader Chris Hammond, Smithy tries to secure evidence to prove that fellow inmate Martin Johnson was responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, an affair between a property manager and one of his office staff proves to be a vital lead in securing Smithy's freedom, as the team finally manage to establish a connection between Carl Caplan and Pete Larson, and begin to gather evidence to prove that the £25,000 loan that Caplan received was payment for his security as a false witness.

Season 22, Episode 20 The Bill Season 22 Episode 20

S22 E20

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 20 Smithy becomes determined to nail Johnson for the stabbing of Chris Hammond, and manages to convince one of the screws to let him run with the case. Meanwhile, Meadows asks DCI Keane from the DPS for his assistance. As CID mount surveillance on both Joel Gates and Carl Caplan, they track Caplan to a meeting with one of Larson's heavies, Tommy Drake. They subsequently discover CCTV footage which confirms that Drake was the go-between who organised the deal between Larson and Caplan. As a delighted Smithy manages to catch Johnson and is informed of his impending release, Meadows gatecrashes Louise's funeral with a warrant for Pete Larson's arrest.

Season 22, Episode 21 The Bill Season 22 Episode 21

S22 E21

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 21 Okaro tasks the relief with policing a sell-out gig at the Bombastic nightclub. All goes well until Keane oversteps the mark and causes a mass brawl when she tries to arrest a punter for possession of drugs. As the brawl begins to cool down, a second disturbance breaks out, forcing Hemmingway to convince the club's security to let the entire queue in the club in order to prevent further violent disruption. When a young man is crushed at the front of the ever-increasing crowd, Valentine tries to prevent further casualties and asks the crowd to step back. As the revellers converge on an upstairs balcony, the balcony collapses, along with the sound system and a number of lighting rigs.

Season 22, Episode 22 Episode 399

S22 E22

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Episode 399 Webb and Nixon investigate when one of the bodies discovered in the nightclub aftermath turns out to be a Jamaican national travelling on a false identity, who was found in possession of a large quantity of drugs. Keane reunites a mother with her young son, who was killed as a result of the crush which occurred as revellers attempted to escape the club. Valentine slowly begins to recover from his injuries. Hemmingway is forced to justify her actions of allowing all and sundry into the club when the DPS are called in to investigate the events of the night before. Fletcher loses his cool with the driver whose car prevented the frightened party-goers from escaping through the fire exit.

Season 22, Episode 23 Episode 400

S22 E23

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Episode 400 Perkins and Sim investigate when a man is robbed and assaulted after paying a visit to a prostitute. When they encounter pimp Sonny James, Meadows calls in DC Stuart Turner, a newcomer from West End Central who has been trying to nail James for several years. When Turner discovers that James' rivalry with fellow pimp Gordon Kite has been re-ignited, the team lead a manhunt for James in order to secure his safety before Kite catches up with him. Fletcher and Casper deal with a number of angry bus passengers who have a grievance with their driver. When a bus later goes missing, the pair discover the driver they dealt with earlier doesn't work for the company anymore.

Season 22, Episode 24 The Bill Season 22 Episode 24

S22 E24

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 24 Turner continues his investigation into the murky world of pimps and prostitution as he investigates crime boss Craig Fenton, whom he suspects is dealing heroin and cocaine through a network of prostitutes. When one of Fenton's prostitutes is beaten within an inch of her life, Turner tries to convince her flat-mate to give evidence against Fenton and reveal the motive behind the attack. Meanwhile, Casper and Bryant deal with a ruckus between the husband of a school teacher and a pupil. Although the husband suspects that his wife has been playing away, Casper subsequently discovers that the teacher is addicted to heroin, and that the pupil in question is in fact her drug dealer.

Season 22, Episode 25 Episode 402

S22 E25

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Episode 402 The Hunter brothers are paired together to investigate the stabbing of a Syrian national. Suspicion immediately falls on GP Fiona Blakeston, although she claims that she does not know who the man is. The brothers are convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye and soon discover a link to a major scale antique-smuggling operation. A laptop goes missing from the workplace of Smithy's former cellmate Morris Leatherhead, and he and Hardy are forced to investigate. Convinced that a fellow employee has stolen the laptop to fund maternity wear, Ackland and Hollis operate a stop and search - but Bryant's failure to write up her CHRIS report leaves the team in deep water.

Season 22, Episode 26 The Bill Season 22 Episode 26

S22 E26

Apr 5, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 26 Apr 5, 2006 The Hunter brothers failure to gather enough evidence to keep antique smuggler Michael Hassan in custody, but having been wound up by both the shoddy interview and his brother's interference, Phil's next move leaves his brother's life hanging in the balance when two armed men douse him in petrol and threaten to set him alight. Smithy is forced to intervene when Morris Leatherhead trashes a kebab shop in an attempt to get taken back into prison. Meanwhile, following a near fatal beating on the Netherlake estate, Nadir and Perkins find themselves on the trail of two local youths blackmailing a number of older single men for protection money - in return for not branding them paedophiles.

Season 22, Episode 27 Episode 404

S22 E27

Apr 6, 2006
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Episode 404 Apr 6, 2006 Hunter investigates the brutal attack on his brother and soon suspects that smuggling suspect Michael Hassan may have been responsible, as a way of taking revenge for their altercation following his arrest. Meanwhile, a hit-and-run leaves a young girl dead, and Stamp is forced to arrest one of his old friends whom Casper suspects may have been at the wheel of the car. However, investigations later reveal that the man's fiance has been hiding a deadly secret. Turner and Nixon investigate a claim made by a concerned daughter after she suspects that her mother has been conned by a self-proclaimed 'lifestyle guru', who attempts to do a runner the moment the pair start to investigate.

Season 22, Episode 28 The Bill Season 22 Episode 28

S22 E28

Apr 12, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 28 Apr 12, 2006 Hunter and Nixon investigate when a young woman is found unconscious in an off licence, and claims she was raped the night before. With no evidence of the assailant to bear, Hunter suspects that the woman's boyfriend may be the attacker - but later discovers that he in fact brokered a deal with the landlord of his local pub, to clear his tab in return for offering his girlfriend for sex. When the defendant refutes that he did any such thing, Hunter decides to go commando and sleep with his solicitor in an attempt to broker a confession. Meanwhile, Ackland implicates a 'Dispersal Zone' on the Farleigh estate after an arson attack on an elderly resident by a group of local youths.

Season 22, Episode 29 Episode 406

S22 E29

Apr 13, 2006
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Episode 406 Apr 13, 2006 Manson re-opens the case into Amy Tennant's disappearance when an unidentified caller gets in contact with a local newspaper, claiming that he knows the whereabouts of the missing girl. Webb poses as a journalist in an attempt to meet with the caller, but the arrival of the press leads to the obbo going pear shaped. When Nadir discovers that the caller may be one of Amy's neighbours, Carl Barratt, the team trail him to an allotment where they find him burning a pile of personal belongings. Meanwhile, Ackland and Hollis are forced to tow the line with three local youths after an elderly resident on the Farleigh estate dies of a heart attack following a campaign of harassment.

Season 22, Episode 30 Episode 407

S22 E30

Apr 19, 2006
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Episode 407 Apr 19, 2006 Valentine returns to duty, and he is partnered and Hardy to investigate an arson attack on the home of a social worker. Valentine becomes determined to track down a witness to the incident who called for the fire brigade, only to discover that she isn't prepared to stand up in court and identify the arsonists. With one of the perpetrators appearing to have pimped out his own brother in return for blackmail money, Valentine tries to get the youth to cough up his brother to save his own skin. Meanwhile, Sim and Nadir investigate when a clinical registrar disappears after receiving a number of blackmail letters and threatening phone calls, but soon discover he may have left of his own accord.

Season 22, Episode 31 Episode 408

S22 E31

Apr 20, 2006
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Episode 408 Apr 20, 2006 Webb and Perkins investigate the disappearance of two young schoolgirls, concerned that their disappearance may be linked to the Amy Tennant case. As uniform begin a frantic search for the missing youngsters, Hemmingway and Bryant find them cowering in fear in the depths of a dark underpass. With the younger of the two siblings, Molly, having been beaten across the head, the search begins for their attacker - and the team are soon track down their prime suspect, a local waterworks employee who was seen with the two children shortly before the attack. However, forensic analysis shockingly reveals the older sibling's fingerprints on the weapon used to bludgeon her sister.

Season 22, Episode 32 Episode 409

S22 E32

Apr 26, 2006
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Episode 409 Apr 26, 2006 Sim interviews Charlotte Parker in an attempt to find out what truly happened to her sister. The girl initially denies all involvement until she crumbles under the overwhelming weight of the evidence against her, and subsequently makes a full confession. Webb confronts the girl's father following allegations that his behaviour against his wife was the catalyst for the attack. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Hardy investigate when the initial suspect in the case, Andrew Landor, is attacked and badly beaten in his flat. A number of witnesses claim that the attacker may have been one of Landon's workmates, Dave Peters - and Fletcher becomes to determined to find out who has been covering for him.

Season 22, Episode 33 The Bill Season 22 Episode 33

S22 E33

Apr 27, 2006
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The Bill Season 22 Episode 33 Apr 27, 2006 Nixon and Turner investigate when two seemingly unconnected victims are attacked with a hammer and left for dead. Having witnessed the first attack, Valentine is forced to cover his tracks after running from the scene following a traumatic flashback, leaving himself and Kapoor looking for a witness who does not exist. When the pair discover that the two victims both undertook contract work for a cancer research laboratory, Turner begins to look at ex-employees of the company with a connection to animal rights groups. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Casper deal with a former boxing champion who has fallen on hard times - and is being blackmailed by the landlord of his local pub.

Season 22, Episode 34 Episode 411

S22 E34

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Episode 411 Sim and Nadir investigate when a man is found beaten and unconscious in a skip on a deserted industrial estate. With no apparent motive for the attack, it isn't until a friend of Fletcher's who owns a local boxing gym gives him some information on an illegal bare-knuckle fighting operation that the team finally discover who may have been responsible. Meanwhile, Hardy and Keane take the lead on a case of criminal damage involving a forty-something singleton and his estranged mother - only for the case to take a surprising turn when the man confesses to murdering his own wife during the interview. However, with no evidence to prove his guilt, the pair are forced to let the man go.

Season 22, Episode 35 Episode 412

S22 E35

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Episode 412 Fletcher and Keane assist Turner and Nixon on a new 'Capture Car' initiative brought in by Okaro, in an attempt to reduce car crime figures on the local estates. Fletcher and Keane discover a scam where cars are being stolen to order, abandoned and then picked up by a scrap metal dealer, with the person who gives the tip-off to the vehicle's location being given a cut of the profit. However, when Casper pursues a stolen vehicle which speeds off into the distance, Nixon and Turner suspect that not everybody involved is abandoning their loot - and uncover an elaborate plan by an ex-con to frame his brother for an armed robbery as way of payback for the time he served in prison.

Season 22, Episode 36 The Bill Season 22 Episode 36

S22 E36

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 36 Nadir and Hunter investigate when a number of witnesses make complaints against a market trader, claiming that the perfume that he sold them has left them with scarring and burns. When the pair discover that Chez Williams, one of Nadir's former informants, has been running cases of the perfume to local pubs and clubs, they attempt to use him to crack the case. Meanwhile, Turner and Nixon investigate a suspicious death when a couple claim to have found an unidentified body in their living room. Hardy and Keane investigate when they suspect that a young man is faking his mother's dementia in order to steal her personal possessions, but Hardy isn't convinced of the man's guilt.

Season 22, Episode 37 Episode 414

S22 E37

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Episode 414 Stamp and Hollis are called to investigate a domestic disturbance at the home of the Parker family, and discover that Tom has once again beaten his wife, Fern. Webb tries to convince Fern to leave Tom, but his efforts are in vein - as later that day, Stamp and Hollis are asked to attend the property once again and find Tom dead on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Sim investigates a campaign of abuse against a local bar, but soon discovers that the owner may himself be responsible in order to frame his closest rival. Kapoor and Bryant investigate a firecracker attack on a local pensioner, but Bryant is upset to learn that her son Liam and his friend Gareth may be responsible for the attack.

Season 22, Episode 38 Episode 415

S22 E38

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Episode 415 DI Steph Radcliffe of MIT is seconded to Sun Hill to investigate the death of Tom Parker. Fern initially pleads self-defence, claiming Tom was about to attack her. However, under interrogation, she cracks and reveals that she murdered Tom out of rage, and that Webb coached her to plead self-defence - forcing Meadows to defend Webb under the scrutiny of MIT. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Bryant investigate an assault on a local pensioner. They soon discover that a motive of racial abuse may be behind the assault, but discover that the man was diagnosed with Alzheimer's some months previously. Bryant decides to accept a position with the Safer Neighbourhood team at Barton Street.

Season 22, Episode 39 Episode 416

S22 E39

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Episode 416 Nadir and Hunter investigate an apparent protection racket following a tip-off from Nadir's informant. However, Hunter is suspicious that not all could be as it seems when one of the victims hands over more than £2,000 in cash. Their subsequent investigation uncovers a plot to have a couple murdered, forcing Perkins to go undercover as the contract killer. Meanwhile, a crash between an ambulance and a car soon turns awry when a convicted murderer, who has been sentenced to life in prison, escapes from the back of the ambulance. Gold soon discovers that the occupant of the car has visited the prisoner several times whilst he has been in jail, and that the crash is no coincidence.

Season 22, Episode 40 Episode 417

S22 E40

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Episode 417 Hunter and Sim investigate when a toddler is found wandering the streets covered in blood - blood that doesn't belong to him. With both of his parents missing, it becomes a race against time to save them from one another - but when the boy's father is found slumped in a shallow grave in some woodland, Hunter and Sim try to uncover the truth behind two conflicting accounts of domestic violence. Meanwhile, Nixon and Turner investigate a stabbing in the local shopping centre. The victim is shaky when attempting to identify his attacker, but determined to get a result, Turner pressures him into positively identifying his prime suspect, Trey Parker - who soon turns out to be innocent.

Season 22, Episode 41 Episode 418

S22 E41

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Episode 418 Nixon and Turner investigate the shooting of a twelve-year-old boy, but suspect that his version of events is somewhat alternate to the truth. When the gun used in the shooting is identified as the same weapon involved in a shooting six years previously, suspicion falls on the boy's godfather. When the boy reveals that one of his school friends was responsible for the shooting, Hardy is left alone to confront the attacker when Valentine suffers another panic attack. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane investigate a burglary involving two young housemates, but after questioning one of the housemates' ex-boyfriends, soon suspect that the supposed 'burglary' may be nothing more than a scam.

Season 22, Episode 42 Episode 419

S22 E42

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Episode 419 Sim and new Trainee DC Kezia Walker are paired together to investigate a suspected rape, where the victim has no memory of the attack itself. With little DNA evidence and no witnesses to the attack itself, Walker's only lead in the form of an aggressive beggar falls flat when he manages to provide himself with an alibi. Meanwhile, uniform tackle two less than ordinary cases. Stamp and Fletcher attempt to find a burglar using his dog, whom he left at the crime scene. Before that however, they must find a way to disarm the angry mutt. Valentine and Hardy pull an elderly drink-driver who fools Hardy with the 'little old lady' routine, until Valentine discovers a long list of previous convictions.

Season 22, Episode 43 Episode 420

S22 E43

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Episode 420 Nadir and Hunter attempt to track down a group of drug dealers who plied a 13-year-old girl with heroin, causing her to overdose. When Nadir attempts to use the girl's brother to identify the main suppliers, in return for helping the police, the boy is beaten up and is severely wounded. Meanwhile, Valentine and Hardy deal with an assault at the local swimming pool, which appears to be nothing more than a domestic. However, the pair later discover that the feud is much more interesting than they first thought - and their investigations lead them to a buried safe containing more than £70,000 in jewellery. Okaro prepares to hand over the reigns as he accepts the post of Borough Commander.

Season 22, Episode 44 The Bill Season 22 Episode 44

S22 E44

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 44 Hunter and Nadir continue on their quest to nail drug dealer Tom Dwyer, but the arrival of new Superintendent John Heaton sees the investigation take an exciting turn of pace when Heaton tasks his officers to catch Dwyer - any way possible. Heaton even hauls in the boy's grandfather on a minor drugs charge in an attempt to use family loyalty as a method of breaking the case. Meanwhile, Sim and Walker investigate a further allegation of suspected rape and soon come to realise that a serial rapist, with a link to minicabbing, could be operating in the area. But with little evidence to identify a suspect, the pair's investigation soon comes to a hault before it's even barely started.

Season 22, Episode 45 The Bill Season 22 Episode 45

S22 E45

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 45 Harman attends an RTA, but is left puzzled by the actions of a witness, who hands her a blanket covered in blood. Meanwhile, a bag full of rotten meat is found dumped on some wasteground, and a number of angry restaurateurs complain after a wave of food poisoning strikes a local health club bistro. Nixon and Webb discover that an employee of the local meat processing plant has been on the take, but uncover a large scale scam involving the sale of rancid meat long past it's sell by date. Meanwhile, Hunter and Nadir speak to the owner of the health club and discover that it could be a front for a major money laundering operation, and that the club has links to dealer Kristen Shaw.

Season 22, Episode 46 Episode 423

S22 E46

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Episode 423 Nadir attempts to use former informant Chez Williams as a way of arranging a meeting with Kristen Shaw, so arranges for Hunter to plant evidence in Chez's van in an attempt to fool Chez into thinking he has become corrupt. Nadir then uses Heaton's latest initiative of targeting all street dealers in the area as a way of working himself onto Kristen's payroll. Meanwhile, Webb encounters Andrew Landor again when uniform haul him in for being unable to account for a large sum of money found in his possession. Suspecting that he has become embroiled in a counterfeit DVD scam, uniform trail Landor and discover a number of illegal private screenings being held at the local cinema.

Season 22, Episode 47 Episode 424

S22 E47

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Episode 424 Sim and Walker find themselves investigating their third reported rape case in little under two weeks, but are shocked when the victim identifies Stamp as her attacker. Stamp makes no denial of trying to help the girl after finding her in distress, but thanks to interference from Smithy, Walker manages to help the girl gather some idea of her timeline, which puts Stamp in the clear. Walker then decides to mount an undercover operation in the hope of catching the attacker. Meanwhile, Manson investigates a dodgy medium who claims to have had visions of Amy Tennant - but first must work out how she managed to steal a doll belonging to Amy from her bedroom and plant it in the woods.

Season 22, Episode 48 Episode 425

S22 E48

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Episode 425 Walker's operation goes pear shaped when the team's prime suspect turns out to being nothing more than a bag snatcher. However, when one of the former victims is contacted by her attacker, the team discover that the culprit is a driver from Stamp's cab firm. As Stamp attempts to do some digging, the attacker contacts his victim again, and Stamp is able to identify him. However, forensic evidence only links the suspect to one of the attacks. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane deal with a teenage girl who has entered an abusive relationship with an older boy in an attempt to gain access to alcohol, and Sim discovers that she has been accepted as the new sergeant for the Kidnap Squad.

Season 22, Episode 49 Episode 426

S22 E49

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Episode 426 Turner and Webb investigate when an armed robber disappears following a blag at a local convenience store. However, when CCTV shows the shopkeeper beating seven bells out of the robber with a cricket bat, the pair realise that time may be running out, and that they must find the victim before he succumbs to any harm. A vital lead in the case comes when the team identify the robber's vehicle as an abandoned scooter which Smith and Hollis dealt with earlier. Meanwhile, Heaton continues to promote his zero tolerance policy, and urges arrests for petty offences, beginning with a crackdown on crime at the nearby Penn Market - and Hardy finds a new investigative ally in Hinckley.

Season 22, Episode 50 Episode 427

S22 E50

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Episode 427 Heaton mounts an operation to catch a relatively small-time drug dealer in an attempt to get the names of his suppliers - but the operation doesn't go completely to plan, leaving the hard evidence pointing towards the dealer's wife. However, Hardy isn't prepared to watch an innocent woman go to jail, and convinces the woman to spill the beans on her husband. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Casper investigate a case of criminal damage involving the owner of the local go-kart stadium, but discover his actions towards a disabled customer to be less than desired, and Perkins' misjudgment of the Max Little case leaves the man's mother in serious danger, after he turns up on her doorstep.

Season 22, Episode 51 Episode 428

S22 E51

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Episode 428 Walker and Perkins investigate a domestic burglary with a twist - the apparent culprit has been shot and kneecapped by the property's owners, Anna and George Talbot. However, when they discover the victim is Anna's first husband, Jan, they uncover a string of fake marriages and con tricks, whereby Anna has been marrying vulnerable older men to get her hands on their money. Meanwhile, Smith and Hollis arrest the driver of a vehicle reportedly involved in a hit-and-run - but when the suspect turns out to be one of Kristen Shaw's henchmen, she asks Nadir to retrieve the car for her. Valentine and Hardy investigate a targeted campaign of abuse against arson witness Kathy Clarke.

Season 22, Episode 52 Episode 429

S22 E52

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Episode 429 Perkins investigates when a young girl is found unconscious after taking two suspicious 'E' tablets, but is even more shocked to discover that his daughter, Holly, may have secured the drugs for her from her boyfriend. In an attempt to catch her dealer in the act, Perkins poses as a buyer and is introduced to the boy's supplier, who offers him a major score. Just as the deal is about to go down, an armed gang ambush Perkins and Manson and manage to take off with more than £3,000 in cash and a stash of skunk worth more than £6,000. Hunter isn't too pleased to discover that Nadir may have been the one who blew the operation, by warning Kristen Shaw of the impending bust.

Season 22, Episode 53 The Bill Season 22 Episode 53

S22 E53

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 53 Nadir fights to maintain his position within Kristen Shaw's organisation after her associate, Paul Haskew, warns her against using Nadir for protection. In a bid to prove his worth, Nadir, along with assistance from Meadows and Heaton, arranges for one of Haskew's major dealers, Vernon Myer, to be busted whilst in possession of a large quantity of cocaine. Meanwhile, Turner and Nixon investigate when an arson attack on a garage on the Jasmine Allen estate results in the loss of a collection of exhibition paintings. The pair initially suspect the owner's best friend, who appears to have somewhat of an obsession with his com padre - until CCTV footage proves his innocence.

Season 22, Episode 54 Episode 431

S22 E54

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Episode 431 Nixon and Hunter investigate a distraction burglary at a telecommunications warehouse, but Turner is forced to step in when Hunter's son is taken ill. Their first major lead in the case comes in the form of an engagement ring left behind at the scene by one of the perpetrators. However, their real breakthrough doesn't come until they discover one of the perpetrators has a penchant for phoning adult sex lines whilst the burglary is being committed. Meanwhile, Ackland and Stamp investigate when an elderly resident at a care home disappears, along with the caretaker - and her life savings, and Walker is furious when the CPS drop the case against serial rapist Keith Durante.

Season 22, Episode 55 Episode 432

S22 E55

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Episode 432 Nixon and Turner investigate the hijacking of a heavy goods lorry which results in the theft of £150,000 worth of computer chips, as well as a substantial amount of other electrical goods. However, when they find half of the missing haul in a lock up belonging to an employee of the company, they realise that the computer chips may not have been aboard the lorry in the first place - and must stop the business directors eloping with a tidy profit. Meanwhile, Manson is forced to intervene when James Tennant commits a burglary, convinced he has found the hiding place where Amy is being kept, and Walker is reprimanded for continuing the investigation into serial rapist Keith Durante.

Season 22, Episode 56 Episode 433

S22 E56

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Episode 433 Walker believes she has found the breakthrough she was waiting for when rape suspect Keith Durante begins to stalk one of his victims, Beth Adamson. Manson gives Durante a caution for harassment, but ignores all boundaries and tries to contact Beth by phone. Believing she can finally nail Durante, Walker is devastated when Beth agrees to meet Durante, and the evidence against him falls apart. Meanwhile, Valentine and Hardy find themselves delivering a baby when they attend the scene of a crash, but elation turns to intrigue when they find a suspicious package of cocaine in the boot of the crashed vehicle. Perkins is forced to break up a row between Max Little and his brother, Taylor.

Season 22, Episode 57 Episode 434

S22 E57

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Episode 434 Fletcher is hand picked by officers from Special Branch to infiltrate the "Racial Defence Army", a local left-wing group whom Special Branch suspect are about to carry out a major-scale attack on London. Posing as a racist police officer, Fletcher asks his friend Ewan, already a member of the group, to arrange a meeting with group leader Robert Barry. Fletcher is initially welcomed into the fold, until another member of the group, Nick, becomes suspicious when the group's plan to kidnap a radical Muslim cleric goes wrong. Nick then carries out a kidnapping of his own - but when his plans are once again thwarted, Nick confronts Fletcher and discovers that he is working undercover.

Season 22, Episode 58 Episode 435

S22 E58

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Episode 435 Fletcher realises that his cover may still be intact, and the team attempt to dig up as much evidence on Nick as possible to allow them to refuse him the right to any communication with the outside world. Later, Fletcher and Ewan are confronted by a group of angry Muslims following Nick's outburst the previous day, but Keane arrives in the midst of the confrontation and catches Fletcher about to commit an assault. Unaware he is undercover, Keane reports Fletcher to Heaton, who has no choice but to 'suspend' him - making the perfect cover for Fletcher to reconvene with Robert Barry, who the team discover now plans to plant a live bomb to frame a radical Muslim group.

Season 22, Episode 59 Episode 436

S22 E59

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Episode 436 Nixon and Hunter investigate when a pensioner is found sealed in the freezer of his own basement. Initial suspicion falls on the elderly man's cleaner, who appears to have been accepting a more than generous wage as well as a number of gifts from her employer. However, Nixon is convinced that the man's son isn't telling the whole truth and soon comes to realise that he may have been trying to frame the cleaner to throw the scent from himself. Meanwhile, Perkins' day goes from bad to worse when he ends up receiving a beating whilst trying to protect Max Little, before investigating a dodgy translator representing a Togoan national who has been accused of theft by her employers.

Season 22, Episode 60 Episode 437

S22 E60

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Episode 437 Valentine and Hardy attend the scene when paramedics find a young boy who has fallen into a coma after accidentally taking heroin posing as baby formula. Despite the mother's initial objections to talk, she reluctantly agrees to give up her partner, who has been working as a dealer for Marlin Vickers - a major rival of Kristen Shaw. When Manson discovers that Nadir has been working undercover, he presses Meadows to finish the op to allow him to bust Vickers and Shaw in one foul swoop. However, Nadir isn't pleased with the governor's interference and goes behind his back, tipping off Shaw of the impending raid - a move which looks to have finally secured him her trust and loyalty.

Season 22, Episode 61 The Bill Season 22 Episode 61

S22 E61

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 61 Nadir and Walker investigate a fire at the warehouse of a clothing supplier, but Walker suspects that all isn't as it seems when she and Harman discover a stash of fake stock in the apartment of one of the business directors. With CCTV proving that he was at the warehouse on the night of the fire, the pair are convinced they have found their man - until some crucial evidence takes the case in a completely different direction. Meanwhile, Valentine continues to support witness Kathy Clarke after she is attacked by one of the relatives of the defendant she is testifying against in the arson case, and when Kristen Shaw is assaulted, Nadir takes matters into his own hands and confronts her attacker.

Season 22, Episode 62 The Bill Season 22 Episode 62

S22 E62

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 62 Ackland and Valentine attend a road traffic accident involving a disturbed young woman who has little recollection of wandering into the road. Later, they are called to the scene of an assault and find the woman attacking a bailiff who is attempting to repossess her car. Valentine is less than sympathetic to the accused, until they later find the woman atop a derelict multi-story car park, threatening to jump. Meanwhile, Manson leads the investigation into the assault on drug dealer Louis Drake, but when he identifies Nadir as his attacker, Nadir is forced to fake an alibi and an investigation report in an attempt to cover his tracks, but Manson isn't entirely convinced of his innocence.

Season 22, Episode 63 Episode 440

S22 E63

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Episode 440 Nixon and Turner investigate the stabbing of a recently released armed robber, who is found aboard his houseboat alongside a stash of cocaine. With two possible motives for the attack, the pair visit one of the robber's victims, who was crippled after being shot during a post office raid. However, evidence soon points towards his son when a mobile phone belonging to him is found at the scene. Meanwhile, following a spate of bad press reports, Heaton demands high visibility patrols of the Jasmine Allen estate. Stamp and Kapoor find themselves investigating three thefts, and discover that a young boy, who is trying to propose to his girlfriend, stole the items as he was unable to pay for them.

Season 22, Episode 64 The Bill Season 22 Episode 64

S22 E64

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 64 Heaton organises a raid on a crack house, but little goes to plan when the target drug dealer escapes, an elderly woman is found locked in squaller in the property, and two seriously ill neighbours find their door being kicked in when Heaton suspects that the suspect may be hiding in their attic. When the team finally catch up with the dealer, he denies all knowledge of anyone being held captive, until they discover that the elderly victim is his Nan - and that he has been using her house as a crack factory. Meanwhile, Smith is paired with recently transferred PC Diane Noble to investigate an assault on a homeless alcoholic, but the attacker turns out to be someone they least suspect.

Season 22, Episode 65 The Bill Season 22 Episode 65

S22 E65

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 65 Walker re-opens the case into rapist Keith Durante when one of his victims, Beth Adamson, reports that he has been following her and making harassing phone calls. In an attempt to trap his once and for all, she enlists Meadows' help to set up an operation to catch Durante in the act, but the operation goes pear-shaped. However, when Beth later disappears, Walker tries to break Durante's wife in an attempt to find out where Beth could be. Meanwhile, a spate of car thefts on the Antrim Green estate sees Heaton step up patrols, but an unwitting Stamp and Kapoor fall for a distraction theft whilst rescuing a cat when the wheels of their area car are punctured and their rear number plate stolen.

Season 22, Episode 66 Episode 443

S22 E66

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Episode 443 Walker interviews Keith Durante from his hospital bed, but soon comes to realise that despite all that has happened, he does not blame victim Beth Adamson for attacking him. She decides to setup one last meet between the pair in the hope that Durante will finally see sense and confess to his crime - and after speaking with Beth Adamson, Durante's wife withdraws the alibis she gave him for the nights of the three rapes. Meanwhile, Nixon and Hunter investigate a fire a guest house. They discover that the property was home to a number of illegal immigrants, but despite Hunter being convinced that they have their prime suspect, Nixon continues to dig until she reaches a breakthrough.

Season 22, Episode 67 Episode 444

S22 E67

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Episode 444 Webb and Walker investigate when a campaign of harassment and hate-mail leads Keith Durante's wife Louise to try and commit suicide. Webb manages to track down the anonymous neighbour who alerted the police, but he refuses to identify of those involved - until it becomes apparent that the father of one of Durante's victims may be involved. Meanwhile, Hollis and Stamp are annoyed when Smithy gives them the case of investigating a dog-napping - until Hollis' persistence with the case leads to the discovery of a lead into a missing persons case - and possibly even a murder. However, Stamp is distracted when his father is admitted to hospital with a serious chest infection.

Season 22, Episode 68 Episode 445

S22 E68

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Episode 445 Webb witnesses a drug deal on his way to work, but when he confronts the buyer, he discovers that he was actually buying several steriles of hospital-grade morphine. Meanwhile, whilst out on patrol, Casper and Fletcher find a man collapsed in the street, and soon discover that he has overdosed on a similar sample of morphine to that found by Webb earlier. As Perkins discovers that a quantity of morphine has disappeared from the pharmacy at St. Hugh's hospital, Webb pressures the dealer to give up the name of his supplier, but the breakthrough comes when Casper identifies a woman caught on CCTV outside the dealer's house as a hospital sister that he questioned earlier in the day.

Season 22, Episode 69 The Bill Season 22 Episode 69

S22 E69

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 69 Turner investigates when a Croatian prostitute is thrown into the path of a moving police car. A trace of the vehicle used in the attack leads Turner to an abandoned warehouse, where he finds a number of trafficked sex workers who are being held against their will. When a number of passports are found at the property, Turner realises that a number of girls are still missing and realises that they could be working in a brothel nearby. When the team's prime suspect does a bunk abroad, Hunter and Nixon are sent to Bucharest to liaise with the Romanian police. Hunter mounts his own operation, but the operation goes badly wrong when he realises a mole has tipped off their prime suspect.

Season 22, Episode 70 Episode 447

S22 E70

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Episode 447 Turner continues to co-ordinate the search for missing prostitute Petya Barlev, while Hunter and Nixon gradually get closer to Radu Gilka, but not before they find themselves being held at gunpoint by two of Nastasia's henchmen. When Hunter's informant is found dead with a bullet through the head, he continues to suspect the local police inspector of being a mole - until the initial assault victim gives Turner a shocking piece of information about the aid worker who has been helping Nixon. As Turner finally manages to track down mysterious pimp Marius, with the help of Petya's husband Andre, Hunter and Nixon close in on Gilka, who reluctantly reveals the location where Petya is being held.

Season 22, Episode 71 Episode 448

S22 E71

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Episode 448 Casper and Fletcher are called to the scene of a disturbance at a truck stop cafe, but the owner refuses to speak out against those involved. Meanwhile, Perkins is tailing ex-con Max Little's son, Taylor, after Max informs him that the boy has been running errands for crook Barry Green. When Perkins witnesses the cafe owner handing over money to Taylor, he suspects that Green has been using Taylor as part of a protection racket. Meanwhile, Hemmingway and Harman deal with a group of youths who are bullying a homeless man, and when they find the ringleader spraying down the man, Hemmingway turns the washer on the yob - but despite positive feedback, she is suspended.

Season 22, Episode 72 The Bill Season 22 Episode 72

S22 E72

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 72 Perkins finally gets cafe owner Robbie Owen to cough, and he reveals that Green slipped him a bung to hire out his cafe to seal a deal against a delivery of illegal cigarettes from Spain. Perkins sets up an operation to catch Green in the act, but the operation goes pear-shaped, and he soon discovers Max Little's son Taylor in possession of a bloodstained knife. Little then tries to throw Green off a motorway bridge, but Perkins manages to switch the situation around to his advantage. Meanwhile, Hollis and Kapoor investigate when a homeless man is robbed, but when they discover he is an illegal immigrant, Kapoor's conscience gets the better of her and she lets the man escape.

Season 22, Episode 73 Episode 450

S22 E73

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Episode 450 Hardy and Hemmingway investigate when a young girl reports her father missing following a break-in at his home, and later discover that he was kidnapped by the attacker. After initially suspecting an ex-employee of his company, Hemmingway later discovers that one of the man's former school friends decided to take his revenge on him following a sustained campaign of bullying. However, as she and Hardy close in to make an arrest, the suspect flees onto a bus, where he holds Hemmingway and six other passengers hostage at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane arrest a youth for shoplifting and dealing in stolen CDs on the basis of video footage found on a mislaid mobile phone.

Season 22, Episode 74 Episode 451

S22 E74

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Episode 451 Webb is arrested on a charge of rape after a woman who he spent the night with accuses him of attacking her. Nadir poses as his fed rep to get close to the two offers from Mill Street who are investigating the case, and soon manages two further suspects for the attack, both of whom have means and motive for the attack. Meadows tries to get to the bottom of why Webb has adopted a party lifestyle and warns him to clean up his act. Meanwhile, Harman and Fletcher attend to an RTA, where the victim accuses the driver of drink-driving - however, with the driver lying unconscious in hospital, Fletcher decides to take a blood sample to prove his guilt - but the sample subsequently disappears.

Season 22, Episode 75 Episode 452

S22 E75

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Episode 452 Gold leads an operation into clearing a red light district of streetwalkers. Harman and Keane arrest two prostitutes for breach of the peace, but Harman soon links one of them to a robbery. Kapoor and Casper deal with a man also looking for a prostitute, whom he suspects of robbing him. However, when he collapses, Kapoor discovers that he has serious head injuries. Meanwhile, Nadir subsequently arranges for one of the prostitutes arrested by Harman to be released as a favour for Kristen Shaw and Paul Haskew - but when the girl is found badly beaten, Manson discovers she is a Columbian drugs mule, and that Shaw could be involved in something much greater than they expected.

Season 22, Episode 76 The Bill Season 22 Episode 76

S22 E76

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 76 Webb investigates when prostitute Carrie Morgan disappears after picking up a late-night punter at the local pub. When a witness identifies one of the pub staff as the punter, Webb interviews a cagey father and son who both deny any involvement in the disappearance. Meanwhile, Nadir confronts Kristen Shaw and Paul Haskew over the assault of drugs mule Eva Garcia, using the situation as a catalyst to broker a meet between himself and drugs kingpin Jose Alvarez. However, when he is confronted at gunpoint, he is forced to take drastic action to keep Alvarez on side and rescue an otherwise sinking deal - but having finally won Haskew's trust, Haskew gives him a gun for protection.

Season 22, Episode 77 Episode 454

S22 E77

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Episode 454 Hemmingway and Harman investigate a break-in at a doctor's surgery, but the situation becomes complicated when they catch youth Billy Aldridge in possession of a quantity of stolen drugs samples. When the surgery receptionist confesses to the crime, Hemmingway suspects that she is trying to take the rap for someone else - but also has suspicions that the GP running the surgery has something to hide. Later, she confronts Aldridge, who claims the doctor paid him to keep quiet about the fact that he is sleeping with an under-age girl. Meanwhile, Perkins helps Keane and Fletcher trap a cowboy builder with a sideline in blackmail, and Fletcher is assaulted on his way home from work.

Season 22, Episode 78 Episode 455

S22 E78

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Episode 455 Hemmingway and Nadir investigate Billy Aldridge's accusation against his doctor, but the pressure of the case leads Nadir to lose his cool in front of the suspect. With the girl refusing to corroborate Aldridge's story, the case looks all but set to collapse until Nadir ranks up the pressure. Meanwhile, Perkins investigates the assault on Fletcher, but convinced that Hinckley was behind the assault, Fletcher turns up on his doorstep and gives him a friendly punch in the face. When Stamp and Hollis stop a man in possession of Fletcher's warrant card, he identifies the two men who attacked Fletcher as Hinckley's usher and best man for his wedding to Keane, but Fletcher refuses to pursue the case.

Season 22, Episode 79 Episode 79

S22 E79

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Episode 79 Turner and Nixon investigate an arson attack on a foster home, and suspect the boyfriend of one of the foster children may be responsible. Unconvinced that the man's watertight alibi is kosher, Turner continues to dig and discovers several links to the B&B fire that he and Nixon investigated several weeks before, and witnesses which place the suspect at the scene of both attacks. Meanwhile, after investigating a laptop theft, Hunter and Webb set up an operation to catch a scammer trying to sell on illegally smuggled banknotes from the US, which have been coated in black paint to avoid customs, after several of the supposed notes turn out to be nothing more than blank sheets of paper.

Season 22, Episode 80 Episode 457

S22 E80

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Episode 457 Barton Street Sgt. Nikki Wright comes across a man with stab wounds on the shoreline of the river Thames. Meanwhile, Stamp and Hemmingway are on the trail of two armed robbers who have just held up a bookies' headquarters at gunpoint. In the ensuing chase, the getaway vehicle comes face to face with an ambulance carrying Sgt. Wright and the stab victim, resulting in a pile-up and a standoff between the gunman and armed police. As Wright manages to calm the gunman down, the second robber manages to flee to safety, and the chase is on to find him before he strikes again. However, Meadows soon realises that a supposed hostage may have secretly been part of the robbery.

Season 22, Episode 81 Episode 458

S22 E81

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Episode 458 Webb investigates when prostitute Carrie Morgan is found after being the victim of a serious assault. Webb initially suspects that the attacker may be a punter that she picked up the previous night, but when Carrie regains consciousness, she claims that the beating was from her pimp, who found out that she was seeing customers without giving him his cut. Meanwhile, the investigation surrounding the doctor accused of sleeping with an under-age girl is re-opened after the young girl involved withdraws her statement. Hemmingway leans on youth Billy Aldridge in an attempt to get him to make a statement, but soon discovers that the reason the girl is frightened is because she is pregnant.

Season 22, Episode 82 Episode 459

S22 E82

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Episode 459 Hemmingway is given twenty-four hours to come up with the evidence to prove that Dr. Wilder is guilty of paedophilia, and working on an instinct that it may not be the first time he has committed such an offence, manages to find a link to another abuse victim. When she discovers that Wilder is still in contact with the boy, a raid on the boy's house uncovers a bedroom full of recording equipment and pornographic material. Having secured the result she was looking for, Hemmingway decides to accept a sergeant's post with the Youth Offending Team. Meanwhile, Hunter sends Nixon and Turner on a wild-goose chase, but the case turns out to be much juicier than he first thought.

Season 22, Episode 83 Episode 460

S22 E83

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Episode 460 Smithy's day goes from bad to worse when a fight that brakes out in custody during a power failure turns into an attempted murder, when one of the prisoners is stabbed with a knife. With only four suspects who could have possibly committed the crime, the team attempt to work out which one of them could be responsible for the attack: David Coles, the husband of Perkins' ex-wife, who firstly assaults him and then Walker after he discovers Perkins' illicit affair with his wife; Julie Knights, the best friend of the victim; the victim's flat-mate, Ollie, who turns out to be the Army sergeant of her deceased son, and a woman who claims she is unable to even remember her own name - or can she?

Season 22, Episode 84 Episode 461

S22 E84

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Episode 461 Fletcher is forced to fend off an accusation of assault after his attempt to break-up a fight between a man and his girlfriend outside the local nightclub goes horribly wrong. When the man's girlfriend corroborates his version of events - that Fletcher threw the first punch - his career seems all but over until Valentine discovers that a witness to the incident is not as innocent as he claims to be - which subsequently leads Hunter and Perkins stumble upon an elaborate scam to pull off a jewellery shop robbery. After the man and his girlfriend are arrested, Perkins uses the situation to Fletcher's advantage in an attempt to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Nadir's father is arrested for burglary.

Season 22, Episode 85 The Bill Season 22 Episode 85

S22 E85

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 85 Meadows isn't impressed with Nadir's lack of progress on the undercover operation, so decides to set up a sting to catch Haskew and Alvarez red handed during a major drug deal. While Nadir tries to keep Shaw out of the limelight, SOCA wade into the picture and force Meadows to abort the planned raid, having uncovered information that Haskew and Alvarez are about to shake on a £6 million pound trafficking deal. Meanwhile, Casper and Valentine attend to a young boy who is found chained up in handcuffs. Their investigation leads them to a group of rowdy teenagers in the middle of a housewarming party, where they find an intoxicated girl unconscious in the neighbour's garden pond.

Season 22, Episode 86 Episode 463

S22 E86

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Episode 463 As SOCA prepare to intercept the Colombian drugs shipment, Meadows and Hunter attempt to re-start their campaign to bring down Kristen Shaw by arresting a petty dealer, who offers up information on Shaw's network of dealers and suppliers. Nadir finds his loyalties torn between Shaw and the job, and finally steps firmly over the line when he offers up false information to Meadows regarding the planned date for the trafficking deal. Meanwhile, Gold and Valentine are ordered back to the scene of the housewarming when another domestic dispute breaks out, but are later forced to step in when the youngest child of the householder is kidnapped by his absent father and held to ransom.

Season 22, Episode 87 The Bill Season 22 Episode 87

S22 E87

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 87 Turner and Perkins find themselves in awkward position when one of the suspects arrested in a raid on a counterfeit car parts business turns out to be none other than an undercover Masters, who has been working undercover for a haulage firm involved in gun-running alongside her long-time informant, Seth Mercer. Although initially reluctant to co-operate, Masters eventually agrees to let her former Sun Hill colleagues provide back-up for a planned meet between rival dealers Dougie Clark and Phillip Hanson, but the deal goes badly wrong when Hanson recognises Mercer from his days as a supergrass. Meanwhile, Harman and Kapoor break-up a fight between relatives at a funeral.

Season 22, Episode 88 The Bill Season 22 Episode 88

S22 E88

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 88 Masters frantically begins the search for Seth Mercer, who has been abducted at gunpoint by arms dealer Phillip Hanson. A search of one of Hanson's warehouses uncovers evidence that someone has been seriously injured, but she and Perkins find Hanson's car, they unexpectedly discover Hanson's mutilated body in the boot. Mercer soon becomes a prime suspect for murder, but with both the police and a former arch enemy on his trail, it boils down to which of them will find him first. Meanwhile, uniform attend a mass eviction of council tenants from the Aldbourne Estate, and deal with an allegation of assault when a pregnant woman claims that one of the bailiffs attacked her.

Season 22, Episode 89 Episode 466

S22 E89

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Episode 466 Christmas Special. Sun Hill faces a busy christmas shift as Harman and Noble investigate an assault on one of Noble's former army colleagues. Plagued by a former grudge, Noble's opinion of the victim clouds her judgement when she begins searching for a motive for the attack, but soon realises that the most likely suspect may be in fact be the man's wife. Meanwhile, Webb and Walker investigate an arson attack on a flat set for demolition on the Aldbourne estate, but have to contend with an action rights protester, who decides to go lone ranger and steal a digger belonging to the contraction company, and a dad determined to protect his son from a life of unemployment and drugs.

Season 22, Episode 90 The Bill Season 22 Episode 90

S22 E90

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 90 Smith and Noble investigate when a 16-year-old girl reportedly disappears from home after having a sleepover at her friend's house. However, they soon discover that the girl is safe and well and has been staying with secret boyfriend. When the girl's father finds out, he provides Turner and Walker with information into an illegal marriage scam being run by the boy and his father. Meanwhile, Webb tries to distance himself from ex-prostitute Carrie Morgan after she is arrested for the alleged theft of a bracelet from her workplace. However, Webb soon discovers that one of her fellow work colleagues may have stolen the bracelet in an attempt to use it to blackmail her into having sex.

Season 22, Episode 91 The Bill Season 22 Episode 91

S22 E91

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The Bill Season 22 Episode 91 The mastertape of this episode was stolen during a robbery at the programme's recording studios in September 2006. Subsequently, filming schedules did not allow for the episode to re-recorded in time for broadcast. Subsequently, this episode would later be re-written and re-titled and broadcast during Series 23 under the title of "Blood Money". The original synopsis for the episode was as follows:Part One. Nixon and Noble investigate when a young woman is thrown from a walkway on the Cole Lane Estate, which subsequently leads her husband to try and take his own life. When Smith and Noble attend a disturbance at the woman's flat the next day, they discover that she has disappeared without trace. Meanwhile, an assault being investigated by Webb leads Perkins, Stamp and Casper to go undercover. The initial recording would not have featured Sgt. Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth), and this appears to be the only character re-write in the second recording.

Season 22, Episode 92 Harmony

S22 E92

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Harmony The mastertape of this episode was stolen during a robbery at the programme's recording studios in September 2006. Subsequently, filming schedules did not allow for the episode to re-recorded in time for broadcast. Subsequently, this episode would later be re-written and re-titled and broadcast during Series 23 under the title of "To Honour and Obey". The original synopsis for the episode was as follows:Part Two. Nixon and Meadows investigate when the body of Reshna Dewan is hauled from the Thames, and new evidence suggests that her extra-marital affairs may have had a part to play in her death. Meanwhile, Noble and Webb question the eccentric victim of an alleged mugging, who claims to be an undercover police officer, but Scotland Yard refuse to confirm or deny whether or not she is telling the truth. The initial recording would not have featured Sgt. Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth), and this appears to be the only character re-write in the second recording.

Season 22, Episode 93 Get on Your Bike

S22 E93

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Get on Your Bike Valentine and Hollis come across the decomposed body of a drug user whilst pursuing some youths on suspicion of theft, but the case takes an unexpected turn when the father of the deceased turns out to be a good friend of James Tennant. Meanwhile, Wright's first official shift at Sun Hill proves even more eventful than her last when she and Stamp attend the scene of a failed robbery at a jeweller's shop. After initially suspecting the jeweller of shooting the robber, CCTV footage reveals that a second man was present at the scene, leading Perkins to discover a connection with a long-time criminal who has just been released from Long Marsh after a ten year stretch for robbery.