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The Angry Video Game Nerd Season 5

Here's where to watch every episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd season 5. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 05, Episode 01 Street Fighter 2010

S05 E01

Jan 6, 2010
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Street Fighter 2010 Jan 6, 2010 What better way to kick off the year 2010 than by playing Street Fighter 2010? The Nerd strives to beat this ridiculously hard game that has nothing to do with the Street Fighter series, and as a bonus, he plays not only the Sega Saturn adaptation of the Street Fighter movie, but he actually manages to find and play the original Street Fighter game! And as you might expect, they all suck.

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Season 05, Episode 02 Hydlide

S05 E02

Jan 20, 2010
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Hydlide Jan 20, 2010 Within the NES collection of the Nerd lies a game called Hydlide, the pronunciation of the name is debate-able. The Nerd points out that while the game looks like a rip off of Legend of Zelda, its actually older than Zelda. It was originally released as a computer game but got re-released for the NES at the wake of the first Zelda game. Excluding the similarities to Zelda, the game is nothing special. The Nerd's main complaint is the confusing selection of options on the menu screen and the use of long passwords in order to beat the game. When a save feature would of...

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Season 05, Episode 03 Ninja Gaiden

S05 E03

Feb 4, 2010
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Ninja Gaiden Feb 4, 2010 Ninja Gaiden is one of the Nerd's favorite games, but its extreme difficulty has prevented him from beating it. This game is so hard, you'd have to be a ninja to beat it. The Nerd seeks one out, who trains him in the art of overcoming difficulty and sharpens his skills. However, this game might prove to be more than a match for the wise old master.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 04 Swordquest

S05 E04

Feb 17, 2010
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Swordquest Feb 17, 2010 The Nerd does a history lecture on the Swordquest games which were not just your average Atari action genre games but were actually games used for a promotional contest where gamers have a chance to win actual treasures made of gold and other minerals. Only three games were made when it was planned to be a four game series. However due to the 1983 video game crash, Atari pulled the plug on the production of the fourth and final game and the two remaining contests never happened. The three remaining treasures are said to be in the ownership of the head of Atari at the...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 05 Pong Consoles

S05 E05

Mar 6, 2010
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Pong Consoles Mar 6, 2010 The Nerd does a lecture on the game Pong a very simple concept for a game that ended up spawning to many spin-offs and remakes. In this case he reviews every single Pong console he can obtain. Most of these console don't have insert slots for games because the games are already programmed into the consoles themselves. Most of the consoles would either not work properly or have unusual features during the game play. The most obscure consoles are the ones that don't have an AC adapter outlet which makes hooking the consoles up a big chore. The Nerd expressed how times...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 06 Action 52

S05 E06

Apr 30, 2010
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Action 52 Apr 30, 2010 After getting so many request to review Action 52, the Nerd has no choice but to give what his fans want. The game is an unlicensed NES game compiled with 52 games. This seem to be a cool idea, until the Nerd discovers what those games are. So he does a marathon run on the first 51 games and every single one either has characters dying in mid-air, characters too small to identify, too many space shooter genre games, games that make no sense, enemies that don't die, games that keep crashing, & whole bunch of other disastrous elements. After being tortured by only 51...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 07 Cheetahmen

S05 E07

May 9, 2010
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Cheetahmen May 9, 2010 The Nerd reviews the 52nd game on Action 52 titled the Cheetah Men, which came with it's own single volume comic and a preview to a line of action figures that never got made. It looked like the best game cause all of the efforts seem to be poured into it the most compared to the other games. However the game isn't any better than the other 51 games. It suffers from unusual glitches and the attack moves are worthless to certain enemies. After finishing all 52 games, the Nerd decided to play the unreleased Cheetah Men 2 game. It's so rare that only 1500 cartridges were...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 08 Game Glitches

S05 E08

Jul 7, 2010
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Game Glitches Jul 7, 2010 The Nerd is about to enjoy playing the NES Pac-Man, only to discover that it contains game glitches. He tries to blow the dust out of it and even try playing it on different NES consoles, but nothing worked. When this sort of thing happens, the Nerd knows it's the work of the Glitch Gremlin. A tiny little gremlin who is the main cause of all game glitches. Upon trying to get rid of the gremlin, the Nerd discusses several games that contain glitches after being released in public. These glitches can make the games more interesting or make them a lot more helpful upon...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 09 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

S05 E09

Aug 5, 2010
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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Aug 5, 2010 The Nerd is surprised to get a lot of requests to review the second Zelda game which he comments is a good game. But decides to review it since the game was known for being harder than the other entries in the Zelda franchise. The main complaint the Nerd had was the constant encounters with the enemies which happens too often during the over world exploration. While the only way to progress further in areas you need a walkthrough in order to beat the game. In the end the game is a hate it or like it game and the Nerd could see that Nintendo tried to separate the...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 10 Back to the Future Trilogy

S05 E10

Sep 3, 2010
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Back to the Future Trilogy Sep 3, 2010 The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews the Back to the Future video games and also revisits Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES), Top Gun (NES), Back to the Future (NES), and Back to the Future Part II & III (NES).

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 11 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Re-Revisited

S05 E11

Oct 7, 2010
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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Re-Revisited Oct 7, 2010 After being surprised that people ignored his warning and played the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game for the NES. The Nerd reluctantly decides to revisit the game to give it a more explored review on it. But the idea of re-playing the game makes the Nerd feel uneasy about it. As he starts off playing the game he points out a few tips on how to play the game longer, except doing so is a real chore. While the obstacles in the game still make no sense, like how Jekyll has no defense yet Hyde does. The armada of townsfolk and random animals attacking Jekyll makes the game...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 12 Lester the Unlikely

S05 E12

Nov 4, 2010
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Lester the Unlikely Nov 4, 2010 The Nerd randomly picks a Super Nintendo game to review which turns out to be Lester the Unlikely. The Nerd knows that the game isn't going to be fun just by seeing the main title screen and the intro. What perplexes the Nerd is that Lester is a wimpy guy who can't attack with anything but a puny kick, unable to with stand jumping from a high place, and is afraid of almost everything he encounters. To make matters worse, the levels of the game look like they're design for a more playable plat-former game with a character that isn't as weak as Lester. In the end the...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 13 How the Nerd Stole Christmas

S05 E13

Dec 8, 2010
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How the Nerd Stole Christmas Dec 8, 2010 The Nerd who appears only as an illustration is frustrated that the citizens of Gameville have all the good games, while he is stuck with the bad games. So the Nerd decides to ruin the citizens of Gameville's Christmas by replacing their presents containing good games with really bad games. He does this in the same style as the Grinch complete with Narrator and a singer who sings a parody of You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch. Upon his heist, the Nerd gives off some very brief reviews on random bad games and pointing out what makes them so bad.

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