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Watch The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood

IMDB: 7.9/10Action & AdventureChildren1955 - 19604 Seasons

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a British television series comprising 143 half-hour, black and white episodes broadcast weekly between 1955 and 1959 on ITV. It stars Richard Greene as the outlaw Robin Hood and Alan Wheatley as his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The show followed the legendary character Robin Hood and his band of merry men in Sherwood Forest and the surrounding vicinity. While some episodes dramatised the traditional Robin Hood tales, most episodes were original dramas created by the show's writers and producers. The programme was produced by Sapphire Films Ltd for ITC Entertainment, was filmed at Nettlefold Studios with some location work, and was the first of many pre-filmed shows commissioned by Lew Grade. In 1954, Grade was approached by American producer Hannah Weinstein to finance a series of 39 half hour episodes, at a budget of £10,000 an episode, of a series she wished to make called 'The Adventures of Robin Hood', for which she had already signed Richard Greene to the project as Robin Hood and been given the backing of US distribution company, Official Films Inc, who were confident of selling it to the US market. Grade was so impressed by her proposal that he agreed immediately to back the series, hoping to make large profits by selling programmes to the lucrative American market. In the UK, the series premiered on ATV London, on Sunday 25 September 1955 the US premiere was on Monday 26 September 1955 by CBS, ATV Midlands began the series on Friday 17 February 1956, the series had a staggered start across the other regions from 1956-1961 as the ITV regional stations came on-air for the first time in the UK. The series was shot on 35mm film to provide the best possible picture quality, and had fade-outs where US commercials were intended to slot in.

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Season 4

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Sybella

S04 E01

Sybella Nov 21, 1959

On his way to join King Richard in the Holy Land, the Earl of Steyne is ambushed by Baron Onslow, and killed. Onslow changes clothes with the dead Earl, and posing as him, rides to Nottingham, with the Earls' letter of introduction from Robin to the King. What is he plotting?

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Flying Sorcerer

S04 E02

The Flying Sorcerer Nov 28, 1959

Lord Giles of Richmond, in Nottingham to supervise the collection of outstanding taxes, sees an opportunity to increase his own wealth, when he sees Lord Eilmer, an elderly, harmless eccentric, carrying out scientific experiments in the market-place.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Lady-Killer

S04 E03

The Lady-Killer Dec 5, 1959

Robin is out hunting with Derwent when he sees his old friend Will Scarlett stalking a deer. Before Robin can join him, two foresters arrive and arrest Will for poaching.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 A Touch Of Fever

S04 E04

A Touch Of Fever Dec 12, 1959

Robin and his men capture three knights riding through Sherwood Forest. Difficulties arise when Marian recognises one of them as her cousin.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Devil You Don't Know

S04 E05

The Devil You Don't Know Dec 19, 1959

The Sheriff is to be sent to London for a few months, and a deputy is to replace him in Nottingham. Will the new Sheriff be as tyrannical as the old one? Robin and Will Scarlett are out searching for Alan-a-Dale, who has failed to return to camp, when they see a group of horsemen with a young yeoman prisoner. They decide to help the captive.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Loaf

S04 E06

The Loaf Jan 2, 1960

The Sheriff learns that in London there is a great demand for flour, and high prices are being paid for it. This gives him an idea that will improve his finances - though the Nottingham poor will suffer.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Six Strings To His Bow

S04 E07

Six Strings To His Bow Jan 9, 1960

At the 'Blue Boar Inn', Robin meets a strange knight playing a harp, and decides not to interrupt the newcomer. But when a crossbow bolt flies through the window, narrowly missing thew knight, Robin thinks he should make his presence known.

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Season 3

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 The Salt King

S03 E01

The Salt King Sep 30, 1957

In the days of Robin Hood, various essential goods were in short supply, and certain lords held monopolies on them. One such commodity was salt, and Lord Guthrie is plotting with the Sheriff to hold up supplies so the price will rise. The plan works well, until Robin steps in.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 A Tuck In Time

S03 E02

A Tuck In Time Oct 7, 1957

Edgar, Friar Tuck's twin brother, has returned from the East with a deadly machine, and is prepared to sell it to Prince John. But Robin and Tuck plan to stop him.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Pepper

S03 E03

Pepper Oct 14, 1957

Robin becomes involved in the fortunes of a Byzantine princess, Irene, who has been held hostage in England.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 The Charter

S03 E04

The Charter Oct 21, 1957

Lord Greenwald is seriously ill in his castle, and he is the only person who knows the hiding place of a Charter which will limit Prince Johns' power, should he become king. Marian learns where the Charter is hidden, but how can she and Robin get to it before the Sheriff finds out too?

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 A Change Of Heart

S03 E05

A Change Of Heart Oct 28, 1957

Friar Tuck, now living in Tintern Abbey, sends for Robin's help against Lord Humphrey, who is planning to expel the Celts from the Forest of Dean, where they have lived for centuries.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Brother Battle

S03 E06

Brother Battle Nov 4, 1957

Brother Wootan, a great believer in education, has been banished many times for teaching the children of serfs to read. Robin allows him to start a school in the forest, and one of the unwilling pupils is Little John. Unfortunately for Robin's immediate plans, Wootan arrives just as he is planning to capture a consignment of Prince John's gold going to the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 My Brother's Keeper

S03 E07

My Brother's Keeper Nov 11, 1957

Sir Loren is caught ill-treating a blacksmith, and is banished from his home by his father. Then Loren kills his young brother in the forest. Robin and Little John are the only witnesses, but knowing that they cannot risk giving evidence themselves, they seek a way to make Loren confess.

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