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Teen Mom 2

imdb logo4.4/10
RealityDocumentary7+2011 - Present12 SeasonsReturns: Jul. 17, 2018Tags:Spin Off

Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah are four young women navigating complicated lives. It's not always easy being a young mom.

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Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Nothing Stays the Same

S01 E01

Jan 12, 2011
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Nothing Stays the Same Jan 12, 2011 Teen mom Jenelle is going out all hours of the night, causing her mom to serve her papers to take away custody of baby Jace, while Leah attempts to win back Corey, the father of her twins. Chelsea moves out of her dad's house with baby Aubree and tries to get back on track to graduate from high school, and Kailyn is heartbroken when Jo breaks up with her, and tries to get over it by flirting with a guy at work.

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Season 01, Episode 02 So Much to Lose

S01 E02

Jan 19, 2011
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So Much to Lose Jan 19, 2011 Leah breaks down when a doctor's visit reveals that there's something wrong with one of the twins and she turns to Corey for comfort, while Chelsea starts hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Adam again, much to her friends' dismay. Kailyn starts dating a new guy but things go haywire when Jo and his family find out about it, and Jenelle convinces her mom to let her come home when she realizes how much she misses Jace.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Change of Heart

S01 E03

Jan 26, 2011
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Change of Heart Jan 26, 2011 Over the fourth of July, Jo's parents give Kailyn an ultimatum; lose the new guy and focus on school or find a new place to live, while Jenelle has a change of heart and agrees to sign custody of Jace over to her mom. Leah and Corey give it another shot and get back together and Chelsea tells Megan she's giving Adam another chance.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Moving In, Moving On

S01 E04

Feb 2, 2011
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Moving In, Moving On Feb 2, 2011 Teenage mom Kailyn is forced to borrow money from Jo to make her school payments, and Chelsea breaks the news to Megan that she's going to let Adam move in with them so Aubree can have a normal family. Jenelle meets a new guy and stays out all night with him, and Leah and Corey decide to move in together and find their own place.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Too Much Too Fast

S01 E05

Feb 9, 2011
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Too Much Too Fast Feb 9, 2011 While Jenelle is trying to figure out how to pay for school, she breaks Barbara's rules again, and things get tough for Corey and Leah once she's stuck at home watching the girls full time. Adam moves in and Chelsea tries to keep it from her dad, and Kailyn starts school but has to figure out where she and Isaac should live when Jo's parents kick them out.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Taking Sides

S01 E06

Feb 16, 2011
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Taking Sides Feb 16, 2011 Things between Adam and Megan reach a boiling point and he forces her to move out, while Barbara helps Jenelle get her financial aid and invites her to attend Jace's first birthday. Things improve between Leah and Corey and their romance heats up, and Kailyn moves back in with Jo's parents and tells everyone that she doesn't want to be with Jo.

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Season 01, Episode 07 Switching Gears

S01 E07

Feb 23, 2011
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Switching Gears Feb 23, 2011 Corey surprises Leah with a marriage proposal, but things get hard when an eye doctor tells her Ali's development problems may originate in the brain. Chelsea tries to shift her focus back to school, while Kailyn gets a second job so she can move out on her own. Jenelle and her boyfriend Kieffer wear out their welcome at a friend's house and have to find a place to live while Jenelle begins college.

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Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 Best Laid Plans

S02 E01

Dec 7, 2011
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Best Laid Plans Dec 7, 2011 Jenelle is back with Kieffer after bailing him out of jail; Chelsea debates giving Adam another chance; Leah looks for a job; and Kailyn takes Isaac trick-or-treating.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Curveball

S02 E02

Dec 14, 2011
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Curveball Dec 14, 2011 Jenelle is living in her car with Kieffer; Leah is devastated to learn Ali will have to be sedated for an MRI; Chelsea re-tears her ACL; and Kailyn can't afford to live on her own.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Intensive Care

S02 E03

Dec 21, 2011
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Intensive Care Dec 21, 2011 Jenelle reflects on her life and tries to mend her relationship with her mom, Chelsea recovers from surgery with Adam's help, Kailyn moves out of her mom's house, and Leah takes Ali to get another MRI.

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Season 02, Episode 04 No Looking Back

S02 E04

Dec 28, 2011
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No Looking Back Dec 28, 2011 Kailyn explores new birth control options, Jenelle brings Kieffer to jail so that he can turn himself in to the police, Chelsea recovers from surgery without Adam, and Leah gets the results of Ali's MRI

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Season 02, Episode 05 Home for Christmas

S02 E05

Jan 4, 2012
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Home for Christmas Jan 4, 2012 Kailyn adjusts to being alone for the holidays, while Chelsea and Adam reconcile. Leah works to make a memorable Christmas for the twins and Jenelle regrets filing charges against Kieffer.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Lean on Me

S02 E06

Jan 11, 2012
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Lean on Me Jan 11, 2012 Chelsea learns a friend of hers is pregnant, while Leah is horrified to learn that Aliannah may have a genetic disorder. Kieffer and Jenelle have a court date set for them and Kailyn becomes annoyed with the men in her life.

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Season 02, Episode 07 Breaking Point

S02 E07

Jan 11, 2012
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Breaking Point Jan 11, 2012 Kieffer is jealous when Jenelle hangs out with an old boyfriend, Leah gets the results of Ali's genetic testing, Chelsea finds a new apartment and Kailyn deals with recovering from a car accident and filing for child support.

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