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Survivors Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Survivors season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Birth of a Hope

S02 E01

Mar 31, 1976
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Birth of a Hope Mar 31, 1976 Greg travels to a community at Whitecross to trade with its leader Charles Vaughan (Denis Lill) who he last met at Mardell. Jenny is now pregnant so Greg also seeks news of Ruth's whereabouts, as she promised to return to help with the birth. Whilst Greg is away, a fire destroys the grange. The survivors of the blaze are soon reunited with Greg, who leads the way back to Whitecross where they hope to stay, at least until Jenny has had her baby...

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Season 02, Episode 02 Greater Love

S02 E02

Apr 7, 1976
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Greater Love Apr 7, 1976 When there are complications after the birth of Jenny's baby, Ruth knows that the only course of action is to locate some medicine to treate her. Paul, who is now in love with Ruth, elects to go on the dangerous journey into Birmingham to find what Ruth needs. Eventually Paul returns, but he reveals that he doesn't fell too well. Ruth isolates Paul in a barn to prevent the possible spread of infection and begins to treat Jenny whose condition has worsened...

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Season 02, Episode 03 Lights of London (1)

S02 E03

Apr 14, 1976
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Lights of London (1) Apr 14, 1976 A couple called Penny and Amul arrive at Whitecross claiming to have news of Abby. Ruth goes with them thinking her medical skills are needed at the place where Abby is staying. She soon learns that she is being taken to London instead to help nurse the sick there and that Abby has already moved on. The large settlement in London is run by a man called Manny who does not want Ruth to leave. When Greg and Charles fear for Ruth's safety they journey to London to rescue her...

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Season 02, Episode 04 Lights of London (2)

S02 E04

Apr 21, 1976
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Lights of London (2) Apr 21, 1976 Greg and Charles arrive at the London settlement and are reunited with Ruth. She tells them she can't leave the sick there and come back to Whitecross, especially as her assistance will be needed if the community is to be re-located to the Isle of Wight as planned. When Ruth learns from Nessie that Manny has no intention of taking the community out of London, she agrees to an escape attempt with Greg and Charles...

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 Face of the Tiger

S02 E05

Apr 28, 1976
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Face of the Tiger Apr 28, 1976 A man called Alistair arrives at Whitecross and considers the possibility of staying there permanently. He hides the fact that he is a convicted child killer because he feels that he is a different person now and has paid the price for his crime. Unfortunately Hubert finds a newspaper clipping belonging to Alistair which details his past. He passes the information on to others. When John goes missing, Alistair is immediately suspected...

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 The Witch

S02 E06

May 5, 1976
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The Witch May 5, 1976 When Mina (Delia Paton), an eccentric member of the community at Whitecross, spurns Hubert's unwelcome attentions, he begins to spread vicious rumours that she is a witch. When John and Lizzie see Mina bake a clay figure representing Hubert and Pet and Peggy add up other recent events, they begin to believe that Hubert may be right......

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 A Friend in Need

S02 E07

May 12, 1976
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A Friend in Need May 12, 1976 Charles and Greg hold a meeting at Whitecross with leaders of nearby settlements to try to come to some co-operative agreements. The event is interrupted by the news that the wife of one of the leaders has been killed by a sniper. It is soon learned that the sniper targets young women and seems to be travelling towards Whitecross. Jenny, bravely volunteers to act as bait to bring the sniper out into the open...

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Season 02, Episode 08 By Bread Alone

S02 E08

May 19, 1976
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By Bread Alone May 19, 1976 When a former vicar, Lewis Fearns (Roy Herrick), arrives at Whitecross and reveals his occupation, community life is disrupted. Charles becomes worried that the distractions caused by Lewis may be very damaging given the hard work that is required to sustain the settlement. Is there a place for God and a return to religion in the new order of things..?

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Season 02, Episode 09 The Chosen

S02 E09

May 26, 1976
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The Chosen May 26, 1976 Charles and Pet are returning from a salt collecting expedition when they meet two other travellers who become very ill. They take them to a nearby settlement in an old army camp. The community there is run like a police state where eugenics, euthansia and religious fervour all hold sway. The people there are led by a charismatic man called Max Kershaw and his second in command Joy Dunn. Pet is fearful that they may not be allowed to leave, whilst Charles is summoned to speak to the community's council...

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 Parasites

S02 E10

Jun 2, 1976
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Parasites Jun 2, 1976 Mina befriends a man called John Millen and arranges to meet him at Whitecross at a later date. When John fails to arrive and two other men come to the settlement on his barge (one of them wearing John's hat) Mina fears the worst. Charles and Greg welcome the men, Kane and Grice, but also have misgivings about their intentions. Pet is suspicious too, as she recognises Kane from before 'the death'...

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 New Arrivals

S02 E11

Jun 9, 1976
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New Arrivals Jun 9, 1976 Ruth invites members of a failed community to join the Whitecross settlement, despite the fact that they have been exposed to a disease. When Arthur and Jack contract the illness she fears she may have made an error in judgement. Meanwhile, the self appointed leader of the young new arrivals, Mark Carter (Ian Hastings), advises Charles on where he is going wrong agriculturally and draws up a new plan for him to examine...

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Season 02, Episode 12 Over the Hills

S02 E12

Jun 16, 1976
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Over the Hills Jun 16, 1976 When Sally becomes pregnant by Alan, Charles is overjoyed, thinking this will encourage a baby boom at Whitecross. Sally wants to live with Alan as his wife but he has other ideas. As the situation becomes more tense, Charles crosses swords with Melanie, Ruth and even Pet...

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 New World

S02 E13

Jun 23, 1976
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New World Jun 23, 1976 There is a much excitement when a balloon passes over Whitecross. However, when the balloon comes down and its occupant is found dead a mystery is left behind. The man is discovered to be a Norwegian and he has in his possession various items that suggests he has been mapping the nation's settlements. When Melanie and Alan meet one of the ballonist's acquaintances, Seth, they learn that the man had been travelling with his daughter Agnes. When Agnes eventually arrives at Whitecross things will never be the same again for our survivors...

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