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Go BackStrange Days at Blake Holsey High

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Wormhole

S01 E01

Oct 5, 2002
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Wormhole Oct 5, 2002 A wormhole opens in an office floor and the science professor disappears into the wormhole, never to be seen again. Josie Trent experiences an extremely interesting first day at Blake Holsey High when she and her new roommate, Corrine, travel through the same wormhole. Could this give an indication of exactly what occurred to cause the mysterious incidents at "Black Hole High?"

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 02 Invisible

S01 E02

Oct 12, 2002
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Invisible Oct 12, 2002 Marshall doesn't want to be the most popular guy at Blake Holsey; he just wants his friends to notice him. But when he begins to feel completely ignored, Marshall finds himself disappearing until he becomes invisible. Although enjoying his newfound ability at first, Marshall starts to realize that he is slowly fading away into nothing. Can he and his friends restore his visibility before he ceases to exist?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 Magnet

S01 E03

Oct 19, 2002
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Magnet Oct 19, 2002 Josie literally develops a magnetic personality after a botched experiment. She uses her new gift for her amusement at first, but later discovers that it it is gradually slipping out of her control. Will her friends be able to save her before she becomes only a memory?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 Thursday

S01 E04

Nov 16, 2002
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Thursday Nov 16, 2002 Corrine's perfect record is put to the test when she has the worst day of her life. Everything starts when Josie unplugs her alarm clock, making her late for class and leading into a series of events gradually making the day worse at every turn. The worst part of it is that Corrine must do this all again tomorrow when the day keeps repeating itself. She must accept the fact that every day isn't perfect or be pulled down with her own personal neverending time loop.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 Lifetime

S01 E05

Nov 23, 2002
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Lifetime Nov 23, 2002 Blake Holsey can be really difficult for a student like Lucas who, despite his grand intelligence and great sense of humor, gets bullied for being a little eccentric. He wishes that he could be an adult, and as a result of an abnormal mayfly bite, his wish is granted. Lucas enjoys his short time as a grownup, but begins to realize that he is rapidly aging at the same rate as a mayfly does. Will Lucas be able to reverse the process and return to normal before it is too late?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 Fate

S01 E06

Dec 7, 2002
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Fate Dec 7, 2002 Josie and Vaughn are transported through the wormhole in Professor Z's office and find themselves in 1977, where they meet their scandalously young principal and a teenage version of Vaughn's dad, Victor. Josie soon discovers that Vaughn has a hidden agenda: to see how his parents first met. But when Vaughn disrupts the timeline by stealing an object from the past, Josie returns to the present to see that Blake Holsey has drastically changed. Will Josie be able to find a way to change things back, or will she be stuck in a strange version of the present?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 Culture

S01 E07

Dec 14, 2002
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Culture Dec 14, 2002 The black hole energy creates a replica of Josie, using DNA from her chewing gum, resulting in the "birth" of Josie 2. With the sudden arrival of her mysterious mom, Kelly Trent, Josie is forced to confront her worst fear: does her mom actually care about her?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 08 Radio

S01 E08

Jan 4, 2003
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Radio Jan 4, 2003 Lucas finds an old radio dish in the basement of the school, and discovers that it can receive radio signals from the future. A confusing broadcast is received, and he learns that Blake Holsey suddenly disappears. The Science Club must win the battle against destiny and change the future, or lose all that they hold dear to them.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Storm

S01 E09

Jan 11, 2003
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Storm Jan 11, 2003 Black Hole energy interferes once again. While the Janitor senses something will soon occur, the members of the Science Club continue their exploration of the paranormal phenomenon which afflicts the school. But secrets concerning strange phenomenon at BHH are given to Victor Pearson by Vaughn. As a result, Vaughn is in a bad mood. Which literally produces a strange occurrence! Do his emotions cause the catastrophic storm above his head? How will Vaughn make the gray clouds, which follow him all the time, disappear for good?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 Who?

S01 E10

Jan 18, 2003
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Who? Jan 18, 2003 Josie convinces Corrine to make plans to accompany her to the movies. But privileges may be taken by Durst, who decides instead to give them a warning, which saves Corrine from her parents\' reprimands. Meanwhile, Professor Z has an unsettling experience in his office: while waiting to be evaluated, after collecting fallen papers from the floor, he suddenly finds his head caught inside the wormhole, which makes him lose his memory. But that\'s not all that happens: while the group tries to find a solution, they realise that Professor Z can play the guitar, does not like science, and is afraid of clowns! When and how will he become himself again?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 11 Lost

S01 E11

Jan 25, 2003
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Lost Jan 25, 2003 Josie dreams about Pearadyne Laboratories, but what proved to only be a nightmare almost becomes reality when she finds herself on the way to Pearadyne Laboratory ruins with Vaughn Pearson. Their prohibited fact finding mission reveals strange phenomenon. And soon, Josie's friends realise that this old laboratory is actually located on a powerful magnetic site. Even more strange events begin occurring and could become very dangerous to everyone...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 12 Robot

S01 E12

Feb 8, 2003
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Robot Feb 8, 2003 Josie just can't seem to become organised enough to finish her robot building project, which annoys Corrine since they are partners. However, Josie astonishes everyone when she actually creates a robot that will clean. When it goes too far, Josie tries to turn it off which sends the robot's programing to a default program that not even Josie would want to be...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 13 Shrink (1)

S01 E13

Mar 1, 2003
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Shrink (1) Mar 1, 2003 Josie doesn't like her lack of height. Josie learns the advantages of being shorter than everyone else when she actually shrinks to being four inches tall, despite her efforts to grow.Victor Pearson wants to run some tests on the school.

Not Available