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Star Wars: Ewoks Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Star Wars: Ewoks season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 The Cries of the Trees

S01 E01

Sep 7, 1985
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The Cries of the Trees Sep 7, 1985 It hasn't rained in the forest in a while, and the tribe is afraid of a forest fire. Wicket, Kneesaa, Teebo, and Latara, while running an errand, meet the Firefolk, a peaceful group of firefly elves. A witch named Morag tries to catch the elves. They escape, but she manages to capture one. Meanwhile, Logray and Chief Chirpa are trying to develop some alternative methods to prevent a forest fire. The young Ewoks get back the next morning, and Paploo (Kneesaa's cousin) takes them to play a game away in the forest, while they are supposed to be working. Wicket's aunt catches them in the act, and sentences them back to work. In the meantime, at Morag's cave, Morag's spider helpers bring in the Dulok shaman (wizard/medicine man). Together with him, Morag plans revenge on her archrival Logray, and uses the magical firefly that she captured, along with some magic, to bring. She turns the fly into a possessed firespreading beast, and each other firefly that it touches, becomes evil… The flie

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 02 The Haunted Village

S01 E02

Sep 14, 1985
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The Haunted Village Sep 14, 1985 Wicket and Kneesaa slide down a chute/slide in the village. When they get down, Kneesaa and Wicket, along with two sunberry trees, are grabbed up in the claws of a giant velociraptor. Kneesaa and Wicket escape, but the two trees are lost. Later, they hear the growl of the evil bird again. Wicket and Kneesaa are arguingThey go to Logray's hut, to find out what that was all about. They find out that Morag is behind it, as she is trying to capture all the sunberry trees (which the Ewoks pretty much live off of). The next day, Logray demonstrates to the village a new formula he developed (in the shape of a bar of soap), that can make everything invisible. By pouring water over the invisible object, in turn, will make it visible again. They will apply the soap to the trees, so Morag won't see them. After the demonstration, several young Ewoks go swimming in a nearby pond. Little do they know, that at the other side of the pond, two Duloks are on the lookout. The Dulok shaman captures

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 Rampage of the Phlogs

S01 E03

Sep 21, 1985
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Rampage of the Phlogs Sep 21, 1985 Kneesaa and Latara are sailing on a float on the river. They are discussing how much Latara likes Teebo, and in the meantime two giant Phlogs accidentally knock them in the water.Kneesaa and Latara immediately return to the village, where Logray tells them about the Phlogs. They are peaceful creatures travelling through the forest, and the Ewoks must stay out of their way and mustn't make them mad, otherwise they will become dangerous. The smallest member of the Phlogs, a baby Phlog, is kidnapped by the evil Morag. The Phlogs go off looking for him, but aren't successful. In the meantime, Morag brings the baby Phlog to the Duloks, and asks them to take care of it. In the Ewok village, Malani, a little Ewok, is lost, and Wicket and the gang go off searching for her. They run into the Phlogs, who in turn are looking for their baby Phlog. The Phlogs throw the Ewoks into the river, and dissappear down the stream. At the Duloks' hideout, King Gorneesh has to change baby Phlog's diape

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 To Save Deej

S01 E04

Sep 28, 1985
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To Save Deej Sep 28, 1985 While browsing through the forest, Wicket's father Deej falls over a treetrunk, and falls into a tree covered with a strange mushroom-type growth. Deej comes in contact with it, and becomes very ill. A strange creature called a Gupin, who happened to be in the neighborhood, caused the whole ordeal, and was blamed for it. The Ewoks go to Logray's hut, where Logray tells Wicket about several ingredients that he has to gather, that will serve as a cure for Logray's illness. Wicket and his brother goofy brother Willy, along with their oldest brother Weechee, split up and go look for the ingredients. Willy finds his ingredient, a feather in an enormous bird's nest, first, but gets caught in the bird's nest. While Wicket is searching for the star urchin (the ingredient he has to look for), he finds the Gupin tied to a tree, captured by several odd-looking creatures. Wicket frees the Gupin, and the two escape together. Coincidentally, Wicket finds the star urchin at the same time. After

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 The Travelling Jindas

S01 E05

Oct 5, 1985
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The Travelling Jindas Oct 5, 1985 Latara wants to play music on her flute all day, but her parents make her clean the house all day, and baby-sit they're little children. Wicket and the gang come by, and ask her to come and play, but she can't, because she has chores to do. Latara goes out into the woods with her two little siblings, and plays music for them. The Duloks, who have small children of their own, and could use a baby-sitter, too, overhear it, and observe how well she can keep the children under control. Meanwhile, a circus-type group called ‘The Traveling Jindas' come into town. They travel from town to town and village to village, and bring entertainment for everyone. Latara begs Chief Chirpa to let the Jindas stay in the village, and Chirpa lets them stay for one day. The Jindas entertain all the Ewoks with music, dance, and many other acts. When the Jindas leave the next day, Latara decides to go with them, because nobody appreciates her music in the village. She tells nobody except for Wicket, Teebo,

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 The Tree of Light

S01 E06

Oct 12, 1985
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The Tree of Light Oct 12, 1985 A big storm hits the forest, and the Ewoks must travel to the Tree of Lights, because the winds are almost fading it. Logray gives the warrior a magic lantern that leads them to the Tree. Weechee (Wicket and Willy's older brother) is the Ewok who is leading the quest. However, the Dulok shaman also realizes that the Tree of Lights is fading. If it were to fade out, the Ewoks wouldn't have their power anymore, and King Gorneesh would become ruler of the forest. So the Duloks are racing the Ewoks to cut the tree down.Wicket, Latara, and Kneesaa have to stay behind, but Wicket secretly follows the Ewok warriors. Along the way, Willy, who holds the lantern, drops it, and Wicket, who is only a little behind them, catches it before it drops into a river. So they let Wicket come with them. Even farther behind the warrior Ewoks, Kneesaa and Latara are trying to follow, too. Meanwhile, the Dulok shaman and his nephew are trying to find the tree, too. The whole gang (the warriors, the girls

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 The Curse of the Jindas

S01 E07

Oct 19, 1985
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The Curse of the Jindas Oct 19, 1985 Wicket, Kneesaa, Latara, Paploo, Weechee, and Widdle travel to Moot the traders for their winter's supplements. Wicket, having earned special vonvon stones, trades them in - much to his brothers' constant mockery - for a supposedly lucky stone and gives it to Kneesaa as a gift. On their way back to the village they are attacked and consequently captured by small blue critters known as the ""Scandets"". Luckily for the Ewoks, the Jindas arrive in the village and help them escape. But as they all return to the Ewoks village, large hovering rocks chase after the Jindas. Assiting the entertainers in reaching higher ground, the Ewoks enquire about these strange boulders which the Jindas refer to as ""the curse of the Jindas"". Years ago, the Jindas were not entertainers but farmers, living a happy life in the presence of a powerful Rock Wizard. On day they displeased the Wizard and he banished them from their home, casting a spell that if they ever stayed in the one place too long, the curse wo

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 08 The Land of the Gupins

S01 E08

Oct 26, 1985
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The Land of the Gupins Oct 26, 1985 Wicket and his gang, while running through the forest, finds his good Gupin friend, and the Gupin does some magic tricks to amuse the Ewoks. However, the Gupin changes into a bird, and flies off, but gets caught in a spider web. The Ewoks follow him, and get caught, too. They get flinged away out of the web, and then come across the Gupin's brother. The Gupin finds out that his energy is decreasing, and that he has to attend an energy renewal ceremony in their Gupin land. The Gupin brother tells the Gupin that there might not be a renewal ceremony, because a group of evil monsters called grass trekkers have taken the key that is needed for the renewal process.Since the Gupin had saved Deej life a few episodes ago, the elders let the young Ewoks go out and try to recapture the key. The Ewoks traveled the river using their canoes, and went to the Gupin's land. However, at one point, the river ended. But thanks to the Gupins' magical powers, the Gupins were able to fly the canoes to dry

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Sunstar vs. Shadowstone

S01 E09

Nov 2, 1985
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Sunstar vs. Shadowstone Nov 2, 1985 The Ewoks are gathered in front of Chief Chirpa's hut, where Chirpa tells about the Sunstar, and tells how it has a power that the Ewoks never use, because it is too overwhelming. He tells that one Ewok once tried to use the power, combined it with Morag's Shadowstone (which is just as powerful), and used those combined powers to defeat the witch Morag (explaining why Morag wanted 'revenge' on Logray in the first episode). He pointed out that the Ewok was Logray. Teebo, who is Master Logray's apprentice, is intimidated by the power of the Sunstar. Teebo makes an enormous mess in Logray's hut, and uses magic to clean it up. Logray doesn't like the idea, and points out to Teebo that he has to do it without magic.Later that day, Wicket, Teebo, Kneesaa, and Latara go out to play. Teebo brings with him a little bag with some magic, and plays around with it.Morag, the witch, leads the Ewoks into a cave, where she is disguised as a beautiful woman. She breaks Teebo's magic staff, and lets t

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 Wicket's Wagon

S01 E10

Nov 9, 1985
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Wicket's Wagon Nov 9, 1985 Wicket, Willy, and Weechee are walking through the rainy forest, when they come across an old battle wagon that once belonged to their great-grandfather, Erpham Warrick. The battle wagon was used long ago to win a war between the Ewoks and the Duloks.Wicket wants to rebuild the battle wagon, but Willy and Weechee aren't interested in helping him. So he gets Malani and Baga (Wicket's pet Bordok, which is a horse-like creature) to help him.The Duloks find out about the rebuilding of the ancient battle wagon, so King Gorneesh sends Umwak, the Dulok shaman, to steal it from them, because the wagon has many great powers, that would aid them in conquering the forest. However, they decide to wait until Wicket finishes rebuilding it.Wicket just about finished fixing up the battle wagon, when the Duloks attack and steal the wagon. Wicket tells Chief Chirpa and Logray. They get mad at Wicket for trying to rebuild it without the help of his brothers, so the disappointed Wicket goes out for

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 11 The Three Lessons

S01 E11

Nov 16, 1985
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The Three Lessons Nov 16, 1985 The young Ewoks are all outside playing, while Kneesaa has to study. She goes outside anyway, and accidentally drops a bottle containing a magical potion. The potion drops on a small plant, and Kneesaa doesn't notice it, and goes outside to play with the other Ewoks.The plant grows to be a giant Venus flytrap stranglethorn plant, and almost destroys the village. Logray tells Kneesaa about an anecdote potion, which she must find. She brings Wicket along with her.They look for their first ingredient, a pearl-like substance that large insects carry around. To get one of those pearls, they go to the palace of the insects. They barely escape the palace with one pearl. They fall into a pool of sticky goo that surrounds the palace, but they manage to get out of it anyway.Meanwhile, at the Ewok village, the plant vines are really causing a stir by attacking all the Ewoks. They need the potion very quickly before anything bad happens.Wicket and Kneesaa find their second ingredient, althoug

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 12 Blue Harvest

S01 E12

Nov 23, 1985
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Blue Harvest Nov 23, 1985 The Ewoks (well most of them anyway) are busy at work preparing for the Harvest when a Vorshack enters the village and begins munching on the trees. Fearful that the creature may destroy the village, Logray unleashes a powerful blue potion which basically puts the creature under a 'love spell'. Meanwhile, the king of the Duloks, Gorneesh - who was the one responsible for capturing the Vorshack and unleashing it into the Ewoks' village - has brought his army into the village during this distraction in the hope of stealing their rivals' harvest. As Logray informs both Teebo and Wicket of the potions - the blue is for love, but the red is dangerous cause it instills hatred - Gorneesh overhears this and sets out to steal the hate potion so that he may give it to a Phlog - a friendly, but nevertheless giant creature - who will then destroy the village. The Dulok Shamen however, steals the wrong potion and upon giving it to a Phlog named Hoona, realises his mistake. Hoona proceeds to chase a

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 13 Asha

S01 E13

Nov 30, 1985
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Asha Nov 30, 1985 The Ewoks are relaxing in the quiet deep forest, when they suddenly hear the Duloks, which are chasing a mountain goat. They chase the goat quite a bit, but then a 'red ghost' appears, and scares them away. The Ewoks go to the goat, still tied up in ropes, and get her loose. But the 'red ghost' thinks that they are trying to hurt the goat. She gives out some battle cries, and the Ewoks flee. The Ewoks return to the village, and Wicket tells Kneesaa about the 'red ghost'. It was actually an Ewok with red fur. Kneesaa runs to her hut, crying, and tells Wicket what happened. Kneesaa (just a little baby) and her mother and her red-furred sister called Asha, were out walking through the forest. A monster attacks the family, and Kneesaa's mother died trying to fight off the monster, while Asha disappeared.That night, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Baga (Wicket's pet Bordok) go off to find Asha. They travel through snow, and find another Ewok, who wants to guide them back to the village. A group of

Not Available