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Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Season 6

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Season 06, Episode 01 Countermeasures

S06 E01

Feb 1, 2005
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Countermeasures Feb 1, 2005 The Tholians finally make their move, and the galaxy will never be the same. Commodore Knapp deals with a rebellious daughter.

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Season 06, Episode 02 Dancing in the Dark

S06 E02

Mar 1, 2005
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Dancing in the Dark Mar 1, 2005 Myra Elbrey hesitantly welcomes a former student of hers to Excelsior, when Milo Surgant arrives to act as a translator for the Horta exogeologist Lt. Pergium arrives to make some headway on the studies of the Ba’ku tetrahedron. But as the mission preparations begin, she realises that her old fears of him abusing his Betazoid talents may still hold true. When she is telepathically attacked in an act of revenge, Henglaar finally begins to understand the depth of his feelings for her.

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Season 06, Episode 03 Homeport

S06 E03

May 1, 2005
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Homeport May 1, 2005 Learn what life is like aboard Deep Space 12, as Excelsior's crew copes with the stress of battle ever looming on the horizon. This episode is primarily focused on character interaction; however, it can be said to contain three separate "threads" running in parallel.

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Season 06, Episode 04 Beachhead

S06 E04

Aug 1, 2005
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Beachhead Aug 1, 2005 The Tholians make their move: Siroc tests a new weapon against Starfleet, while the largest meeting of Alpha Quadrant powers since the Dominion War is not going so well. They know they need to band together against the Tholians but the Federation is keeping secrets from its allies. The illegally joined Trill, Zen, has difficulty with his symbiont while the first-ever portrayed Tellarite Captain faces down the Tholians' deadly weapon.

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Season 06, Episode 05 Vigil

S06 E05

Sep 1, 2005
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Vigil Sep 1, 2005 To better understand the tetrahedrons operation, an interrogation of the Orion Syndicate pirate Mason is conducted. When he reveals the location of another tetrahedron key, a mission is set up to retrieve it, with his help. But one of the officers will not return, and the others will be left reeling at the loss of one of their own. Shelby encounters a few ghosts of her own, when assigned to assist a Romulan fleet make the necessary adjustments to traverse the Patch, and runs into her former lover, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 06 Her Battle Lanterns Lit

S06 E06

Nov 1, 2005
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Her Battle Lanterns Lit Nov 1, 2005 In preparation for the major attack the Alliance is about to undertake, Knapp promotes Naros to the command of the USS Helena, while taking command of the fleet itself from Excelsior. Realising Siroc may try anything to get to the Grey Dyson Sphere, Naros realises not is he a target, but so are Elbrey and Artim, while Shelby works on making sure her senior staff deal with the raw emotion of the loss of one of their own. Meanwhile, Siroc sets his own plan in motion to disrupt the incoming attack forces.

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