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Soldier Soldier Season 7

Here's where to watch every episode of Soldier Soldier season 7. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 07, Episode 01 Divided We Fall

S07 E01

Sep 23, 1997
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Divided We Fall Sep 23, 1997 Forsythe finds his job under threat and Tony Rossi transfers to B Company.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 02 Things Can Only get Better

S07 E02

Sep 30, 1997
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Things Can Only get Better Sep 30, 1997 The arrival of strict new sergeant-major Alan Fitzpatrick causes quite a stir among the ranks, while memories of traumatic episode from Hobbs' past come flooding back during an exercise, threatening his chances of promotion. On a lighter note, the boys persuade a reluctant Butcher to invest in a greyhound and the wives reveal their competitive side while organising a charity auction.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 03 Line of Departure

S07 E03

Oct 7, 1997
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Line of Departure Oct 7, 1997 Personal problems are high on the troops' agenda as Andy Butcher's mum throws his love life into disarray, Angela McCleod's house is broken into and Sergeant-Major Alan Fitzpatrick learns he can't treat his daughter like a private on parade.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 04 Under Fire

S07 E04

Oct 14, 1997
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Under Fire Oct 14, 1997 The troops pull out all the stops to save Drysdale from terrorists stalking him at a racing event, but he seems oblivious to danger. Meanwhile, Butcher tries to worm his way back into the CO's good books and Jacko unwittingly antagonises Julie by trying to find out whether she's seeing Rossi behind his back.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 05 Friends and Lovers

S07 E05

Oct 21, 1997
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Friends and Lovers Oct 21, 1997 Hobbs gets the thumbs-up in his psychiatric report and rejoins the Fusiliers, determined to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, CSM Fitzpatrick isn't convinced he's up to the job and resolves to make life difficult for him : with disastrous consequences for Rossi and Jacko.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 06 How Was It for You?

S07 E06

Oct 28, 1997
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How Was It for You? Oct 28, 1997 Julie and Stacey come up with what seems to be a sure-fire way of making a profit out of Primrose, while Jessica threatens to resign. Butcher makes the mistake of turning to Rossi and Jacko for romantic advice : only to find himself forced to prove his manhood.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 07 The Road to Damascus

S07 E07

Nov 4, 1997
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The Road to Damascus Nov 4, 1997 The CO has a lot on his mind after a civilian gets caught in the crossfire during a training exercise, causing an embittered Hobbs to fly off the handle. Julie has a surprise for Rossi and Jacko, but ends up learning a harsh lesson, while Karen's son Kevin wonders if he might be gay.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 08 Out

S07 E08

Nov 11, 1997
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Out Nov 11, 1997 Fitzpatrick's domestic life is thrown into turmoil by a stunning revelation from Jacko, and Butcher ends up bearing the brunt of Hobbs' traumatic experiences of civilian life.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 09 Fit to Explode

S07 E09

Nov 18, 1997
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Fit to Explode Nov 18, 1997 Rossi tries to help Jacko forget Julie by taking him on a double date, while Jessica exposes corruption in high places. The McCleods hear the patter of tiny feet and recent events finally take their toll on Hobbs, who makes an inspection of the barracks go with something of a bang.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 10 Chain of Command

S07 E10

Nov 25, 1997
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Chain of Command Nov 25, 1997 Drysdale decides to send the boys on an escort mission to Africa, but the jaunt proves to be a fiasco on every level : particularly for Forsythe, who first refuses to follow the CO's orders to the letter, then has a bitter reunion with ex-wife Lilian that sets the sparks flying. Hobbs also resurfaces, as a mercenary soldier fighting for the enemy and keen to gain revenge on his former King's Own colleagues.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 11 Sounds of War

S07 E11

Dec 2, 1997
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Sounds of War Dec 2, 1997

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 12 No Pain, No Gain

S07 E12

Dec 9, 1997
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No Pain, No Gain Dec 9, 1997

Not Available