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Shortland Street Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Episode 1

S01 E01

May 25, 1992
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Episode 1 May 25, 1992 Dr Hone Ropata arrives at Shortland Street after a stint in Guatemala. Stuart Neilson brings his pregnant friend into the Clinic claiming that he is the father. Dr Hone ruffles feathers by performing an emergency ceasarean on Stuart's pregnant friend, even though the clinic is not equipped for such a procedure.

Season 01, Episode 02 Episode 2

S01 E02

May 26, 1992
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Episode 2 May 26, 1992 Hone suffers for Chris' indiscretions. Nick is sprung. Is Stuart a father?

Season 01, Episode 03 Episode 3

S01 E03

May 27, 1992
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Episode 3 May 27, 1992 A rugby team has a road accident. Hone reveals a problem. Sam and Steve's rivalry over Alison continues.

Season 01, Episode 04 Episode 4

S01 E04

May 28, 1992
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Episode 4 May 28, 1992 Marjorie catches Meredith and Chris. Hone moves house. Steve's plans are foiled.

Season 01, Episode 05 Episode 5

S01 E05

May 29, 1992
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Episode 5 May 29, 1992 Hone apologises to Jaki. Stuart makes an announcement. Gina and Kirsty come up with a plan.

Season 01, Episode 06 Episode 6

S01 E06

Jun 1, 1992
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Episode 6 Jun 1, 1992 Stuart unwittingly causes a feud between Tom and Marj. Alison reconsiders her relationship with Chris. Will Jaki's secret be revealed?

Season 01, Episode 07 Episode 7

S01 E07

Jun 2, 1992
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Episode 7 Jun 2, 1992 Gina's dream boat finally sails in. Carrie and Shannon clash over Jaki's future. Stuart hassles the father of Lisa's baby for financial support.

Season 01, Episode 08 Episode 8

S01 E08

Jun 3, 1992
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Episode 8 Jun 3, 1992 Hone and Chris clash over the treatment of a patient. Stuart receives devastating news. Alison makes a startling decision.

Season 01, Episode 09 Episode 9

S01 E09

Jun 4, 1992
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Episode 9 Jun 4, 1992 Alison provides fodder for gossips. Nick and Jenny come to blows over his future. Michael is dealt a complicated dilemma.

Season 01, Episode 10 Episode 10

S01 E10

Jun 5, 1992
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Episode 10 Jun 5, 1992 Chris makes a difficult decision. Nick is forced to eat humble pie. Gina receives an exciting proposal.

Season 01, Episode 11 Episode 11

S01 E11

Jun 8, 1992
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Episode 11 Jun 8, 1992 Nick and Stuart are thrown together against their will. Marj becomes suspicious of Jaki's absence. Gina is shattered by an unexpected offer.

Season 01, Episode 12 Episode 12

S01 E12

Jun 9, 1992
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Episode 12 Jun 9, 1992 Meredith makes a decision she may regret. Alison takes a giant step. Gina discovers her silver lining.

Season 01, Episode 13 Episode 13

S01 E13

Jun 10, 1992
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Episode 13 Jun 10, 1992 Meredith faces backlash as the result of a controversial decision. Has Jaki's secret fallen into dangerous hands? Steve makes a shocking discovery.

Season 01, Episode 14 Episode 14

S01 E14

Jun 11, 1992
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Episode 14 Jun 11, 1992 Meredith discovers that there is more to life than T.V. dinners. Alison loses a prized possession. Tom and Sam are heading for a horrific accident.

Season 01, Episode 15 Epiosde 15

S01 E15

Jun 12, 1992
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Epiosde 15 Jun 12, 1992 News of Jaki's condition causes hysteria. Hone's past returns to haunt him. The future of the clinic is threatened.

Season 01, Episode 16 Episode 16

S01 E16

Jun 15, 1992
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Episode 16 Jun 15, 1992 The mystery over Hone's past deepens. Stuart and Nick strike up an unlikely partnership. Alison is in for a rude awakening.

Season 01, Episode 17 Episode 17

S01 E17

Jun 16, 1992
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Episode 17 Jun 16, 1992 Alison makes a final decision about Chris. Have Nick and Stuart gone off the rails, not to mention the road? Whitfield makes one mistake too many and Hone and Chris are on his case.

Season 01, Episode 18 Episode 18

S01 E18

Jun 17, 1992
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Episode 18 Jun 17, 1992 Nick and Stuart awake in a potentially dangerous position. Is the mysterious visitor on a mission from Sir Bruce? Jaki is dealt a serious dilemma.

Season 01, Episode 19 Episode 19

S01 E19

Jun 18, 1992
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Episode 19 Jun 18, 1992 A medical blunder looks set to be exposed. Has Meredith discovered Libby's tragic secret?

Season 01, Episode 20 Episode 20

S01 E20

Jun 19, 1992
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Episode 20 Jun 19, 1992 Marjorie is confronted with a nasty suspicion regarding her friends. Steve discovers he has a dangerous drinking problem. Carrie finds that the clinic has a thief.

Season 01, Episode 21 Episode 21

S01 E21

Jun 22, 1992
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Episode 21 Jun 22, 1992 Several staff members are under suspicion for stealing drugs. Steve bets on the wages of sin. Meredith makes a shocking discovery.

Season 01, Episode 22 Episode 22

S01 E22

Jun 23, 1992
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Episode 22 Jun 23, 1992 An oversight on Steve's behalf has serious implications. Libby finally confesses the identity of her abuser. Is this the end of Hone and Jenny's friendship?

Season 01, Episode 23 Episode 23

S01 E23

Jun 24, 1992
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Episode 23 Jun 24, 1992 Kirsty, Gina and Alison decide - men, who needs them! Nick, Hone and Steve attempt to clear their names. The anaesthetist provides a shock.

Season 01, Episode 24 Episode 24

S01 E24

Jun 25, 1992
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Episode 24 Jun 25, 1992 The drug thief is finally revealed. Gina, Kirsty and Alison receive an unusual proposition. Has Jaki fallen for the wrong man?

Season 01, Episode 25 Episode 25

S01 E25

Jun 26, 1992
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Episode 25 Jun 26, 1992 Marjorie and Tom find a solution. Jaki confronts Luke. Hone and Meredith embrace.

Season 01, Episode 26 Episode 26

S01 E26

Jun 29, 1992
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Episode 26 Jun 29, 1992 Hone tries to clear the air. Tom, Stuart and Nick make travel plans. The pressure gets to Meredith.

Season 01, Episode 27 Episode 27

S01 E27

Jun 30, 1992
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Episode 27 Jun 30, 1992 Alison decides to walk on the wild side. Nick savours bush tucker with upsetting results. Chris receives a surprising proposal.

Season 01, Episode 28 Episode 28

S01 E28

Jul 1, 1992
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Episode 28 Jul 1, 1992 Chris gives in to temptation. Hone confesses to Claire. The lives of several people are placed under threat.

Season 01, Episode 29 Episode 29

S01 E29

Jul 2, 1992
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Episode 29 Jul 2, 1992 A life threatening situation develops in the clinic. Chris is given an ultimatum. Alison has to deal with an unexpected visitor.

Season 01, Episode 30 Episode 30

S01 E30

Jul 3, 1992
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Episode 30 Jul 3, 1992 Meredith's behaviour arouses suspicions. Alison has a strange encounter. Tom's carelessness results in tragedy.

Season 01, Episode 31 Episode 31

S01 E31

Jul 6, 1992
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Episode 31 Jul 6, 1992 The Neilson's have a burning problem. Carrie is defensive about a gym class. Meredith has an unexpected visitor.

Season 01, Episode 32 Episode 32

S01 E32

Jul 7, 1992
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Episode 32 Jul 7, 1992 The skeleton in Meredith's closet begins to rattle. Tom is in for a climatic awakening. Why is Sam's new partner so aggressive?

Season 01, Episode 33 Episode 33

S01 E33

Jul 8, 1992
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Episode 33 Jul 8, 1992 Nick and Stuart find Andrew draining. A transformation in an elderly patient brings out the commitment of the doctors. Sam is outraged by a workmate's callousness.

Season 01, Episode 34 Episode 34

S01 E34

Jul 9, 1992
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Episode 34 Jul 9, 1992 The search for Andrew continues. Nick gets a roasting from Jenny. Has cupid's arrow finally struck Carrie?

Season 01, Episode 35 Episode 35

S01 E35

Jul 10, 1992
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Episode 35 Jul 10, 1992 Carrie extracts her revenge. Will Steve succumb to Gina's advances? Sam and Dennis find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Season 01, Episode 36 Episode 36

S01 E36

Jul 13, 1992
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Episode 36 Jul 13, 1992 Dennis receives his just desserts. Will Alison resume her romance with Chris? Carrie finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Season 01, Episode 37 Episode 37

S01 E37

Jul 14, 1992
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Episode 37 Jul 14, 1992 Tom is betrayed and lands in deep water. Alison solves a dilemma with her parents by getting new flatmates. Carrie is plagued by an intruder.

Season 01, Episode 38 Episode 38

S01 E38

Jul 15, 1992
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Episode 38 Jul 15, 1992 Marj rocks Tom with a confession. Irene decides to kick up her heels. Jenny receives an exciting proposal.

Season 01, Episode 39 Episode 39

S01 E39

Jul 16, 1992
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Episode 39 Jul 16, 1992 Jenny's weekend backfires. Jaki and Hone confront a pregnancy that has unusual complications. Nick pulls a coup. Tom delivers some devastating news to Marj.

Season 01, Episode 40 Episode 40

S01 E40

Jul 17, 1992
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Episode 40 Jul 17, 1992 Has Marj confessed all to a phoney evangelist? Carrie is tempted by an offer from Meredith. Will our castaways resolve to eat Nick?

Season 01, Episode 41 Episode 41

S01 E41

Jul 20, 1992
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Episode 41 Jul 20, 1992 Steve receives a tempting proposal. Will Michael discover the truth about his boat?

Season 01, Episode 42 Episode 42

S01 E42

Jul 21, 1992
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Episode 42 Jul 21, 1992 Nick hatches a plot to clear himself of the boat theft. Chris surprises Alison with an endearing gift. Tom delivers Marj news which makes their marriage even more shaky.

Season 01, Episode 43 Episode 43

S01 E43

Jul 22, 1992
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Episode 43 Jul 22, 1992 Father Sebastian's brand of gospel attracts an unlikely disciple. Is Tom really having an affair?

Season 01, Episode 44 Episode 44

S01 E44

Jul 23, 1992
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Episode 44 Jul 23, 1992 Alison confronts Irene about her relationship with Tom. Jaki nervously awaits her test results. A fire alarm in the clinic causes a dangerous predicament.

Season 01, Episode 45 Episode 45

S01 E45

Jul 24, 1992
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Episode 45 Jul 24, 1992 Steve gets a roasting from Michael. Hone receives shattering news.

Season 01, Episode 46 Episode 46

S01 E46

Jul 27, 1992
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Episode 46 Jul 27, 1992 Tom receives exciting news. Irene's romantic ambitions are shattered. Claire lands herself in deep water.

Season 01, Episode 47 Episode 47

S01 E47

Jul 28, 1992
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Episode 47 Jul 28, 1992 Marj confronts the other woman in Tom's life. Claire meets Hone's family. Nick's party plans backfire.

Season 01, Episode 48 Episode 48

S01 E48

Jul 29, 1992
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Episode 48 Jul 29, 1992 Steve finally comes to a decision about Miriam. Meredith and Carrie clash over Andrew.

Season 01, Episode 49 Episode 49

S01 E49

Jul 30, 1992
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Episode 49 Jul 30, 1992 Personal grievances are cast aside as the staff deal with a major emergency. Alison becomes the target of an obsessed patient. Will Chris be tempted by Claire's advances?

Season 01, Episode 50 Episode 50

S01 E50

Jul 31, 1992
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Episode 50 Jul 31, 1992 A tragic accident has personal implications for Sam. Alison is further disturbed by her unwanted admirer. Is the game finally up for Claire?

Season 01, Episode 51 Episode 51

S01 E51

Aug 3, 1992
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Episode 51 Aug 3, 1992 Steve endures a cruel prank. Chris makes an enticing proposal to Alison. Michael is surprised at a vehement threat from Claire.

Season 01, Episode 52 Episode 52

S01 E52

Aug 4, 1992
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Episode 52 Aug 4, 1992 Claire confronts Meredith about her feelings for Hone. Eddie realises the seriousness of his condition. Is this the end of Stuart and Nick's friendship?

Season 01, Episode 53 Episode 53

S01 E53

Aug 5, 1992
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Episode 53 Aug 5, 1992 Nick refuses to speak to Stuart. Will Meredith and Carrie resolve their differences? Alison finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Season 01, Episode 54 Episode 54

S01 E54

Aug 6, 1992
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Episode 54 Aug 6, 1992 Alison is compelled to seek solace from Chris. Steve holds an unusual dinner party. Sam is confronted with a life and death decision.

Season 01, Episode 55 Episode 55

S01 E55

Aug 7, 1992
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Episode 55 Aug 7, 1992 Nick negotiates a slice of Steve's latest enterprise. Will Andrew return to his grandmother? Sam's loyalty to Eddie is put to the ultimate test.

Season 01, Episode 56 Episode 56

S01 E56

Aug 10, 1992
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Episode 56 Aug 10, 1992 A crisis at the clinic puts suspicion on the staff. Marj's search for new romance puts Tom on the spot.

Season 01, Episode 57 Episode 57

S01 E57

Aug 11, 1992
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Episode 57 Aug 11, 1992 Nick falls victim to a prank. Tom and Marj find an unusual way to rekindle romance. The clinic feels the heat from the police investigation.

Season 01, Episode 58 Episode 58

S01 E58

Aug 12, 1992
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Episode 58 Aug 12, 1992 What is the truth behind Carrie and Mckenna's past? Hone is shocked by Claire's behaviour. Has Philip returned to stalk Alison?

Season 01, Episode 59 Episode 59

S01 E59

Aug 13, 1992
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Episode 59 Aug 13, 1992 Hone faces some home truths about Claire. Alison goes home alone. The financial report contains bad news for some members of the clinic.

Season 01, Episode 60 Episode 60

S01 E60

Aug 14, 1992
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Episode 60 Aug 14, 1992 Is Meredith's job under threat? Is Alison's imagination playing tricks on her? Who will be arrested for Eddie's murder?

Season 01, Episode 61 Episode 61

S01 E61

Aug 17, 1992
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Episode 61 Aug 17, 1992 Philip is now closer to Alison than even she imagines. Inspector Gregg casts aspersions on Mckenna's actions. Hone falls down on the job.

Season 01, Episode 62 Episode 62

S01 E62

Aug 18, 1992
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Episode 62 Aug 18, 1992 Michael diagnoses Hone's problem. Gina gets an offer she might refuse. An emergency leads to an ultimatum.

Season 01, Episode 63 Episode 63

S01 E63

Aug 19, 1992
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Episode 63 Aug 19, 1992 Jenny is forced to choose sides. Alison is bought face to face with her tormentor. Hone gives Michael his comeuppance.

Season 01, Episode 64 Episode 64

S01 E64

Aug 20, 1992
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Episode 64 Aug 20, 1992 Steve fills in for Carrie and undergoes a personality change. Jaki discovers a home truth about Luke. Has Kirsty stolen Gina's man?

Season 01, Episode 65 Episode 65

S01 E65

Aug 21, 1992
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Episode 65 Aug 21, 1992 Nick and Stuart's party plans result in an unlikely outcome. Will Gina ever forgive Steve and Kirsty? Sam makes a surprise announcement.

Season 01, Episode 66 Episode 66

S01 E66

Aug 24, 1992
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Episode 66 Aug 24, 1992 Eddie's killer is unmasked. Jenny has pensioner problems. Has Philip returned to harrass Alison yet again?

Season 01, Episode 67 Episode 67

S01 E67

Aug 25, 1992
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Episode 67 Aug 25, 1992 Gina and Kirsty are at war - everybody run for cover! Carrie ponders her romantic dilemma. Alison is given renewed hope in her quest for domestic bliss - or is it a miss?

Season 01, Episode 68 Episode 68

S01 E68

Aug 26, 1992
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Episode 68 Aug 26, 1992 Chris fears for his life. Hone returns with his mind made up. Gina's good deed has catastrophic results.

Season 01, Episode 69 Episode 69

S01 E69

Aug 27, 1992
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Episode 69 Aug 27, 1992 Stuart and Tom clash. Meredith learns Carrie's secret. A horrific accident results in a double tragedy.

Season 01, Episode 70 Episode 70

S01 E70

Aug 28, 1992
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Episode 70 Aug 28, 1992 How serious are Tom's injuries? Andrew makes an intriguing allusion to his father. An elderly patient has surprising connections.

Season 01, Episode 71 Episode 71

S01 E71

Aug 31, 1992
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Episode 71 Aug 31, 1992 Chris trips up and feels Mckenna's fury. Tom has complications. The advertising proposal spawns rivalry in the clinic.

Season 01, Episode 72 Episode 72

S01 E72

Sep 1, 1992
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Episode 72 Sep 1, 1992 Michael's past is revealed. Stuart finds the truth about Gina and Kirsty's new romances. Tom faces complications from his accident.

Season 01, Episode 73 Episode 73

S01 E73

Sep 2, 1992
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Episode 73 Sep 2, 1992 Chris is concerned by Alison's behaviour. Stuart's best intentions give Kirsty a misleading impression. Who will star in the advertising campaign?

Season 01, Episode 74 Episode 74

S01 E74

Sep 3, 1992
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Episode 74 Sep 3, 1992 Mckenna persuades a reluctant doctor to take a starring role. Jaki brings family problems into the clinic. Stuart tries to prevent a cataclysmic romance.

Season 01, Episode 75 Episode 75

S01 E75

Sep 4, 1992
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Episode 75 Sep 4, 1992 Alison and Chris reach a crossroads in their relationship. Gina and Kirsty give cliff something to remember. There are wedding bells in the air.

Season 01, Episode 76 Episode 76

S01 E76

Sep 7, 1992
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Episode 76 Sep 7, 1992 Sam and Steve stalk their elusive flatmate. Mckenna meddles in romance. Jaki confronts hone with a few home truths.

Season 01, Episode 77 Episode 77

S01 E77

Sep 8, 1992
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Episode 77 Sep 8, 1992 Jenny is asked to help desperate lovers. Meredith lands the big one. Carrie makes an unexpected gesture.

Season 01, Episode 78 Episode 78

S01 E78

Sep 9, 1992
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Episode 78 Sep 9, 1992 Will Mckenna halt his mother's wedding? Steve's in love. Chris lands himself in hot water.

Season 01, Episode 79 Episode 79

S01 E79

Sep 10, 1992
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Episode 79 Sep 10, 1992 Chris impresses an important patient at Mckenna's expense. Carrie and Sarah clash. Stuart makes a drastic change to his appearance.

Season 01, Episode 80 Episode 80

S01 E80

Sep 11, 1992
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Episode 80 Sep 11, 1992 Alison has to deal with a difficult patient. Nick is caught in the act. Steve seeks romance.

Season 01, Episode 81 Episode 81

S01 E81

Sep 14, 1992
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Episode 81 Sep 14, 1992 Carrie calls a meeting, causing the nurses to feel under threat. Burn victims are brought into the clinic but all is not what it seems. Steve sees malice in Hone's actions.

Season 01, Episode 82 Episode 82

S01 E82

Sep 15, 1992
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Episode 82 Sep 15, 1992 Steve campaigns against his rival. Gina seeks a cure. Carrie reaches breaking point.

Season 01, Episode 83 Episode 83

S01 E83

Sep 16, 1992
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Episode 83 Sep 16, 1992 Marj's motor mouth cops her a blasting. Has Alison discovered a horrible crime? Chris inadvertantly causes Hone embarrassment.

Season 01, Episode 84 Episode 84

S01 E84

Sep 17, 1992
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Episode 84 Sep 17, 1992 Alison uncovers the truth about the fire. Carrie and Mckenna have a showdown. Kirsty is made an offer she can't refuse - or can she?

Season 01, Episode 85 Episode 85

S01 E85

Sep 18, 1992
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Episode 85 Sep 18, 1992 Marj tries to keep Tom under control. Meredith's party is a night to remember. Stuart makes a declaration to Kirsty.

Season 01, Episode 86 Episode 86

S01 E86

Sep 21, 1992
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Episode 86 Sep 21, 1992 Nick speculates about Stuart. Carrie makes a fuss. Alison borrows a car and gets more than she bargained for.

Season 01, Episode 87 Episode 87

S01 E87

Sep 22, 1992
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Episode 87 Sep 22, 1992 Carrie and Sarah head for a clash. Alison has more strife with Chris' car. Nick finds himself in trouble at school.

Season 01, Episode 88 Episode 88

S01 E88

Sep 23, 1992
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Episode 88 Sep 23, 1992 Steve gets lucky. Meredith issues an ultimatum. Has Hone made a fatal error?

Season 01, Episode 89 Episode 89

S01 E89

Sep 24, 1992
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Episode 89 Sep 24, 1992 Steve has a night at the opera. Nick waits up and gets a surprise. Meningitis claims another victim.

Season 01, Episode 90 Episode 90

S01 E90

Sep 25, 1992
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Episode 90 Sep 25, 1992 A major emergency brings Steve and Sarah together. Nick gains a hold over Peter. The flu claims two unlikely victims.

Season 01, Episode 91 Episode 91

S01 E91

Sep 28, 1992
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Episode 91 Sep 28, 1992 Meredith is not impressed by Chris's good fortune. Nick causes problems for Jenny and Peter. Steve assumes a fatherly role. What has Gina got herself in for?

Season 01, Episode 92 Episode 92

S01 E92

Sep 29, 1992
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Episode 92 Sep 29, 1992 Chris's happy holiday plans are laid to waste. A car accident results in a serious dilemma for Meredith. Sam helps out Wayne's ""friend"" - is this wise?

Season 01, Episode 93 Episode 93

S01 E93

Sep 30, 1992
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Episode 93 Sep 30, 1992 Meredith deals with a double tragedy. Tensions reach breaking point in the Neislon bunker. Sam's romantic ambitions are shattered.

Season 01, Episode 94 Episode 94

S01 E94

Oct 1, 1992
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Episode 94 Oct 1, 1992 Chris thinks he is being persecuted. Meredith helps Jenny. What is wrong with Gina?

Season 01, Episode 95 Episode 95

S01 E95

Oct 2, 1992
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Episode 95 Oct 2, 1992 Meredith and Hone organise a treat for Jenny. Nick makes a mysterious phone call. Sam has a heavy meeting.

Season 01, Episode 96 Episode 96

S01 E96

Oct 5, 1992
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Episode 96 Oct 5, 1992 Carrie departs suddenly and secretly to Japan for a week's holiday, leaving in her wake a disgruntled crew. Michael orders Chris and Meredith to join Darryl Neilson over dinner to discuss new pharmaceutical products. Jenny is pleased that Nick seems to have accepted her relationshop with Peter. But Nick is just biding his game.

Season 01, Episode 97 Episode 97

S01 E97

Oct 6, 1992
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Episode 97 Oct 6, 1992 Barry's visit stirs up a hornets nest. Gina awaits Hone's diagnosis. Sam and Steve play detective - and get a nasty surprise.

Season 01, Episode 98 Episode 98

S01 E98

Oct 7, 1992
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Episode 98 Oct 7, 1992 Sam finds the truth out about Wayne. Hone seeks a cure for Gina. Marj fears that Kirsty will corrupt Stuart.

Season 01, Episode 99 Episode 99

S01 E99

Oct 8, 1992
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Episode 99 Oct 8, 1992 Hone and Tom are at loggerheads over a difficult case. Does Gina possess special powers? Stuart gets help from an usual source.

Season 01, Episode 100 Episode 100

S01 E100

Oct 9, 1992
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Episode 100 Oct 9, 1992 Tom's know-how helps save the day. Jaki and Alison play a dead funny prank on Hone. Steve confronts Sarah with his doubts.

Season 01, Episode 101 Episode 101

S01 E101

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Episode 101 What's behind the clinic's burglary? Kirsty gets Stuart where she wants him.

Season 01, Episode 102 Episode 102

S01 E102

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Episode 102 Nick strikes up a new friendship. Kirsty can't get no satisfaction. Mckenna finds sinister overtones to the burglary.

Season 01, Episode 103 Episode 103

S01 E103

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Episode 103 Mckenna suspects Chris is a traitor. Steve finds Sarah has lied to him. Nick uses Jenny's computer to play god.

Season 01, Episode 104 Episode 104

S01 E104

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Episode 104 The shock waves from Nick and Miles computer mischief. Sam's sympathy causes further grief. Steve discovers the truth about Sarah's operation.

Season 01, Episode 105 Episode 105

S01 E105

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Episode 105 Gina hears some disturbing news. Mckenna sets a trap. Jenny gets a surprise proposal.

Season 01, Episode 106 Episode 106

S01 E106

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Episode 106 Jenny's under pressure. Gina gets physical. Alison crashes a private occasion.

Season 01, Episode 107 Episode 107

S01 E107

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Episode 107 Barry tries to win Jenny's heart. Jaki encounters prejudice. Alison gets a tempting offer.

Season 01, Episode 108 Episode 108

S01 E108

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Episode 108 Jenny roasts Barry for his presumptuousness. Chris receives attractive enticements from his father. Nick and Miles pull a dangerous stunt.

Season 01, Episode 109 Episode 109

S01 E109

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Episode 109 Stuart gets suprising news about Miles. Are Meredith and Hone just having dinner together? Jenny and Barry come to a decision. Steve learns a great deal is on the cards.

Season 01, Episode 110 Episode 110

S01 E110

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Episode 110 Gina decides on drastic action. Jaki feels guilty. Meredith goes looking for a good time.

Season 01, Episode 111 Episode 111

S01 E111

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Episode 111 Gina finds a new solution to her problems. The staff are uncertain about the future of the clinic. Meredith finds herself in very hot water.

Season 01, Episode 112 Episode 112

S01 E112

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Episode 112 Meredith causes scandal. Carrie meets someone from her past. Hone decides it's time for a romantic declaration.

Season 01, Episode 113 Episode 113

S01 E113

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Episode 113 Alison punishes Chris. Hone confronts Meredith. Tom and Sam face a life-threatening dilemma.

Season 01, Episode 114 Episode 114

S01 E114

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Episode 114 Have Sam and Tom overstepped the mark? Stuart gets a big surprise. Alison and Guy vie for Chris's attention.

Season 01, Episode 115 Episode 115

S01 E115

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Episode 115 Sam finds there are repercussions from the rescue. Guy wins Alison over. Stuart rejects a friend.

Season 01, Episode 116 Episode 116

S01 E116

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Episode 116 The controversy over Sam's rescue of the child deepens. The clinic has a mysterious visitor. Alison gets some frightening information from Miles.

Season 01, Episode 117 Episode 117

S01 E117

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Episode 117

Season 01, Episode 118 Episode 118

S01 E118

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Episode 118 Stuart's behaviour causes much concern. Steve and Sam get a terrible shock. Meredith and Hone clash as a patient's life is in danger.

Season 01, Episode 119 Episode 119

S01 E119

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Episode 119 Hone and Meredith bury the hatchet. Steve and Sam receive good news and bad news. Stuart gets some special attention from Marj. Just what are the Warner brothers up to?

Season 01, Episode 120 Episode 120

S01 E120

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Episode 120 Alison and Guy confront their mutual attraction. Marj makes a shocking discovery about Stuart. Have Hone and Meredith finally hit it off?

Season 01, Episode 121 Episode 121

S01 E121

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Episode 121 The Marj and Jenny feud continues. Chris has trouble believing Alison's explanation. Can Sarah solve Steve and Sam's housing crisis?

Season 01, Episode 122 Episode 122

S01 E122

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Episode 122 Steve is haunted by more house buyers. Will Marj and Jenny's feud have disastrous consequences? Barry and Jenny sort out their problems. Chris and Alison begin life apart.

Season 01, Episode 123 Episode 123

S01 E123

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Episode 123 Hone and Meredith decide to be more open. Marj and Jenny get a dressing down. Will Chris and Alison reunite? Nick and Stuart have a dispute.

Season 01, Episode 124 Episode 124

S01 E124

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Episode 124 Alison comes to a decision. An emergency rescue results in tragedy. Jenny is in for a violent shock.

Season 01, Episode 125 Episode 125

S01 E125

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Episode 125 Steve strikes it rich. Kirsty tries to talk Gina out of cosmetic surgery. Everyone is concerned at Stuarts strange behaviour.

Season 01, Episode 126 Episode 126

S01 E126

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Episode 126 Stuart's secret is out. Steve boards the gravy train. A storm causes a crisis in the clinic.

Season 01, Episode 127 Episode 127

S01 E127

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Episode 127 A power cut plunges the clinic into a state of emergency. Chris and Meredith are thrown together. Jaki saves a patient's life, but incurs Mckenna's wrath.

Season 01, Episode 128 Episode 128

S01 E128

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Episode 128 Meredith clashes with her mother over her care of Andrew. Chris tries to secretly contact a past love. McKenna has a personal healthy scare.

Season 01, Episode 129 Episode 129

S01 E129

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Episode 129 Barry doesn't play fair with Jenny. Kirsty is charmed by Darryl. Alison receives a shocking revelation about Chris's past.

Season 01, Episode 130 Episode 130

S01 E130

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Episode 130

Season 01, Episode 131 Episode 131

S01 E131

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Episode 131

Season 01, Episode 132 Episode 132

S01 E132

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Episode 132 Steve gets a new job. Kirsty begins an illicit affair. Jenny's relationship with Barry reaches a crisis point.

Season 01, Episode 133 Episode 133

S01 E133

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Episode 133 Who is the woman in the pink fluffy slippers? Nick blames Jenny for driving his father away. Alison gets a warning about what to expect of marriage to Chris.

Season 01, Episode 134 Episode 134

S01 E134

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Episode 134 Carrie has a hard time and the staff are amused. Jenny and Nick clash, with shocking results. The Warners finally meet the Raynors.

Season 01, Episode 135 Episode 135

S01 E135

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Episode 135 Alison defies sir Bruce. Nick faces the unpleasant truth about his father. Kirsty finds herself in a terrifying situation.

Season 01, Episode 136 Episode 136

S01 E136

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Episode 136 Gina has a new mission in life. Kirsty realises that her ordeal is far from over. Nick's new friend shocks Jenny.

Season 01, Episode 137 Episode 137

S01 E137

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Episode 137 Jaki is smitten by a hansome cricketer. Mckenna and Meredith clash. Sarah delivers a devastating blow to Steve.

Season 01, Episode 138 Episode 138

S01 E138

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Episode 138 Steve fights for love. Kirsty and Stuart start afresh. Andrew plays with fire. Steve fights for love. Kirsty and Stuart start afresh. Andrew plays with fire.

Season 01, Episode 139 Episode 139

S01 E139

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Episode 139 Jaki's attempts to meet Henry are frustrated. Kirsty decides to act against Darryl. Meredith is accused of negligence.

Season 01, Episode 140 Episode 140

S01 E140

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Episode 140 Jaki takes a shot at romance. Steve finds out the truth behind his break-up with Sarah. Kirsty faces the police.

Season 01, Episode 141 Episode 141

S01 E141

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Episode 141 Gossip sweeps the clinic at Kirsty's expense. The Neilson household is turned upside down. Sarah's illness may be more frightening than she thought.

Season 01, Episode 142 Episode 142

S01 E142

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Episode 142 Jaki's romance hits the rocks. Sam becomes a hero. Mckenna is attacked by a wild animal.

Season 01, Episode 143 Episode 143

S01 E143

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Episode 143 Kirsty's case against Darryl looks like it's collapsing. Jenny fears she has driven Nick away. Sam finds himself in a romantic tangle.

Season 01, Episode 144 Episode 144

S01 E144

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Episode 144 Gina makes a shocking discovery. Sarah's condition causes alarm. Chris treads on dangerous ground.

Season 01, Episode 145 Episode 145

S01 E145

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Episode 145 Is Chris as sure about his feelings as he makes out? Steve decides Sarah is more important than anything else. Kirsty drops a bombshell.

Season 01, Episode 146 Episode 146

S01 E146

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Episode 146 Hone investigates a mystery illness. Chris is torn between Alison and a former love.

Season 01, Episode 147 Episode 147

S01 E147

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Episode 147 Has Gina ruined Alison's wedding plans? Hone and Mckenna start on a collision course. Nick and Serena's friendship takes a new turn.

Season 01, Episode 148 Episode 148

S01 E148

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Episode 148 Steve organises a surprise party with a difference. Henry defies doctor's orders. Mckenna has a tough day that ends in disaster.

Season 01, Episode 149 Episode 149

S01 E149

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Episode 149 Someone finds himself in trouble with the police. Jaki finds she has a rival. Alison's wedding dress problems are solved, but will the dress be needed?

Season 01, Episode 150 Episode 150

S01 E150

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Episode 150 Chris delivers a bombshell. Tom confronts Darryl. Nick gets coy - and get busted.

Season 01, Episode 151 Episode 151

S01 E151

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Episode 151 Jenny bails Nick out of an embarrassing situation. Alison gets even with Chris. Jaki's past returns to haunt her.

Season 01, Episode 152 Episode 152

S01 E152

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Episode 152 The clinic Christmas party yeilds a few surprises. Chris finds that he's shunned by everyone. Carrie gets a surprise patient.

Season 01, Episode 153 Episode 153

S01 E153

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Episode 153 Jaki and Meredith so some detective work. Sam becomes concerned about Steve hiding his grief. Marj's plans for Christmas are interrupted by a mysterious letter.

Season 01, Episode 154 Episode 154

S01 E154

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Episode 154 Serena and Jenny fight over Nick. Marj's odd behaviour has everyone puzzled. Meredith finds herself in a life-threatening situation.

Season 01, Episode 155 Episode 155

S01 E155

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Episode 155 Serena and Jenny fight over Nick. Marj's odd behaviour has everyone puzzled. Meredith finds herself in a life-threatening situation.