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Sharkfest Season 4

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Season 04, Episode 01 Cannibal Sharks

S04 E01

Jul 14, 2019
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Cannibal Sharks Jul 14, 2019 The world's leading shark scientists lead an investigation into the fascinating world of Cannibal Sharks. From the two-foot Cookie Cutter that rips chunks out of white sharks 10 times their size to the Sand Tiger pups that attack and eat each other in the womb, prepare to see sharks as you've never seen them before.

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Season 04, Episode 02 Great Shark Chow Down

S04 E02

Jul 15, 2019
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Great Shark Chow Down Jul 15, 2019 The world's leading scientists and cinematographers relive five extraordinary shark-feeding events. From being surrounded at night by 700 gray reek sharks, to a 300-strong gathering of blacktip, to the spectacular sight of more than 200 blue sharks feeding on the carcass of a 7-ton whale, the Great Shark Chow Down is a celebration of sharks from around the world.

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Season 04, Episode 03 Man vs Shark

S04 E03

Jul 17, 2019
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Man vs Shark Jul 17, 2019 Forty years after inventing armored suits that protect divers from attacks by smaller shark species of sharks, marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan faces off against hungry hammerheads and deadly tiger sharks to measure their bite force and body strength by putting himself inside the devastating jaws of a 14-foot tiger shark.

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Season 04, Episode 04 Forecast: Shark Attack

S04 E04

Jul 18, 2019
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Forecast: Shark Attack Jul 18, 2019 Dr. Greg Skomal and meteorologist Joe Merchant have travelled to the Bahamas to test a theory: that shark attacks can be as predictable as the weather. They believe that wind may drive sharks closer to the shore to hunt, which brings the sharks closer to the swimmers.

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Season 04, Episode 05 World's Biggest Great White?

S04 E05

Jul 21, 2019
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World's Biggest Great White? Jul 21, 2019 Three divers get the experience of their lives when they come face to face with what's possibly the largest great white shark in the world. They get exclusive footage of Deep Blue, a 20-foot-long shark. It's the first time this massive two-and-a-half-ton shark has been seen since she was caught on film off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, in 2013. But she is not alone!

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