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Secrets of the Dead

IMDB: 7.9/10
Documentary,History2000-Present16 Seasons

Part detective story, part true-life drama, Secrets of the Dead investigators travel the globe unearthing evidence that throws fresh light on mysteries of the past. The PBS series is produced by WNET New York. The earliest programs are versions of shows originally produced in the UK and broadcast on Channel 4 starting in 1999. Those early shows purchased by PBS are indicated in the episode descriptions as (UK/PBS) and were re-edited, re-branded, and re-narrated by Americans. (PBS) indicates original PBS (thirteen/WNET) productions. Episode topics have included the Titanic, D-Day, the Shroud of Turin, the Salem Witch Trials, Blackbeard's lost ship, and the first English translations of the Bible. PBS premiered the series in the United States on May 15, 2000, airing four programs in three days. Despite an irregular schedule, new episodes continue to air. Run time varies from episode to episode but are edited to fit into an hour time slot for PBS.

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Bridge on the River Kwai

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S04 E02

Bridge on the River Kwai Mar 4, 2004

(Modern Mysteries) While remnants of the abandoned structure exist today, jungles have consumed much of what remains. Construction records and documents revealing the railway’s route are scarce. So just how did a team of men in such poor condition and confronted with so many obstacles manage to build the railway? And how did their Allied brethren achieve its demolition?