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SCTV Network 90 Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of SCTV Network 90 season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary / CBC

S04 E01

Nov 5, 1982
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Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary / CBC Nov 5, 1982 With a garbage strike looming, Edith persuades Pierre Trudeau to let SCTV pick up the CBC feed. Meanwhile, Sammy Maudlin decides to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his show two years early.

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Season 04, Episode 02 Indecent Exposure

S04 E02

Nov 12, 1982
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Indecent Exposure Nov 12, 1982 Fred Willard is involved in a scheme Guy Caballero has hatched, forcing the arrival of SCTV Chairman Alan ""Crazy Legs"" Shipman.

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Season 04, Episode 03 Melonvote

S04 E03

Nov 19, 1982
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Melonvote Nov 19, 1982 The second election episode, as covered by SCTV News Election Central. Also features the Shmenge's tribute to John Williams and the very first Stars In One, hosted by Brock Linehan, Martin Short's superb impression of Canadian celebrity interviewer Brian Linehan.

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Season 04, Episode 04 Jane Eyrehead

S04 E04

Nov 26, 1982
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Jane Eyrehead Nov 26, 1982 "Angel Cortez: FBI Jockey,"Bobby Bittman PSA for the Public Library,Gus the Security Guard makes everyone sign in,John Houseman reads the phone book,"Farm Film Report" with Deney Terrio,The band America performs "Right Before Your Eyes,"SCTV Movie of the Week: "The Bowery Boys In The Band,"Dr. Rawl Withers introduces The National Midnight Star,Harry the guy with a snake on his face sells descramblers.A "reasonably faithful" spoof of Jane Eyre,Reverend Gene Filler of the Church of Unlimited Credit,"Monster Chiller Horror Theater" presents Dr. Tongue's 3-D House of Slave Chicks,Curly Howard sings love themes,Gus asks Edith Prickley out,People's Court (joined in progress),Rev. Gene Filler returns.

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Season 04, Episode 05 Towering Inferno

S04 E05

Dec 10, 1982
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Towering Inferno Dec 10, 1982

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Season 04, Episode 06 Christmas

S04 E06

Dec 17, 1982
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Christmas Dec 17, 1982

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