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Saving Grace

IMDB: 7.6/10DramaFantasy18+2007 - 20103 Seasons

Saving Grace is an American television crime drama series which premiered on TNT on July 23, 2007 and ran until June 21, 2010. The show stars Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter in her first television series, as well as Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San Giacomo, Bailey Chase, Bokeem Woodbine, Gregory Norman Cruz and Yaani King. It is set in Oklahoma City — including numerous shots of local buildings and landmarks — while much of the show was filmed in Vancouver and Los Angeles. The theme song for the show was written and performed by American rapper/musician Everlast. The series is rated TV-MA in the United States for language, sexuality, and violence.

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Season 3

Hulu | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 We're Already Here

S03 E01

We're Already Here Jun 17, 2009

Grace ends up in the middle of what could be a plot by an anti-government group linked to the recent death of a police officer, as she reaches out to Neely, the young drug addict who shares visions of Earl. Grace's clumsy, off-the-books investigation causes Neely to become injured. Meanwhile, Grace and ham get caught in a compromising position, and Butch makes a surprise announcement.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 She's a Lump

S03 E02

She's a Lump Jun 24, 2009

Grace and her crew investigate the unusual suicide of a court reporter, and conclude the crime was staged. Elsewhere, Grace tries forming a bond with Neely, despite the fragile physical state of the young drug abuser; and Rhetta is close to losing something very special to her.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Watch Siggybaby Burn

S03 E03

Watch Siggybaby Burn Jul 1, 2009

A bomb explodes at the church run by Grace's brother,, making the case personal for her. Meanwhile, Rhetta is haunted by family problems, causing her to search for a family time capsule she and Grace buried as children. And, Grace keeps a watch at Neely's bedside.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 What Would You Do?

S03 E04

What Would You Do? Jul 8, 2009

The team is focused on a series of brutal home break-ins, but the latest one seems different than the others. Meanwhile, Matthew, a fellow angel of Earl's, is having trouble saving souls, and hones in on Earl's space.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Moooooooo

S03 E05

Moooooooo Jul 15, 2009

During a case that puts Grace’s spirituality to the test, the squad investigates the murder of a Hasidic Jew whose body is found near a herd of dead cows. Meanwhile, Grace tries to connect with Neely, and Ham’s sister-in-law, Amanda, struggles to get over the death of her husband.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 Am I Going to Lose Her?

S03 E06

Am I Going to Lose Her? Jul 22, 2009

Grace pursues a rape and kidnapping suspect on foot and disappears, possible as a victim herself. But nothing concerning this seems to make sense, including how Earl works the works the investigation. Ham and Rhetta must team up to find Grace before a shocking ending which will leave a lasting impression on the series.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 03 Episode 03 That Was No First Kiss

S03 E07

That Was No First Kiss Jul 29, 2009

The squad investigates the death of a 99-year-old man who has been shot in the head sitting in his home. The case, which resembles a crime that happened in Tulsa three years ago, offers Grace and Perry an opportunity to utilize their expertise in gambling-related crimes from the vice days.  It also gives Bobby a chance to reconnect with his dad and Ham a chance to connect with a kindred spirit. But Grace’s attention is drawn towards Rhetta when she learns something unexpected about Ronnie.

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Season 2

Hulu | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Have a Seat, Earl

S02 E01

Have a Seat, Earl Jul 15, 2008

Grace struggles with what she should do about father Murphy. Off duty from calling in sick she winds up capturing number six on the FBI's most wanted list while meeting Gretta. After Grace brings in father Murphy he winds up dead and she's suspected.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 A Survivor Lives Here

S02 E02

A Survivor Lives Here Jul 22, 2008

Grace is called to the crime scene where there is blood everywhere but no body; Ham and his wife separate; a ketchup and mustard incident becomes a running joke around the squad room.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 A Little Hometown Love

S02 E03

A Little Hometown Love Jul 29, 2008

The squad's evidence supervisor is found dead in a bathroom stall at the local cop hang-out; Ham's brother comes to visit before being deployed; Grace and Leon dream about each other.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 It's a Fierce, White Hot Mighty Love

S02 E04

It's a Fierce, White Hot Mighty Love Aug 5, 2008

A mother goes missing; Clay joins the OCPD Explorers program against his father's wishes and confronts Ham about his affair with Grace; Butch becomes the target of a stalker.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Do You Love Him?

S02 E05

Do You Love Him? Aug 12, 2008

A large stash of money is found in Grace's car when the door is knocked off by a drunken driver; Ham's little brother disappears in Afghanistan.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Are You an Indian Princess?

S02 E06

Are You an Indian Princess? Aug 19, 2008

A woman is brutally murdered and her son is abducted; the squad works frantically to find the missing boy; Bobby surprises the squad and his family by going under cover; Ham continues to struggle with his personal loss.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 You Are My Partner

S02 E07

You Are My Partner Aug 26, 2008

A young Mexican woman dies at the hospital after being dropped off by a known white supremacist; Ham continues to struggle.

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