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Watch Rivers of Our Time

Rivers of Our Time

2009 - Present1 Season

Where to Watch Rivers of Our Time

Season 1 
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Below you'll find every episode from the first season of Rivers of Our Time.
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Season 1

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Kaveri River, India

S01 E01

Kaveri River, India Jan 1, 1970

The river Kaveri is among the most sacred rivers of India and revered as Dakshina Ganga or Ganges of the South. Rising from the hills at Talakaveri in Karnataka, it journeys down into Tamilnadu through a magnificent series of temple towns, famed for philosophy, art and music. The Kaveri river delta is a fertile and prosperous stretch of nearly 28000 square miles.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Cambodia

S01 E01

Cambodia Jan 1, 2009

The direction of the flow of Cambodia's Tonle Sap changes twice a year. A change celebrated by Cambodians at the Bon Om Tuk.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Phillipines

S01 E03

Phillipines Jan 1, 2009

The Bicol River in Philippines is a bastion of transportation, passing through the alluvial and coastal plains of the vast Bicol valley.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Lijiang River, China

S01 E04

Lijiang River, China Jan 1, 1970

China's Li River, or Lijiang is one of the world's most mystical rivers and certainly amongst the most picturesque - a perennial source of inspiration for Chinese poets and painters alike. Karst Mountains rise up along its riverbanks, providing the landscape that attracts thousands of tourists annually. The ancient form of cormorant fishing is closely linked to the history of the river.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Mekong River, Thailand

S01 E05

Mekong River, Thailand Jan 1, 1970

The Mekong River is deeply revered in Southeast Asia. Here the people are pious Buddhists and many folklores surround the Mekong. Spanning over 4300km, it runs from the Tibetan Plateau, through China's Yunnan province, down to North East Thailand. She provides passage for people crossing between borders, and yields generous amounts of fish to fishermen.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 The Red River, Vietnam

S01 E06

The Red River, Vietnam Jan 1, 1970

The Red River is an important river that flows by North Vietnam. Foreigners may have heard of Vietnam famous water puppet performances which originated from the Red River Delta. They are historical records of the lifestyle of the Red River people in the past. In contrast, today, the Red River banks are characterized by the birds of modernity - The Cranes.

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