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Press Gang Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of Press Gang season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 Bad News

S04 E01

Jan 7, 1992
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Bad News Jan 7, 1992 The owner of the Junior Gazette has died and the gang are forced to review their situation. Colin has the future of the gazette on his shoulders as he is made the head editor. Lynda and Spike appear unexpectedly on a kid's TV show - with explosive results.

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Season 04, Episode 02 UnXpected

S04 E02

Jan 14, 1992
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UnXpected Jan 14, 1992 Frazz has been given the opportunity to write an article on his favourite show Colonel X, which was cancelled due to Colonel X's alter ego John England being killed in a car crash. But Frazz is mugged and hit on the head. Fantasy becomes reality when he starts seeing X, but not just him the others as well. Is the truth really out there or are they all going mad. Lynda needs help to get out of a situation involving a date. Is Spike willing to assist her or not?

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Season 04, Episode 03 She's Got It Taped

S04 E03

Jan 21, 1992
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She's Got It Taped Jan 21, 1992 Sarah meets a nervous man named Archie Pressman whilst recording an interview. He is the only person not to be surprised when there is a huge explosion in town.

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Season 04, Episode 04 Love and War

S04 E04

Jan 28, 1992
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Love and War Jan 28, 1992 Spike's got something to say to his dad, but Colin's got other ideas - he's handcuffed a suitcase to him.

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Season 04, Episode 05 In the Picture

S04 E05

Feb 4, 1992
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In the Picture Feb 4, 1992 In a parody of Stakeout, Colin goes undercover as a hotel workman so that Frazz can photograph actor John Hartwood through the window. Protective of his privacy, Hartwood tries to get his minder to make him leave. However, he is still in the room when the actor's girlfriend, Judy Wellman, who Colin had dated in "Chance is a Fine Thing", turns up. A lady called Katherine Hill visits Lynda in the newsroom, and they realise that they share many mannerisms.

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Season 04, Episode 06 Day Dreams

S04 E06

Feb 11, 1992
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Day Dreams Feb 11, 1992 While sleeping in the newsroom, Mr Sullivan appears as Lynda's guardian angel. In the style of It's a Wonderful Life, he takes her on a journey into the future to see what becomes of some of the major characters when she is not around. Sarah is a war correspondent, Frazz a radio agony uncle, and Julie has taken over as editor.

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